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may have heard of the name Jorge Perez before. Once one of the most unstoppable developers in Miami, Mr. Perez lost more than $1 billion in the economic downturn in the mid-2000’s. Despite losing this staggering sum, he is currently plotting his comeback for 2013, many are waiting with baited breath to see just how it will turn out. A member of Related Groups, Perez once again plans to turn his attention toward developments in South Florida, while CEO Jeff Blau and Chairmen Steven Ross turn their attentions towards large scale New York projects, like Hudson Yards.

Perez believes that the housing market in Miami will shortly be back in full force. For example, one of his most devastating losses during the downturn was the Icon Brickell development. Some of his projects even had to be returned to their lenders, and because he had borrowed heavily to finance these projects, his downfall was even steeper. However, today, it is 100% sold. In a recent statement to Reuters Impact Players, Perez said:

“Everyone used to say that there are three important things in real estate: location, location, location. Now I say timing, timing, timing. Meaning that as a developer, I need to have a crystal ball, so I can try to invest based on what I see in the market.”

Based on his own keen sense of tuition, Perez predicts that 2013 is going to be Miami’s strongest year of recovery yet. Because many rely on his guidance, it will be interesting to see if his predictions come true. “My gut tells me that 2013, to the surprise of many, is going to be a much better year than people are expecting. I think that we are going to have, particularly in the real estate market, a much better year.”

Jorge Perez and Related Groups have been at the forefront of some of Miami’s most ambitious projects. For example, Perez was at the helm of Trump Hollywood when it opened in South Florida in 2009. Related Groups was the developer, and the entire structure cost a staggering $355 million to complete. With 40 stories of units facing the ocean, it offers one of the most comprehensive listings of services and amenities for Tower residents.

It is certainly true that Jorge Perez’s past projects have created a forest of condo towers throughout Miami over the last several decades. Some of these projects have permanently altered the appearance of Miami’s skyline. However, it yet remains to be seen whether investors and home buyers are going to trust his once infallible instincts. Will the success of the former kingpin be assured, or will he fail? Construction funding is more difficult than ever to come by, even for heavyweights like Perez, and it will be interesting to see if lenders decide whether or not to take a chance and bet on this titan again.
Regardless of the outcome, the name Jorge Perez will be heard again in 2013.

Ocean Colony Sunny Isles Condos For Sale

Sunny Isles Condos

If you’ve ever been to Miami, then you don’t need to be told what a wonderful place it is. It’s warm and sunny, as well as packed with picturesque beaches, any one of which wouldn’t seem out of place on a postcard. The people are friendly, colorful, and interesting and the general atmosphere is second to none. It’s no surprise that visitors to Florida often feel disappointed when it’s time to pack their things and go home.

When you consider the many options available as far as Sunny Isles condos for sale and decide to purchase one as an investment in your future, you actually don’t have to! Imagine getting to stay in paradise forever. Now imagine getting to do it while enjoying a spectacular view of the ocean, regular walks in the sand, and all of the best that Florida has to offer. That’s what condo living in Florida is all about.

Why Choose Sunny Isles Condo?

As if the natural beauty and excitement that comes with owning a condo in Florida isn’t enough incentive, you’ll no doubt want to know that there are many benefits to choosing the Sunny Isles area. Sunny Isles is known for not only being an up and coming area for real estate development, but it’s also incredibly affordable in comparison to the alternatives.

People who choose to purchase Sunny Isles condos for sale are getting a luxury lifestyle and valuable property at an incredible value that won’t break the bank. Plus, they know they’re making an investment in a piece of property that will only become more valuable over time as the area continues to grow and expand to reach its full potential.

One of the top condos in Sunny Isles Beach is Turnberry Ocean Colony. Many Sunny Isles Beach condos for sale offer a wealth of viable options, all of them tempting in their own way. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find any that have as much to offer as the esteemed Turnberry Ocean community does. Turnberry is an exclusive, upscale living community that takes the already wonderful standard of living associated with Florida condos to the next level and beyond.

To begin with, it’s situated right on one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in all of Florida. You’ll enjoy your very own relaxing ocean view and access to a private piece of that very beach. Plus, the condos themselves are positively beautiful. Featuring ultra-luxurious elements that help add a truly special touch to life – such as premium appliances, temperature-controlled wine storage, and fine cabinetry crafted in Italy – each is like your own little personal slice of heaven.

The amenities don’t cut any corners either. Turnberry residents enjoy access to five-star dining and room service via the colony’s in-house restaurant, a fully equipped health spa and fitness center, a full calendar of special events, and much more.
Turnberry condos aren’t just any Sunny Isles condos for sale. They’re luxury living at its finest. Talk to your real estate agent about landing one of your own today!

Sunny Isles Condos For Sale

Best Sunny Isles Condos For Sale

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t dream about owning their own home one day. After all, it’s a major aspect of the proverbial American dream! A home of your own in a beautiful location is more than just a wonderful place to live. It’s a symbol of all you’ve accomplished and proof that you’ve finally made it.

However, it’s important to note that a home doesn’t necessarily have to be a 3-bedroom house in the suburbs with a white picket fence and a dog in the yard. More and more people are discovering the benefits of opting for a condominium instead.

The Benefits of Making a Condominium Your Choice

Condominium living offers you the biggest advantages of both worlds. You get the freedom and security that comes along with owning your own home. However, you also get to enjoy the perks of apartment living. Instead of having to tend a lawn or worry about maintaining the plumbing, you have those things taken care of for you. Also, many condo communities allow you to take advantage of top-notch amenities that can include access to a gym, special events, and even premium services.

Plus, condos are cost-effective. Prices on condos generally rise more slowly than those attached to other types of real estate, so they represent a great way to make your dreams come true without breaking the bank.

Why Consider Sunny Isles Condos for Sale

When it comes to great opportunities to purchase wonderful condos, you’d be hard-pressed to find better ones than the ones in sunny Florida. More and more people are clamoring to find Sunny Isles condos for sale and with good reason. Prices on Florida condos are incredibly affordable, so they’re a great choice for families on a budget or people who lead busy lifestyles.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to settle down right in the heart of paradise? Many Sunny Isles condos for sale come attached to beautiful ocean views and select stretches of private beach to enjoy. Beautiful weather, plenty of sunshine, and a wonderful standard of living that makes every day feel like something out of a movie make Florida the place to be. Play your cards right and you could be living the same dream!

The Best Sunny Isle Condos for Sale Are at Turnberry Ocean Colony

Choosing the right condo can present something of a challenge for sure, but it would be hard to go wrong with the best. Turnberry Ocean Colony condo offers residents the lion’s share of incredible one-of-a-kind perks including access to an exclusive spa and fitness center, a five-star dining room that even offers room service, a full calendar of premium special events, and beautiful facilities that rival even the most prestigious hotel settings. This is all in addition to the incredible weather, beautiful sunshine, relaxing beaches, and the overall air of relaxation that already make Florida such a wonderful place to be. Consider making Turnberry your home for life. You’ll be so glad you did!

Sunny Isles Condos For Sale

Sunny Isles Beach Condos

Luxury oceanfront condominiums

go hand-in-hand with living in Miami. You’ll find some of the highest-end condominium properties located in Sunny Isles Beach. This area includes some of the most well known developments, as well, and that contributes to what people are willing to pay for a condominium property.

Jade Ocean

The top two spots for condominium prices are both currently held by Jade Ocean, a tower development with five-star amenities and beyond. The highest prices at this development include $10.95 million for a 6,500+ square foot, 5-bed, 6-bath two-story penthouse. At the same development, you’ll find a $9.95 million property with the same number of beds and baths available, as well. Both are Sunny Realty’s listings and both properties constitute the highest of the high end in this development and in Sunny Isles Beach on the whole. Please see the movie of this amazing penthouse below.

Turnberry Ocean Colony

Turnberry Ocean Colony also makes a strong showing in the listings, taking the number four spot with a 5,690 square foot property priced at $9 million. Just above it in price, Jade Beach has an 8,210 square foot condominium property priced at $9.9 million. The spacious property, of course, will make this particular condominium interesting to those who are moving in with a family or who just happen to need a lot of space for business and relaxing.

Trump Palace

Trump is certainly a well-known name and the Trump Palace development had one showing on the 10 priciest condominiums in Sunny Isles Beach. A 5,509 square foot property is on the market for $6.5 million. The price works out to approximately $1,570 per square foot, a bit pricier than are some of the condominium properties that actually placed higher on the list.

The Full List

The full list of the top 10 prices for condominium properties in Sunny Isles Beach is as follows:

1. Jade Ocean: 6,518 square feet for $10,950,000
2. Jade Ocean: five-bedroom for $9,950,000
3. Jade Beach: 8,210 square feet for $9,900,000
4. Turnberry Ocean colony: 5,690 feet for $9 million
5. Jade Beach: 8,210 square feet for $8,900,000
6. Turnberry Ocean colony: 5,900 square feet for $8,000,500
7. Trump Palace: 5,509 square feet for $6,500,000
8. Acquilina Condo: 3,903 square feet for $4,980,000
9. Turnberry Ocean Colony: 3,735 square feet for $4,500,000
10. Jade Beach: 4,141 square feet for $4,250,000

You can always view the list and additional details of the most expensive condos in Sunny Isles.

Why Sunny Isles Beach Real Estate

Sunny Isles Beach is a popular location for luxury properties because of its proximity to some of the most affluent and desirable areas of Miami. It is also located conveniently close to the center of Miami, making it a good choice for people who work and live in one of these spectacular properties.

The Florida real estate market, including the real estate market at the luxury end, has been recovering as of late. The price is currently being asked for these condominiums may be subject to change given a good offer. Like condominiums in other areas of the city, these may be subject to discounts depending on the disposition of the seller and the state of the market at the time that the purchase is finalized.

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Sunny Isles Condos for sale

Oceanfront condos in Sunny Isles Beach

The Sunny Isles Beach

site that featured oceanfront property has recently been purchased by Edgardo De Fortuna – owner and founder of Fortune International. The site will be used to build a new luxury Sunny Isles oceanfront condo, but the company that deal with the foreclosure of the Paramount Bay Condo has now acquired the 2.2-acre site. The stunning lot located in Boca Raton was won after the loan was sold to Sunny Isles Property Holdings. Carlos Mattos of the Hyundai Colombia Automotriz seized the property and then sold it to the affiliate for $22 million.

Sunny Isles Beach real estate

is associated with luxury ocean front developments, several of which were built by Fortune International. However, this marks a significant real estate purchase for the company. Acquiring this 2.2-acre oceanfront property is a significant shift in the real estate landscape in the area. While it is not known exactly how the property will be used, there are many excellent options that Fortune International can use to leverage the property.

The speculation surrounding the multi-million dollar purchase of property by Fortune International has sparked conversation about whether the housing market is in recovery. Since many figures have pointed to an improving housing market, it is no surprise that a property this desirable has changed hands. Led by Edgardo De Fortuna, Fortune International has been responsible for creating condominiums on Jade Beach and the Jade Ocean Condos. If they continue down the same path, they may decide to build luxury condominiums on the gorgeous piece of property.

With business markets rebounding significantly and housing markets right behind them, optimism and confidence seem to be the pervasive emotions surrounding the state of the economy. While economists state that there is still far to go until Americans experience a full, complete recovery, the improvement in housing market statistics, business sales, the unemployment rate, and job creation is very promising.

With the acquisition of this property, Fortune International will be able to begin building on the stunning Sunny Isles condo to create luxurious oceanfront condominiums or any number of other commercial properties. With the housing market in recovery, Edgardo De Fortuna has taken advantage of the low housing and interest rates and purchased a wonderful oceanfront property in Sunny Isles.

Trump Royale Miami

Trump Royale Condos

When you hear the name Trump Royale

it’s almost certain that you think of luxury, and that’s certainly the case with Trump Royal. This condominium complex can offer a life of prestige and comfort, but may people have put buying a new home on hold for the last few years. After the mortgage crisis hit, no one wanted to take a chance on rejection. The sales for homes all over the country slumped, including locations where many people want to live, like Miami Beach real estate. This has forced the market into a recession, where prices are much lower than they’ve been for several years. For buyers who were serious about finding a new home, this situation was beneficial, but it’s certainly not the norm, and it won’t last forever.

Higher Sales in 2011

What you can see from the sales at Trump Royal in 2011 is that these homes are starting to sell at a much faster rate. With twelve sales closed last year, the numbers are much higher than they’ve been in recent times. This is the first sign that the recession is coming to a close, but it’s not over yet. The asking prices are lower than they’ve ever been, and that means that the sale prices are even lower. That gap between the two is growing smaller, meaning you could miss out on your chance to get a great deal on a condo unit in Trump Royal. You don’t have to worry about missing that chance if you take the first step today.

Luxury for the Money

What you receive when you purchase one of the residences in Trump Royal is luxury like you wouldn’t believe. The prices for these units are lower than some of the other luxury communities in the area, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be missing out on the comfort and amenities. These units can go from $500,000 to well over $2,000,000, depending on the size and layout of the residence. There are beautiful designer touches in each home, gourmet kitchens, amazing bathrooms, and views of the ocean from nearly every window and terrace. It’s certainly the life you’ve been dreaming of, and it’s just a bit more affordable now than it will be in the near future.

Make Your Purchase Now

Signs showing that the recession is coming to an end also mean that the buyers’ market will end. That means it’s the right time to buy a new home, whether for necessity or luxury, and Trump Royal can help you with both. You can take advantage of the lower prices that are still lingering if you act right away.

Our experienced agents are ready and waiting to help you get the home you want. We’ll show you the units in Trump Royal that fit your wants and needs, and then we’ll show you how to negotiate for them. You’ll have no trouble buying your new condominium unit, because we’ll give you tips on the fees and regulations associated with owning a condo, and then we’ll help you close the deal at the closing table. You could own a new condo in Trump Royal that easily.

Trump Palace Condo

Trump Palace  Sunny Isles

There are few names that call to mind such luxury as Trump, and this is certainly evident in Trump Palace Sunny Isles Beach, one of the premier condominium communities in the Miami area. Unfortunately, luxuries are the last things people buy when the economy is tight, and we have certainly been through some rough times in the last few years. With the recession hanging over our heads, most people don’t want to purchase anything but the necessities, and that means homes in Trump Palace have been selling for lower prices than they have in years. There are certainly still those who want to own a piece of prestige, and that has helped to keep these condo units selling, but for a few years, the prices have been lower than ever.

Recent Sales Are Growing in Trump Palace Sunny Isles

With almost ten sales in the last year, it’s easy to see that things are getting better. With the recession slowly coming to a close, people are seeking out some of the luxuries they denied themselves. Though sales are certainly picking up, the prices are still much lower than one might expect. Though there is still quite a difference between the asking price and the sold price for many of these homes, that gap is closing slowly but surely. What this means for you is that you don’t have much time to take advantage of this current buyers’ market. If you want to own a condo in Trump Palace, now is the time to make your move.

Lots of Luxury oceanfront Condo for the Money

Most of the units can be purchased for less than $1,000,000, with some priced below $500,000. There are quite a few that are large enough and luxurious enough to bring $2,000,000 or even more, though. The prices may look a little steep to some, but there is a lot of luxury included in the purchase of a new home at Trump Palace. You’ll be able to enjoy views of the ocean from almost anywhere in your new home. There are also amenities that will make your life so relaxed and fun, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, private beach access, and a staff trained for service and security. You really will get a lot for the price you pay.

Let Us Help You Achieve your Miami real estate Goals

If you’re ready to make Trump Palace your new home, now is the time to act. You don’t want to wait too long and miss out on the last of the buyers’ market. Our qualified and experienced agents know all about selling homes in condominium complexes, and we’d love to help you choose the right residence for your wants and needs. We can help you negotiate the price, which is necessary if you want to get the best deal. We’ll also make sure you understand everything involved in owning a condominium, including additional fees and regulations. Finally, we’ll help you straight through the closing process, which can be a nerve-wracking experience. You won’t need to worry about a thing when you allow our agents to help you get the home of your dreams at Trump Palace in Miami.

Miami real estate for sale

 Miami Beach Condos For Sale

Being a broker of Sunny Realty and providing one of the most used resource for Miami real estate ( I’m often asked: “how’s (Miami) real estate these day?”. Unfortunately I can’t just answer this question simply – “good” or “great” or “better”. When I start to explain that Miami basically has the best and worst real estate in the country, people think I’ve gone nuts and trying to sell them a story. However, here is The New York Post recent article By ANDY WANG.

Summer was hardly a vacation for those in the business of selling Miami condos.

“I didnt go to St. Tropez because of this”, says developer Gil Dezer, whose Sunny Isles Beach condo projects include the 384-unit Trump Royale and the three-building, 813-unit Trump Towers.
Dezer reports that he sold more than $100 million in Trump units during June, July and August ($50 million alone in August, including a $29 million, 34-unit bulk deal). He has closed more than $1 billion in Trump condos overall and has only about 75 units left.

Recent Trump Towers Condos sales

have been priced at about $525 per square foot. Thats significantly less than the $1,000-per-square-foot contracts buyers walked away from in 2009 after the financial crisis hit, but Dezer, whos paid off the construction loans for all four buildings, seems satisfied. (Donald Trump participated in a ceremonial Trump Royale condo mortgage-burning ritual, lighting the document on fire himself, in January.) The downturn made the job challenging, Dezer says. Every day was a battle. But when youre winning, its fun.

Winning could also be used to describe the situation at Icon Brickell. That nearly 1,800-unit downtown colossus, built by the Related Group with designs by Philippe Starck, seemed to be in peril not long ago, and two of its three towers were deeded back to its lenders in May 2010. But Icon Brickell Condos now nearly sold out, with more than 1,500 units closing for a total of more than $700 million. When you factor in units in contract, only about 30 condos remain.

I think the market has consumed the inventory in a much more rapid way than I and probably everybody thought, says Related Group chairman and CEO Jorge Perez, who adds that most buyers have been foreign. The Latin American economy has been strong.

The forecast was that we would sell all the units in three years at an average price of $350 per square foot, says Edgardo Defortuna, president of Fortune International Realty, which started selling Icon Brickell apartments in June 2010.

Less than a year and half later, Fortune is almost done and seeing prices at about $400 per square foot.

Demand has been so strong that Perez is now building another downtown development. The 192-unit MyBrickell is a couple years away from completion, but Relateds received over 60 reservations for condos before officially launching sales. Unlike Icon Brickell, MyBrickell isnt on the water, and Perez is passing on the cheaper construction costs and the deal we got on the land to offer units, with interiors by Karim Rashid, for about $300 per square foot.

Defortuna, meanwhile, is now selling downtowns Paramount Bay, a 346-unit building resurrected out of foreclosure by owners iStar Residential and ST Residential. Musician Lenny Kravitzs Kravitz Design firm is working on the building, where prices are about $400 per square foot.

South Beach real estate

with significantly pricier properties, is seeing lots of action, too. The summer was uncharacteristically busy, says Lana Bell, president of Sunny Realty, which has an office in South Beach and Sunny Isles Beach. We certainly didnt take a vacation.

According to Sunny Realty latest Miami market report, South Beach condos sold for an average of $515 per square foot during the third quarter. But this factors in distressed properties, including units bought out of foreclosure.

At the markets top end, the W South Beach Hotel & Residences has closed about $260 million in condos at an average of $1,700-plus per square foot, developer David Edelstein says. The W South Beach sold more than $50 million during the summer. One penthouse went for $7.7 million, north of $3,000 per square foot, Edelstein says.

As with much of Miami, foreign buyers have been key at the W. (Douglas Elliman translated its market report into Spanish and Portuguese to spur international interest.) From May through September, about 65 percent of Edelsteins purchasers were foreign, and about half of those were from Brazil.

The allure of the W has helped nearby condo buildings lure in buyers, including those from New York.

Fashion designer Irina Shabayeva, who won season six of Project Runway, owns a one-bedroom with a balcony at the 52-unit Boulan South Beach development just south of the W, but on the other side of Collins Avenue.

I like the Boulan because it was so new, really fresh and modern, says Shabayeva, who primarily lives in the East Village. And its across the street from the beach and the W.

Shabayeva says she enjoys the New Yorker-friendly amenities at the W, which include a Warren Tricomi salon and a Mr. Chow restaurant. And Edelstein says that the Dutch, an outpost of Andrew Carmellinis SoHo restaurant, will open in the W by Thanksgiving.

Boulan, which has sold 22 condos and has one-bedrooms on the market for upward of $600 per square foot, is busy filling its own retail spaces, as well. An art gallery should open in time for Decembers Art Basel festival. A Mexican/Asian fusion restaurant and a nightclub are also in the works.

Neighborhoods all over Miami are getting big residential and retail makeovers. The 56-acre Midtown Miami developments second phase, which will start next year, will include a boutique hotel, a movie theater and 100,000 square feet of retail.

Well definitely have a fashion component, says developer Jack Cayre.

And the nearby Design District is getting a Louis Vuitton store.

There was probably a point in time here someone said, Whats Chelsea? or Whats Meatpacking? and eventually, they became a place because New York was ready to have another place, says Greg Masin, senior director at commercial real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield. When we look at the Design District and at Midtown, what we see is the evolution of the next place in Miami.

Plus, the downtown Metropolitan Miami developments third phase will include rental apartments and a Whole Foods Market. Plans for downtowns eight-block Miami Worldcenter site include residences, restaurants and retailers. And the Genting Group, an Asian casino operator, has unveiled plans for its $3.8 billion Resorts World Miami mixed-use complex. But the scope of the latter two projects will depend on approval for casino gaming, something thats the object of much speculation and uncertainty all over Miami.

Dezer says he has been talking to major Las Vegas casino operators about land he owns in Sunny Isles (13/ acres on the beach and 6/ acres directly across the street that hits the intracoastal waterway) that could accommodate a gaming resort with more than 2,000 rooms and 3 million square feet.

They’re both good real estate, Masin says of the Genting and Dezer sites. If they both had a casino, theyd both be successful.

Whatever happens, Dezer has options.

We originally bought [the land] to build condos, he says. We could build five condo buildings.

That idea would have seemed ridiculous in 2009, but now its more plausible.

Defortuna has sold out the 256-unit Jade Beach condo building in Sunny Isles Beach and has just three apartments left (for about $700 per square foot) at its 252-unit Jade Ocean sister property.

In terms of quality inventory, oceanfront, he says, you can make a strong argument that you need to start building now.

Originally published by ANDY WANG.

(c) 2011 The New York Post. Provided by ProQuest LLC. All rights Reserved.

Miami Beach Homes For Sale

Luxury Condos On The Ocean in Sunny Isles Beach

The real estate market in Miami Florida

is seeing significant recovery of late and investors, as well as those simply looking for a new place to call home, are back in the market looking to buy. According to the Florida Realtors, there has been significant growth in different sectors of the market.

Condominiums in Miami

Miami luxury condominiums are some of the most distinctive features of the Miami real estate market. Popular as second homes and, increasingly, with those who want a luxurious place to call their primary home, these condominiums have been selling very well in recent months. In February, 2011, these properties jumped 29% in sales volume compared to the same month in 2010.

Sunny Isles Beach, in particular, a very popular hub for luxury condominiums. Developments such as Trump Towers, Trump Palace, Trump Royale constructed by the Trump Group and many others constitute some of the most desirable properties in the region. If you’re looking to get into one of these great homes, you’re not alone. This is the third consecutive year that the Miami Realtors have been able to report that the sales of these properties have increased over the previous year, boding well for the future of this real estate sector.

Miami Beach Home sales are also up. In 17 of the state’s metropolitan areas, increases in home sales were reported. There was a 13% increase in the sale of homes and there was an increase of more than 10,000 homes reported over a year ago: 12,164 in February 2010 versus 13,701 in February 2011.

This trend has been statewide and shows that the market is making a steady recovery after the crash. There are other factors that are driving this increase in sales, as well.

Mortgage Rates

The credit score requirements for taking out lending may be much higher than they were a few years ago, but the terms being offered are much more desirable. Interest rates are very low and this has made it apparent to those who can take out the lending that now is a good time to consider buying into the real estate market.

Because both homes and condominiums have been selling better compared to 2010, it’s an indication that the pickup is across the board, from those seeking to live next to the ocean in one of Florida’s famous high-rises to those seeking a simple single-family home in the city. There are fewer vacant homes statewide, as well, indicating that the worst of the real estate woes are past and that the future is looking up.

Sustained Improvement

This improvement in Miami home sales has been seen for the last two years, indicating that it is not a short-term trend. There has also been improvement over the prior month—January, 2011—which indicates that the upward curve has some welcome relief and some improvement that isn’t coming too slowly to be an advantage to homeowners.

Active Months

The month of April is always one of the most active for Florida realtors. This is the time of year when the snowbirds head home for the summer, but it is also the time of year when many of them decide that they want to buy a new or better property in Florida. With the traditionally slower months of January and February showing increases in sales, realtors are optimistic that the busy season will be better yet and that many more homeowners will be interested in getting new properties and that those who haven’t purchased a home in Miami as of yet will decide that now is the right time to go ahead and do it.

Commercial Real Estate in Miami

Miami commercial real estate has also been a big seller. Investors are flocking to the area to make purchases and much of their investment activity has been good for the state all around.

Shopping centers in Miami have been particularly popular with these investors. With the economy improving, these are fixing up to be hot properties in the near future. Currently, investors are buying up shopping centers that have become run down over the years and transforming them into destination spots for those who want a bit of retail fun. Because of the very low cost of borrowing money at present, it makes sense for them to be making this move right now.

Finding a good real estate deal has never been an easier proposition in Miami Florida and that, no doubt, is part of what’s driving the increase in sales. If you’ve been hesitating, you’re becoming part of a smaller number of people by the day. Today, the trend is to buy and that trend has been growing for the last couple of years. The current balance between investor interest and affordable investment properties makes it an ideal time to consider making your move and getting back into this historically very hot real estate market, whether you’re buying commercial or residential.

For more information please contact our office at 1.877.368.2318.

Sunny Isles Beach Luxury Condos

Trump Towers Miami Condos For Sale

Miami real estate market

for the last two years, has not been where people have been going to make fast money. That is rapidly changing, however. The luxury Miami real estate did not suffer the level of devastation that the regular market suffered, as well, and this makes a significant difference in how people are buying and selling properties. In the world of luxury real estate, there are few names with more immediate recognition than Trump. The Trump Towers in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, are among those luxury properties that are seeing a growth in interest.

Over 2010, the price per square foot for luxury condominium properties in Sunny Isles Beach began to increase. Some reports cite sellers as averaging over 90 percent of their asking price, as well, making it very much a seller’s market in that regard. The Trump Towers certainly meet the definition of luxury real estate. With amenities in line with what you’d expect at a 5-star, or better, hotel, this property has obvious appeal to those looking for luxury, access to the waterfront and access to the best shopping and dining in the Miami-Dade area.

As is the case with everything high-end, selling luxury real estate takes a special touch. While the market is more rarified, the people who make up that market are also more likely and more able to buy at any given time. The key is reaching them. The benefits of reaching out to them successfully, in today’s market, can be substantial. With prices recovering rapidly and demand increasing, there’s never been a better time to have a good realtor representing your property.

For new condos in Sunny Isles Beach

the average price paid in the third quarter of 2010 was just over $400. Trump Towers has several properties currently listed that are at or near this level of price per square foot. Because of the diversity of properties available, there are also many that are higher and lower than average. With sellers getting so much of what they’re asking on average, the market is favorable for those who want to sell their property at Trump Towers. It’s also important to note that the market for these properties is much larger than may be immediately apparent; just ask your realtor.

Trump Towers Miami

and the rest of Sunny Isles Beach have garnered a worldwide appeal. In fact, the area itself is famous for the diversity of people who call it home. Advertising these properties to a luxury demographic takes special considerations, but advertising them to a worldwide demographic takes even more consideration. At present, luxury property specialists are pulling in excellent figures for the properties they list. Not all of them have the ability to reach people all over the world, however, and those that do generally fare much better in the competitive Miami luxury real estate market.

While listed condo properties at Trump Towers condo

range well over 2 million dollar in price, there are options that are far less expensive. Some properties hover around the mid six-figure range, a comparative bargain in this market! However, what’s important to the person selling the condominium is that they’re making money on the sale that’s commensurate with the luxury of the property they’re selling. Currently, the property prices are performing at impressive enough rates to make this not only possible, but likely. While the real estate market crash may be recent in many buyer’s memories, It’s two years in the past and the market has adjusted significantly since those days. Today, properties are selling fast once again, especially in southern Florida.

In the closing month of 2010, there were just over 40 properties for sale at Trump Towers. The prices were higher than what they would have been just a year ago, exhibiting the buyer’s market that is rapidly developing. All over southern Florida, developers were snapping up condominium properties, trying to take advantage of the last low prices following the housing crash. Of course, as property owners become more aware that they stand to make a profit again, these prices are likely to go up!

If you’re considering listing a property at Trump Towers, the increase in average price per square foot in the Sunny Isles Beach market should come as welcome news. It’s economically feasible to invest in and sell property once again, and sellers will fin themselves with plenty of buyers who are interested in their property. A significant part of making that happen, however, is having a good realtor. This is particularly important in a luxury market. The clientele that can afford such properties will expect good information. It also takes experience and skill to know how to advertise property to that market, something a luxury realtor specializes in and that they do better than anyone else.

Content published by Lana Bell

Content published by Lana Bell