Surf Club Four Seasons Construction Coming Along Nicely

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on December 19th, 2016

Four Seasons Miami Surf Club

There are a number of different properties in the Miami area that are being built currently, and one that has been getting quite a bit of attention is the Surf Club Four Seasons. The project promises to be a very popular location once it is complete, and people are already clamoring to buy units.

What Will Surf Club Four Seasons Offer?

The property will be on 9 acres. It is a mixed-use development, which is becoming more and more common in recent years. It will include an 80-room hotel, as well as two 12-story residential towers. It will include a private club, as well as Oceanside gardens and a park. There will also be four swimming pools, two restaurants that are onsite, cabanas, and a gym.

One of the nicest features of the Surf Club Four Seasons is the actual Surf Club, a private beach club. The property will have 965 feet of beautiful oceanfront. Those who love the idea of being close to the water will enjoy living here, as they are mere steps from the sand.

The condos are already mostly gone with 80% of them having sold. The price of the units ranges from $3.4 million up to $18 million. Size varies as well with some of the homes being 1,400 square feet, and the largest of the units offering 7,000 square feet.

The construction is moving along quickly, and it should be complete by winder of 2016. This is exciting news for those who have already bought properties and who can’t wait to move into the new complex.

Some of the other projects in the city include Surf House, a boutique condo, and Fendi Chateau Residences. One of the things to remember about these and other projects that are going up in the Miami area is that the units start to sell very quickly, and long before the project is complete. If you find a property that interests you, it is important for you to act quickly.

The Real Estate Market that Keeps On Trucking

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on March 14th, 2016

Four Seasons Surfside

While the Big Apple may offer a little bit of everything, great weather is not on this list.

If you are ready to get away from the dark and cold days, consider doing what some of your fellow New Yorkers are already doing – buy a second home where the sun always shines – in Miami. Despite all the reports that the market may be slowing down, there are still plenty of projects that are ready to be occupied and still being developed.

Existing residences that are available for purchase range in style. You can find large and small scale projects, oceanfront or riverside options and builders and developers are ready to make arrangements to meet the demands of their buyer’s budgets – whatever this may be.

Some of the current places to check out in this region are found here.

Park Grove

Located on South Bayshore Drive, this 260 room unit, three tower development is the first residential project in the US by the co-founder of the OMA, Rem Koolhaas. Developed by the Miami developer “big boys,” The Related Group and Terra Group, buyers can find one to six-bedroom units that span from 2,200 to 3,600 square feet.
While the residences start at $2 million, they offer a number of amenities, which include a wine tasting room with private storage options, 28 seat screening room and a pool deck on the roof.

Four Seasons Private Residences: The Surf Club

If South Florida is your residence location of choice, then consider the Fort Partners developed Surf Club Four Seasons Private Residences (CLICK HERE to see site and availability). Located at 9011 Collins Ave. in the actual area of Surfside, this unit is about 80 percent sold out and will begin delivering residences this upcoming winter.

The unit offers one to six bedroom units, as well as 12 penthouses. Prices range from $3.8 million to $40 million. There is a total of 119 private residences, which offer floor-to-ceiling windows, Boffi lacquered cabinets, custom kitchens and outdoor terraces. The penthouses feature picturesque ocean to bay views and in addition to the actual residences, this unit will have 77 hotel rooms.

Ritz Carlton Residences in Sunny Isles Beach

Sunny Isles Beach is no stranger to condo tower development on the coast, which is why the development of a 52 condo tower at 15701 Collins Ave. is no surprise. This 212 unit tower features all the class and luxury expected from the Ritz-Carlton (see website here), contained in full-time residences. Some of the features of these units include Intracoastal views, ceiling heights of more than 10 feet (some reaching 15 feet), roomy terraces and private pools. There is also a full floor penthouse that recently sold for $21 million in 2015, which is a record for the Sunny Isles neighborhood.

As you can see, there are more than a few options available if you need to find something warmer and sunnier. Venture away from New York and see the benefits offered on the shore with some high-end luxurious condo towers in Miami and surrounding communities.

50 Percent of Fendi Chateau Residences Sold in Surfside

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on March 4th, 2015

Fendi Chateau Surfside

Things seem to be going quite well for the Fendi Chateau Residences in Surfside, Miami Beach. In fact, they recently announced that they had surpassed the 50% mark for units sold, which is quite amazing. The 12-story building, which will be right on the waterfront, is at 9365 Collins Avenue, and is still under construction. The completion date for the building is June 2016. It already has quite a bit to offer, and it is no wonder that so many people are buying units.

What Is Helping the Sales?

The building will include 58 luxury residences, and more than 30 of them have already been reserved or purchased. The building is on a beautiful 2.99-acre lot and it offers some great oceanfront property, not to mention fantastic views of the ocean. These are some of the elements that are helping to make the sales so brisk. There are plenty of others though.

This area of Miami Beach requires that the buildings are all 12 stories or less, and that means that there’s a bit more of a sense of privacy in the smaller buildings. Just because they are smaller, it does not mean there is less luxury. In fact, the units at Fendi Chateau Residences view website promise to be quite luxurious. They will range in size from 3,300 square feet to more than 8,000 square feet.

The building will feature quite a few interesting amenities. There will be a number of beachfront pools, as well as private cabanas with pool services. It will include a lobby bar, as well as a restaurant and poolside bar, 24-hr valet service, and much more. As the building progresses, the developers will likely be releasing even more information about the features the building will offer.

One of the other nice features is the location. Not only are you close to Miami’s downtown area and the beach, residents will be just a couple of blocks from Bal Harbour Shops, some of the most popular places to shop in all of South Florida. In addition to shopping, residents will be close to some world-class dining too.

The area is highly popular, and more and more people want to experience life in Miami Beach. The demand for units in the area is still growing, and it does not show any signs of slowing at all. This means that sales at this site, not to mention many other sites in the area, should be quite brisk.

Since the property will not be complete for more than a year, it’s still relatively early in the sales cycle, and this is some more good news for the developers. They’ve already sold more than half of the units, and they still have quite a while to sell the rest. While anything can happen, there’s a good chance that most or all of the units will sell before the building opens. Those who have an interest in living at Fendi Chateau Residences should not delay in looking for a unit that’s right for them.

Prices in Miami Reaching New York City Level

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on February 28th, 2015

One Thousand Museum Miami

Things have really been starting to change in Miami real estate (see website) over the course of the past few years. Miami is getting to be one of the most popular destinations for homebuyers from around the world, and many of those buyers love the variety and quality of homes available in the area right now. Richard Meier, renowned architect, recently bought an apartment in a building he designed. Though he’s based in New York, the apartment he bought was at the Surf Club Four Seasons in Miami. Many in NYC are following suit. Not only are they buying properties, but it seems as though they are bringing some of those NYC prices along with them.

How High Are the Prices?

Over the course of the past year and a half, there has been an overall increase in prices by about 11.5% for homes that are on the beachfront. The current average price per square foot for these condos is $1,011. Something else that has been helping the prices to go up is that the number of units for sale is down. In fact, it’s down by nearly 64%. A number of penthouses, which go for much steeper prices, are also for sale now, which makes the overall price seem higher for area units.

Some of the high-priced units are going for between $3,000 and $4,000 per square foot. While this might seem high to many who are buying in Florida, it’s actually par for the course when it comes to New York City. Given this fact, the homes in Florida actually seem like quite a value to those who have homes or who have been thinking about buying in NYC. They are buying up vacation properties, investment properties, and permanent residences quickly.

Miami Is the Place to Be

Miami and much of Florida once had the reputation for being the haven of retirees and grandparents. While it’s still a popular location for this, there’s certainly a much younger and hipper element in the area today. It’s a hot place for the art and food scenes, and there’s a thriving nightlife in downtown Miami. Many buyers see Miami as the best place to be and to buy right now, and they may be right.

Can the Market Sustain Higher Prices?

The prices are rising, but that is making many in the real estate business wonder just how good of a thing this is. They wonder if there will be a market correction in the near future. The real estate companies in the area remember well the affect the recession had on the area, and they do not want a repeat of the disaster. With the new towers on the horizon, and new properties entering the market in the coming years they wonder if these increased prices will stay or not. Many others feel there are enough safeguards in place that even if there is a slowdown in the field, it will not result in a repeat of the catastrophe from a few years ago.

Fendi and Chateau Group Working Together for New Condominium Complex

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on September 18th, 2014

Fendi Surfside

One of the most interesting trends taking place in the South Florida region is the fact that many development companies are starting to work together with luxury brands as a means to create unique, high-end condominium projects that embody the style class of those brands. One of the latest examples is the partnership between the Chateau Group and Fendi, the Italian luxury fashion house, to produce the new, ultra-luxury oceanfront complex called FENDI Chateau Residences located in Surfside, Florida.

What Is Fendi?

The Italian firm specializes in leather goods, as well as other luxury items, including fragrances, eyewear, watches, and even writing tools. They are probably most famous for their bags and other leather goods. The company has been in business since 1925, where they started in Rome as a fur and leather shop. In the decades since, they’ve grown substantially and branched out into a variety of other areas. This venture with the Chateau Group is their first foray into branded real estate.

What Is the Project?

The partners will be working on a relatively small complex, although it will certainly not be small in terms of features and luxury. The tower will have just 12 stories, and it will contain 58 units. The Fendi Chateau Residences will be in Surfside at 9365 Collins Avenue, and it will be right along the waterfront. While they have not set a firm date for completion, they hope the project will be up by June of 2016

The condos at the tower will be quite large according to information coming from the developers. They will range in size between 3,300 square feet and over 7,000 square feet for the largest units. The prices will run the gamut naturally, but even the small units will carry a luxury price tag. Current estimates for the prices are between $5 million and $22 million.

All of the units will have that unique Fendi flair though. They will include a Fendi Casa kitchen or a full chef’s kitchen that utilizes special cabinets and appliances. They will also have a number of floor plans from which to choose. The building will also offer beautiful common areas, an onsite private restaurant, a lounge area that features its own gourmet kitchen, a business center, gym, a movie theater, and more. Since the property is right along the water, they will also have cabanas. Naturally, the building will also include pools, reflective ponds, and other amenities. (CLICK HERE to visit our site for additional information regarding this project)

Another Luxury Brand Partnership

The coalition between Fendi and the Chateau Group is just one of the projects in the area with the influence of a luxury designer behind them. Recently, Armani announced that they were working with two development groups – Dezer Development and the Related Group – on a project of their own called Armani Residences in Sunny Isles Beach. This will be an oceanfront project in the heart of Sunny Isles area.

While development partnerships are nothing new, it will be interesting to see just what it is about these latest projects that really make them different, and perhaps more appealing to buyers. The fact that they are unique from other units might just be what helps them to keep selling.

The Surf Club Hotel and Residences in Miami Beach

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on February 10th, 2014

1500 Ocean Drive Miami Beach

The Surf Club Hotel and Residences is a very prestigious address in Miami Beach, located just to the south of another prestigious area, Bal Harbour. The property was designed by Richard Meier and comprises to 12 story residential towers. These have 150 homes located between the ocean and the Bay with plenty of amenities on site.

This club was created in 1930. At that time, Miami Beach was extremely popular with celebrities as a vacation spot and, of course, it has only become more popular over time. The original structure was a Mediterranean villa that was, from the top down, pure luxury. It had its own ballrooms, bathing cabanas and plenty of other amenities.

The 150 residences on The Surf Club now are designed to be versatile, luxurious and, in every regard, representative of what high-end property in Miami Beach should be.

The Properties

The homes in this property are between 1000 and 8000 ft.². All of them have floor-to-ceiling windows – which really have the appearance of glass walls more than anything else – and 20 foot ceilings.

Some of the homes have their own private swimming pools. There is an infinity swimming pool located on the property, as well, for when you want to go socialize and meet the neighbors.

The property is provided with the types of amenities that one would expect from the finest resorts in the world. There is a concierge on duty at all hours of the day and night. If you have a pet, you can get him or her groomed on-site, there is housekeeping available and there is even a car washing service available right on the property, just the thing before you head out for some nightlife in Miami and show off your luxury vehicle.

Where security is concerned, The Surf Club does not disappoint. There is a discreet security service located right on the property and the property is very private and very safe.

Within the residences, there are multi zone climate control systems installed, air-conditioning in the garage spaces, high-end finishes in every aspect of the homes and kitchens designed with chefs in mind. Gas stoves, side-by-side refrigerators and more truly make these residences luxurious.

If you do decide to entertain – and it would be hard not to have friends want to come over and see your house if you live at The Surf Club – there are concrete party walls that attenuate sound and ensure that everybody can have a good time without disturbing anyone else.


There are 13 penthouses located on the property that offer incredible oceanfront views. Some of the properties also feature internal elevators, huge wall spaces for those who are truly in love with having art in their homes and en suite bathrooms in the bedrooms.

In every regard, this is an upscale and luxury property that has a great deal of history to it and some of the most modern features available at the same time, making it the perfect place to live for many people who want to make Miami their home.

For more information, or to reserve your unit please visit the site here

The Chateau Ocean Surfside, Florida

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on October 2nd, 2013

Echo Aventura Condo For Sale

Echo Aventura condo

The newest addition to Surfside real estate

is the latest preconstruction project called The Chateau Ocean is a luxury development located next to Bal Harbour, Florida. This will be a 60-unit development, with each of those units having excellent ocean views. This is the second of the Château buildings designed by Arquitectonica and continues with their tradition of luxury and innovative design.

The first of these developments is located in Sunny Isles Beach and is in the process of being constructed at the moment. Chateaux Ocean Surfside is in the preconstruction phase, but the demand for this property is likely to be high enough that you will want to take a look at it as soon as possible and see if the units will be exactly what you’re looking for in terms of a place to call home in Miami.

Building Features

In every regard, The Château Ocean is designed to be a luxury property. The Ocean views would be enough to attract plenty of would be residents on their own, but what this condominium property will offer goes far beyond that.

While the ocean in Miami is always welcoming, sometimes people just want to enjoy themselves by a pool. Not only is there a swimming pool with a poolside bar and dining area, there will be a private roof top deck with pools available, as well. There will also be multiple pools located right on the beachfront, offering a great blend of being close to the ocean but, on those days when you don’t feel like going into the ocean, swimming in a luxurious and beautiful swimming pool.

Within the development itself, there will be a bar located in the lobby where you can meet your neighbors, clients for business or anyone else. Private cabanas will also be available, which are ideal for those times when you want a little bit of intimate privacy or when you simply need to talk business with someone in private and in a very luxurious setting.

There will also be a restaurant located on the property, allowing you to dine outside or inside and a great place to entertain guests.

The luxuries don’t stop there, of course, this being Miami. When you drive up to your home, a 24-hour valet parking service will take your car from you, and make certain that it’s parked safely and securely within the property.

The preconstruction pricing is projected to be approximately $1300 per square foot. There will be units available spanning from 3000 square feet to 10,000 square feet.

Getting In

Lana Bell at ONE Sotheby’s Realty can assist you in taking a look at what’s available at this property or at any other luxury property in the Sunny Isles Beach area and beyond. The level of luxury and quality of construction of these units is likely to mean that they’re going to go fast, so if you’re looking for new construction and want the best of what Miami has to offer in terms of oceanfront access and condominium living, The Château Ocean is a property you will definitely want to take a look at.

Surf Club Hotel and Residences New Construction in Surfside, Miami Beach Florida

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on September 10th, 2013

Surf Club Apartments for sale

Surf Club Condos

Surf Club Hotel & Residences

is the latest pre-construction project on Miami Beach. Set on 8 acres of pristine Atlantic oceanfront immediately south of Bal Harbour, The Surf Club Hotel and Residences combines the elegant, purposeful architecture of Pritzker Prize-winner Richard Meier with a unique provenance and history. The result – two 12-story residential towers comprising 150 limited edition homes situated between the ocean and the bay, flanking a smaller building that will house an intimate five-star hotel – offers the opportunity to live on today’s vibrant Miami Beach while enjoying the low-key elegance of a more gracious age.

Since its creation as a private social club in 1930, The Surf Club has played an important role in the cultural history of Miami Beach as a nexus for the most exceptional personalities of the era, from scions of industrial fortunes to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor. The original club’s historical landmark structure, a Russell Pancoast-designed Mediterranean villa replete with ballrooms, bathing cabanas and the legendary Peacock Alley loggia, will be preserved within Meier’s new architectural design.With almost fifty unique configurations within the 150 residences, homes at The Surf Club have been meticulously designed to anticipate the needs of virtually any lifestyle.

Richard Meier’s innovation and commitment to excellence is reflected in his work on both the exterior and interiorarchitecture of The Surf Club Residences. Each home offers capacious living space and thoughtful features, with select homes including individual swimming pools, private elevator entries, interior Zen meditation gardens, ample designated parking and staff quarters. Every residence features a seamless integration of the indoor and outdoor living experience, making it possible to enjoy the abundant natural beauty of South Florida while preserving residents’ privacy. And with views stretching from Biscayne Bay to the Atlantic Ocean, each home is set against the ever-changing and luminous backdrop of a vast sky and expanses of water.

The Surf Club is pleased to incorporate other features that make the experience luxe and convivial. A sumptuous spa is integrated into the property, offering a broad spectrum of wellness, beauty and fitness experiences. Two noted restaurants – one casual, one for fine dining – are on site. A lush garden with lush landscaping and numerous design flourishes, games and follies spans the area between the property and the ocean, and an on-site international concierge for residents will be available around-the-clock to insure that any need is met swiftly and easily. Without any doubt, The Surf Club Hotel and Residences will be the most coveted address on Miami Beach.

Pritzker Prize-winning architect Richard Meier has designed the 150 residences at The Surf Club in almost 50 unique configurations, with each home seamlessly integrating the interior architecture with bay-to-ocean views, abundant natural light, outdoor living areas and unique elements that make life more relaxed and joyful. Ranging in size from 1,200 square feet to 8000 square feet, with floor-to-ceiling glass “walls” and up to 20-foot ceiling heights, The Surf Club residences also feature expansive 12-foot-deep terraces that create outdoor living rooms separated from the interior spaces by broad sliding glass doors.

Since opening on New Year’s Eve of 1930, the private, members-only Surf Club has set the standard for a gathering point for exceptional people, from the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor to members of great industrial American family dynasties. For more than eight decades, The Surf Club has combined creative events and extravagant amusements with thecasual ease of a well-run beach club, complete with bathing cabanas. The original low-slung, Russell Pancoast-designed building will undergo a meticulous restoration and refurbishment to preserve its historical charm while augmenting it with additional features to allow curated cultural installations and exhibitions, private entertaining and members-only events beachside, pool-side, and in the storied and legendary Peacock Alley and ballrooms.

For more information or to reserve your unit, please contact our office at (305) 336-0457

Bal Harbour, Surfside, Bay Harbor Islands Experience Economic Boom

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on January 27th, 2013

Bal Harbour Real Estate

Bal Harbour condos

Bal Harbour real estate

which is located in the northern portion of Miami Dade County, has experienced a recent economic and housing boom. An increasing number of home buyers are seeking out property in this area, because, while quite beautiful, it is removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, if current trends continue in this manner, this may not be the case for long. In 2012, the community passed the $758 million mark in home and condo sales.

As a result of this boom, a number of new housing projects are being proposed for Bal Harbour, Bay Harbor Islands, Surfside, and the surrounding communities. There are currently 10 new proposed condo developments in the works. If all are completed, these projects would bring 500 new units to the Bal Harbour community. These proposed developments are already producing an effect on existing housing prices in Bal Harbour.

What is the driving force behind Bal Harbour’s popularity? According to reports released by the Miami Dade County Property Appraiser’s office, median home prices in Bal Harbour have risen 35% over the same time last year. In addition to home buyers’ preference for the community, sales here are also being driven by the recent development of St. Regis Bal Harbour. Officially opened in January of 2012, by August, St. Regis had already passed the $658 million mark in sales. One of the highlights of these sales was the $24.6 million purchase of 5 units that a foreign investor made.

Since the condos at St. Regis

have been completed, new shops and restaurants have also opened up in the vicinity, which has further made this community much more desirable. At the average closing, home buyers have been paying between $1,200 and $1,500 per square foot of space. In the last several months, several high profile expensive developments have been proposed for Bal Harbour. While approval for these proposed projects is still pending, it has become quite clear that this community is the new, hot commodity.

The housing boom has also driven economic growth in the community. In addition to the aforementioned new shops and restaurants, the Bal Harbour Club recently sold for a total sum of $225 million. Ryan Shear, who is the managing director of Property Markets Group, has attributed the new, sudden desirability of Bal Harbour to two primary factors:

One is the lack of supply — obviously there’s only so much oceanfront in South Florida, and the other factor has been the South American buyers — these aren’t New Yorkers or Americans — in all these buildings.”

Bal Harbour Realtors

will certainly be watching the new developments in Bal Harbour with an eager eye. Already, home prices in Surfside, a barrier island just north of Bal Harbour, have begun to rise as new buyers seek out homes. In 2011, growth in Bal Harbour condos was stagnant, but its fortunes appear to be on the upswing now, and it will be with baited breath that others await to see just how far the community rises.

Miami condos are on the move!

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on February 25th, 2011

Several positive articles appeared in Sun Sentinel as well as Miami associations of Realtors:

Sales of Miami condominium

units jumped 134% in January of 2011 compared to January 2010, according to a report from the Miami Association of Realtors. A total of 1,262 condo unit were sold last month, compared to just 540 in January of 2010. The report is based on data from the 25,000 member Miami Association of Realtors and the Southeast Florida Multiple Listing Service. Sales of single-family homes rose 55 percent last month compared to January 2010. “These significant increases in sales for both single-family homes and condominiums reflect the strength of the Miami real estate market,” said Jack Levine, chairman of the board of the Miami Association of Realtors.

Also, there are Fewer vacant new homes in South Florida

Paul Owers reports on February 25, 2011 that the surge in buying existing homes in January did not translate to new home sales, which fell 12.6 percent last month. People aren’t bothering to buy new homes when they can scoop up low-priced foreclosures and short sales.

But here’s a bright spot for home builders: the inventory of finished vacant new homes is declining in many markets across the country. South Florida’s inventory dropped 10 percent in the fourth quarter compared to a year ago, according to Metrostudy. The Palm Beach Gardens research firm considers South Florida to be Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River counties.

Of the 33 markets nationwide that Metrostudy analyzes, 26 saw year-over-year declines in inventory.

“South Florida, like most markets in the country, is seeing a nice reduction,” Metrostudy’s Brad Hunter said. “That’s a necessary thing. That puts less downward pressure on prices.”