Chateau Beach Promises Great Amenities and Residences

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on June 18th, 2016

Chateau Beach Sunny Isles

The Chateau Group is behind Chateau Beach – (view website here), one of the newest and most impressive condos on the oceanfront in Sunny Isles Beach. The development is taking place at Collins Ave. and 174th Street, and the project is already promising to be a success. For starters, the development group is one of the most popular in Argentina, and they are now bringing their talents to Miami. This is helping to make Chateau Beach one of the most desirable places to buy in the area.

What Will the Residences Offer?

One of the great things about the building is that it has a limited number of units, which is going to mean more privacy for the residents. It will be 33 stories, but it will only have 84 units. The units will be available in two, three, and four-bedroom configurations, so they can appeal to individuals and families of most sizes. Since there are relatively few units in the building, you will find that even the smallest of them is quite large. The regular units range in size from 2,890 square feet to 4,305 square feet.

In addition, there are going to be two penthouses. One of the penthouses is 8500 square feet and the other is 9300 square feet. This should be enough space for just about anyone to be happy.
The ceilings in the condos will be 10’ high, while the ceilings in the penthouses will be 11’ high. The units feature floor-to-ceiling impact resistant glass, as well as private elevators (semi-private for the two-bedroom units), staff rooms, high quality appliances and Italian cabinetry.

Features of Chateau Beach

While the residences and their features are certainly amazing in their own right, you may want to learn more about the amenities that the building plans to offer as well. They are just as impressive. There will be his and her spas with therapy suites, as well as a relaxation terrace featuring an aromatherapy Jacuzzi.

If you like the idea of relaxing and sipping some nice wine, you can head to the wine lounge. It even features private lockers that you can use. There is a cigar bar that has humidors available, as well as a ballroom. If you have children, they can spend time at the kids’ club. You can enjoy the home theater and watch movies and television in style.

For those who want to work out and keep in shape, you can spend some time at the fitness center. It is going to have high quality equipment to help you work up a sweat and build those muscles. It also happens to overlook the ocean so you will have a fantastic view while pumping iron or working out on a cardio machine.

For those who have been searching for units that are large and luxurious, Chateau Beach might be the ideal solution. It will be a beautiful building in an ideal area, and it has all of the features and amenities that you could possibly need. You will want to act quickly though, as it is a popular building.

Developers in South Florida Seeking to Add Even More Luxury

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on July 20th, 2014

Chateau Beach Sunny Isles

The real estate market in South Florida continues to boom and grow stronger by the day, and developers are certainly taking note. They are looking for ways to start adding even more amenities and luxury into the new towers that are coming to the area in the coming years. In addition to adding more amenities, they are also working with designs from popular architects as a means to make the properties even more attractive to buyers. This is helping to increase the presale price of many homes in the area. Just last week several such projects have started sales: Armani Casa in Sunny Isles Beach and Fendi Palazzo in Sunny Isles Beach.

The Change in Costs

Those presale properties on the eastern side of the I-95 have a much higher asking price because of these additions. In fact, the minimum is about 102 percent higher than the units that are currently on the market for resale in the same area. This includes homes in the Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties. In early May, research indicated that the presale price of condominium properties in the area was averaging $768 per square foot.

To illustrate this better, let’s break it down into the individual areas. In Miami-Dade, the cost was $856 per square foot for the presale properties. It was $503 in Broward and $555 in Palm Beach. For the resale homes, the average cost was under $385 per square foot. In Miami-Dade, it was about $484, while it was $265 in Broward, and $213 in Palm Beach.

The Market Is Healthy

Currently, a larger number of properties are on presale, or in the planning stages, in South Florida. Nearly half of the 31,000 recently built or proposed homes in the area are on the market for presale currently. Currently, 13,700 pre-2011 condominiums already built and ready for resale are available throughout the region. The approximate number available in Miami-Dade right now is 7,900, while Palm Beach has 2,700 units, and Broward has 3,200. This seems to be a substantial number of homes for sale, and it really is, even though the sales have been brisk.

In the first part of 2014, each month has seen an average of about 1,770 condominiums sold in those areas. This gives the area a little more than seven months of inventory available if the sales continue as they are right now. With a large number of properties available, it becomes something of a buyer’s market, which means it can be possible to get some better deals on some properties.

However, one of the most interesting things that the real estate field will be watching in the coming months is just where the buyers will be putting their money. Do they really want to buy a more expensive luxury condominium that is still in the preconstruction phase, or do they want to buy a property that is for resale right now? Keep in mind that the buyers will tend to get cheaper deals with the resale properties. It depends on how the economy fares, the nature and final cost of those premium properties, and the continued availability of the resale properties.

Click here to see the list of most current pre-construction properties in Miami area

Luxury on the Ocean at Chateau Beach Residences Sunny Isles Beach Miami Florida

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on September 22nd, 2013

Chateau Beach Residences apartments for sale

Chateau Beach Residences Sunny Isles Beach condo

Living in luxury is what the Chateau Beach Residences is all about

This 33-story building only has 84 residences to create an exclusive location in one of the most sought after addresses: Sunny Isles Beach. As a part of the pre-construction offerings, you can choose from two, three or four bedrooms. The sizes of the units range from 2,890 square feet all the way to 9,300 square feet in the penthouse. Every condo has access to building amenities as well as unique features in every residence.

A Location Worth Boasting About

Sunny Isles Beach real estate

is the new home of Chateau Beach Residences condo and it is an address that defines luxury. Thanks to the juxtaposition of the building, it is just as easy to enjoy a view of the city as it is to enjoy a view of the ocean. The beach is easily accessible directly from the condo for relaxation available throughout the year. The city, and everything it has to offer, is just a short drive away, making this new condo a perfect location regardless of how you intend to use it. Vacation getaway or year round residency is an easy choice here.

Residence Features

Chateau Beach Residences Sunny Isles

offers you a choice of residences. The 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms feature square footage that ranges from 2,890 square feet to 4,305 square feet, while the 2 penthouses boast 8,500 square feet to 9,300 square feet. All of the ceilings are high with the standard set at 10 feet, except in the penthouses that boast 11 feet. The kitchens in every unit feature outstanding Italian cabinetry perfect to showcase the top of the line appliances. When you are not enjoying the view of your kitchen, you can enjoy the view offered by the floor to ceiling impact glass and balconies. Private elevators are available for all except the two-bedroom units. For those who have a nanny or other live-in staff, staff rooms are included in the design for residences.

Building Amenities

Residents of the building have access to all the amenities of Chateau Beach Residences. The relaxation terrace offers you a place to let go of all your tension with an aromatherapy Jacuzzi. Therapy suites are available via the signature her and his spa. While you are working out in the fitness center, you can enjoy the view of the ocean to encourage you to keep going. When you want to relax with your friends, you can retire to the cigar bar with your very own humidor box or have a glass of wine in the wine lounge from your collection kept in a private locker. You can skip all of this and check out the home theater or throw a party in the ballroom for you and your guests. Even the kids will have fun in their very own kids club.
Chateau Beach Residences has something for everyone. Whether taking advantage of the amazing location, access to the beach or the many amenities of the building, you will be glad to call it home.

Foreign Buyers Are Purchasing the Top Condos for Sale in South Beach

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on May 28th, 2013

South Beach condos for sale

Faena House Miami Beach

For any investor, retiree, or vacationer hoping to spend significant time in South Beach, there are endless amenities available. The South Beach real estate market is within easy access of deep-sea diving, private plane and yacht charters, water sports, golf, tennis, art and boutique shopping, and year-round gorgeous weather.

The top condos for sale in South Beach

are available for jaw-dropping, staggering prices. However, they are not without their beauty, style and an amazing view. Recent sales have fetched in the high $20 and $30 million range.

Buyers from all over the world, especially the Latin American countries, are seeing the advantage of purchasing condos in southeast Florida. These absentee buyers are recognizing the incredible value from some of the available top condos for sale in South Beach. Alternatively, there are many US citizens that are looking to South Beach as a safe haven for their investments.

The Rebounding Real Estate Market

Rebounding from the recent burst bubble in the real estate market, Southeast Florida condominiums are in high demand. The luxury market for South Beach condominiums is hotter than ever. Record prices for condominiums in South Beach are being met every month.

Southeast Florida has experienced over a dozen consecutive months with higher sales and prices on their homes, townhomes and condos. Many developers are seeing the advantage of striking while the iron is hot. Within the last year, more than two dozen preconstruction condos on South Beach have been slated for immediate construction.

Statistics indicate that Asians, Europeans and Latin Americans are representing more than 80% of the new condo purchases in the South Beach area. Many of them are willing to put down large deposits in an effort to scoop up many of the low-price deals still available. The existing condominium market is likely to reach its full capacity no later than the end of next year. Presently, it is experiencing a vacancy rate of less than 8%.

Ideal Real Estate for Speculators

Southern Florida, and especially South Beach, has always been a place where the speculator seeks to find their many riches. Many of these investors recognize the tradition of the bust-boom cycles that happen every few decades in South Florida. The single biggest advantage over the current bust-boom cycle is that most of the investors and speculators are from foreign countries, and are seeking the best place to flood the market with their strong currency.

Many of the Latin American investors are dealing with their country’s government overreach, and political turmoil, which can often make it difficult to maintain a diversified portfolio by keeping assets in the country. Alternatively, purchasing the best condos for sale in South Beach provides the opportunity to rent it out while keeping the asset secured.

Some of the top pre-construction condos for sale in South Beach

offer the perfect safe haven for investors and speculators. As economies continue to collapse around the world, Southeast Florida offers a unique, rich and rewarding investment opportunity. Investors can take advantage of the up-and-coming real estate market, as it rebounds from the US recession of 2007.

Pre-Construction Condominium Properties For Sale In Miami

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on December 14th, 2012

Preconstruction Condos Miami

Bellini Aventura Precosntruction Condo

The Miami preconstruction condo market

is heating up once again and preconstruction condominium properties are always options for people who want to purchase something new in this desirable area. First, we’ll take a look at some of the preconstruction properties available and then give some information on how one goes about getting in on the newest condominium properties in Miami’s market.

We are working with top pre-construction developers in Miami to present the best investment opportunities and developments in the area. Our team consists of experienced experts who are very knowledgeable in real estate investments and preconstruction projects. Today we would like to present top preconstruction opportunities for you in the Miami area:

400 Sunny Isles

Located on Sunny Isles Boulevard, this condominium property is slated to have 230 residences in total and in excess of 640 feet of intercostal frontage. An Olympic swimming pool, boat slips and a 4000 square foot spa are only some of the amenities that residents will have available to them at this property. A restaurant and a private beach club are also slated to be available and beach access will be a major draw, to be certain. Prices at this property are slated to start at $650,000 and the property will be completed in 2014. Unit sizes range from 1206 square feet to 1872 square feet.

Apogee Beach Hollywood Florida

A luxury condominium property slated to be completed in 2014, prices at Apogee Beach will start at $1,200,000. This property is being developed on 240 feet of beach and, in every unit, you will have oceanfront views. The property will also include a movie theater, a fitness center and housing options that include two-, three- and four-bedroom residences.

Bellini Williams Island Aventura

The Williams Island is claim to fame as Florida’s Riviera on par with France’s Côte d’Azur and Italy’s Liguria. Nestled just off the Intracoastal Waterway between the mainland and the Atlantic, Williams Island is a private community where Bellini project will rise among existing residences — the last building to grace this urban paradise. It will be a gated community located on the 80-acre island. The yacht owners can dock vessels up to 160 feet long among 106 slips. Full dock master service is provided. Easy access to the Atlantic via Haulover. Slips are available for short-term or annual lease.

All residencies will offer spectacular views on the Intracoastal and the ocean. The residents will be able to enjoy 16 tennis courts, 3 restaurants, 27,000 square foot spa. In addition, each building has its own pool, residents enjoy gathering at a community swim area adjacent to a restaurant.

Chateau Beach Residences

Collins Avenue is one of the most prestigious locations in all of Miami and this condominium property, planned for completion in 2015, certainly fits right in. In the end, the building will be 33 stories but will have 84 residences in it in total. Prices will start at $1,900,000. The luxury amenities available to residents will include a spa, a wine lounge and a ballroom, a fitness center with ocean views and relaxation terrace. A cigar bar with humidor boxes will also be available at the property.

Porsche Tower Sunny Isles

The Porsche Design Tower will have 57 stories and will be located at 185th Street and Collins Avenue. It will have @ 132 private residences. Most will have a two car garage (four cars also available) in their unit and most will have a private swimming pool on their huge balcony. This will be a partnership with
Gil Dezer of Dezer Development, (who built six oceanfront towers with Donald Trump) and the
Porsche Design Group from Germany.

Mansions at Acqualina Sunny Isles Beach

Exclusively for those with only the most opulent of tastes, the Mansions at Acqualina will fill and pervade all of your senses. From the fresh air, to the sand between your toes and waves crashing along the coastline, living the life of luxury has never been so sweet. Exceeding every expectation ever set out by any builder across the country, the talented international team of both architects and craftsmen has pulled together in an effort to make this delicious enterprise a reality.

Getting In On The Preconstruction Condo

Purchasing a preconstruction condominium requires the assistance of a skilled realtor who can guide you through the process and make certain that you get in on the property that you want. The process starts by sending a letter of intent with an initial deposit, which should be between $10,000 and $15,000. In some cases, a 20 percent deposit may be required with a contract.

At the groundbreaking, an additional 20 percent will be required and the remaining 10 percent will be required before the condominium is completed, making a 50 percent total down payment on the property. The remaining 50 percent of the total cost of the condominium will be due upon closing.

Remember that you are offered a 15-day grace period during which you may decide to cancel your condominium contract for any reason you see fit. Most condominium units purchased in this fashion will require that you install your own flooring and other design elements. If you are interested in purchasing a condominium before it is constructed, talk to a realtor and they will be able to answer any questions you might have.

For more information or to schedule a private consultation, please call Lana Bell at 1.954.336.1016.

Edgardo De Fortuna Purchases Sunny Isles Beach Oceanfront Site for $22 Million

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on May 1st, 2012

Sunny Isles Condos for sale

Oceanfront condos in Sunny Isles Beach

The Sunny Isles Beach

site that featured oceanfront property has recently been purchased by Edgardo De Fortuna – owner and founder of Fortune International. The site will be used to build a new luxury Sunny Isles oceanfront condo, but the company that deal with the foreclosure of the Paramount Bay Condo has now acquired the 2.2-acre site. The stunning lot located in Boca Raton was won after the loan was sold to Sunny Isles Property Holdings. Carlos Mattos of the Hyundai Colombia Automotriz seized the property and then sold it to the affiliate for $22 million.

Sunny Isles Beach real estate

is associated with luxury ocean front developments, several of which were built by Fortune International. However, this marks a significant real estate purchase for the company. Acquiring this 2.2-acre oceanfront property is a significant shift in the real estate landscape in the area. While it is not known exactly how the property will be used, there are many excellent options that Fortune International can use to leverage the property.

The speculation surrounding the multi-million dollar purchase of property by Fortune International has sparked conversation about whether the housing market is in recovery. Since many figures have pointed to an improving housing market, it is no surprise that a property this desirable has changed hands. Led by Edgardo De Fortuna, Fortune International has been responsible for creating condominiums on Jade Beach and the Jade Ocean Condos. If they continue down the same path, they may decide to build luxury condominiums on the gorgeous piece of property.

With business markets rebounding significantly and housing markets right behind them, optimism and confidence seem to be the pervasive emotions surrounding the state of the economy. While economists state that there is still far to go until Americans experience a full, complete recovery, the improvement in housing market statistics, business sales, the unemployment rate, and job creation is very promising.

With the acquisition of this property, Fortune International will be able to begin building on the stunning Sunny Isles condo to create luxurious oceanfront condominiums or any number of other commercial properties. With the housing market in recovery, Edgardo De Fortuna has taken advantage of the low housing and interest rates and purchased a wonderful oceanfront property in Sunny Isles.

The Latest, Ultra Luxury Ocean Front Condominium In Sunny Isles Beach Miami Florida

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on March 22nd, 2012

Chateau Beach Residences Sunny Isles

Chateau Beach Residences Condo

When it comes to luxury oceanfront condo development

“Chateau Group” is a seasoned, veteran developer. Their portfolio includes several prestigious buildings in Buenos Aires and Punta del
Este, as well as a growing land portfolio in South Florida, but now the plan is to build a new ultra-luxury Chateau Beach Residences condominium tower in heart of Sunny Isles Beach and 174th Street, next to Sampson Park. The proposed 33-story Chateau Beach Residences will house 85 private residences ranging in size from 1,500 sq. ft. to more than 9,000 sq. ft., priced between $750 to $800 per sq. ft..

All residences of the Chateau Beach Condo

will offer floor-to-ceiling glass, most amazing panoramic ocean and city views. Some residences will even have two stories with very deep terraces and a private swimming pool. No matter which unit you choose, you will enjoy a unique lifestyle, world-class service and amenities. Some of the amenities are oceanfront fitness center with the latest equipment machines for cardio, weights and pilates. There’s also a spa with a relaxation terrace overlooking the ocean. The wine lounge offers private wine lockers for residences. Additionally, there’s a cigar bar offering humidors boxes and a home theater. The entire property offers full concierge services.

If you’re ready to reserve your unit at the Chateau Beach, the pre-sale is in full progress right now, with already over 25 deposits collected. The expected construction will begin in September 2012, and will take about 2 years.

For additional information and/or to submit your contract, please contact Lana Bell at 954-336-1016 or send an email to