Hibiscus Island Popular with European Buyers

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on October 1st, 2015

Hibiscus Island homes for sale

Beautiful Hibiscus Island has been a very popular location for luxury Miami waterfront homes for years, and that popularity is now crossing the pond. European buyers have been purchasing high-end multimillion dollar properties that are right on the water recently. Even though the value of the Euro is not as high as it once was, this has not really stopped the popularity of the Miami area. Buyers from Europe are still very interested in Miami homes, and they want nothing less than the best. That’s just what they are finding on Hibiscus Island.

Why Hibiscus Island?

Well, there is a lot to love about the island. Many of the lots are very large. One home that sold recently was a 5,643-square foot house that sits on a lot that’s 13,781 square feet. Another property offers a 4,251-square foot home on 15,750 square feet of land on the waterfront. Many of these homes are large and have massive properties. Those who are looking for larger properties that can offer a greater element of privacy tend to like this option.

They also love the fact that they have an ideal location. Those who live on the island are only a short distance from both Miami Beach and downtown Miami. It really is a perfect location. Since it’s on an island, it tends to be very safe. Getting around the area can be fast and simple, and the residents love the convenience. Whether they want to find entertainment in the downtown area or spend some time relaxing on the beach, it’s all very easy.

One of the interesting things about the properties on Hibiscus Island is the fact that the Europeans who are buying are not using them as investment properties that they will rent out. While it’s possible to charge a substantial amount for rentals on the island – some can fetch more than $40,000 a month – the buyers are looking for places that they can actually call home. They buy the property and become the end user. Some may want to make changes to the property and to develop it further with the goal of creating a true dream property.

More Buyers Are Looking at the Island

The Island has seen several large sales over the past couple of months, and as soon as property goes up for sale, you can be sure that it will have plenty of eyes on it. While the Europeans are some of the most prominent buyers, there are actually buyers from plenty of other locations that are falling in love with Hibiscus Island. The homes tend to be on the higher end of the pricing scale, but given their size, the land, and the amount of things that the buyers can do to upgrade the properties, which might not be possible with condominiums, makes the price well worth it. This is certainly one of the areas that you will want to watch if you are interested in the movement of real estate in the Miami area.

Miami Home And Condo Sales Are Booming Once Again!

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on July 28th, 2011

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Sunset Island Homes For Sale

According to a recent report from Sunny Realty, the Miami area has experienced the largest boost in sales activity in five years. The largest contributing factor to this rise in activity is the number of foreign buyers flooding to the area, predominantly from European countries and Brazil.

“The 2011 trend shows that we are heading toward a healthier Miami real estate market. The strength of this market is something that hasn’t been seen in years, showing promise for a strong third and fourth quarter finish,” stated Leon Bell of Miami’s Sunny Realty.

When evaluating reports on the state of the Miami real estate market, it is essential to consider specific segments of the data collection relative to the types of properties listed, those selling, those in distress and who the buyers are. For example, at first glance at recent pricing reports, one would conclude that the median sales price for Miami properties had dropped. June reports show the median pricing of single-family homes in Miami dropping slightly, 2.8%, from second quarter close. One contributing factor to this slight price decrease is the number of distressed property sales in the area.

Many real estate professionals, including those of Sunny Realty, suggest that we are nearing the bottom of the distressed inventory, as many property owners have addressed these issues over the past several years. What we will be left with moving forward are the more desirable properties, positioned well to sell. In fact, as the number of distressed properties has been drastically reduced in recent months, the number of properties currently in inventory has also dropped, helping prices to hold their own, despite the perception of a slow market.

While this tells the tale of the median home market, an entirely different story is painted when you consider the state of the Miami luxury real estate market.

When you isolate luxury properties in the same area boasting average pricing in excess of $1 million, up nearly 5% from second quarter, a different story is painted of the market. Leading the market are luxury properties, predominantly of interest to foreign buyers (nearly 80% of sales), although domestic buyers are also looking to the area for vacation properties offered at competitive prices. Within the Miami area, homes in Miami Beach are showing the most promise, case in point with the recent $19.8 million sale of the Maurice-Fatio designed property on Sunset Island.

Palm Island Homes For Sale

As the number of high end Miami homes sold increases over the past month, the number of high end properties hitting the available inventory has not. This trend suggests that the market is tightening. It is possible that the Miami real estate market will bear price increases as we head into the year’s end.

Business Climate Good for Luxury Island Real Estate

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on January 30th, 2011

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Coral Gables Homes

Palm Island real estate

is known for being among the most luxurious in the Miami-Dade area. This is a gated, private island community that still has convenient access to all the amenities this world-class city has to offer. While the real estate market tumbled off a cliff in 2008, many feared that any significant recovery would be years, or longer, away. Today, the performance of Palm Island home sales, and the resurgence of the southern Florida market, has begun in earnest already.

The prices for Palm island homes for sale

exhibit how exclusive this community is. Recently, a property sold for just under $12 million (click here to see all recently sold Palm Island houses). This is an area defined by luxury estates, vast properties and elegant homes. The amenities on Palm Island make it ideally suited for very affluent and celebrity clientele. All of the luxuries one would expect are provided, including private docks, but the privacy of the community ensures that all residents can enjoy those amenities without having to worry about security or other concerns.

Southern Florida, in the minds of many people, embodied the nature of the real estate crash. The market was booming loud enough to be heard around the world in the early 2000s and, in fact, the area boasts many affluent residents from other nations. The crash in 2008 made many people afraid that they’d overpaid for their properties, but that concern is quickly being proven to be an illusion. On Palm Island, real estate is climbing in price again, just as is real estate in neighboring areas such as South Beach. Some properties are currently being expanded upon, making it obvious that even the most successful individuals in the world are keen on the fact that things are looking brighter in the Florida real estate market.

There are homes on Palm Island

listed for as much as $20,000,000. While this may seem an ambitious sale for anyone in a market that’s so often described as dismal, it may also indicate that movement in the market is starting to increase and that sellers know full well that there’s someone out there who wants exactly what they have to offer. With real estate on Palm Island, it’s imperative that a good Palm Island realtor represents it. Without a good realtor, the right market will not be reached and the sale price may well prove less impressive than it should in this market.

Hibiscus Island Miami Homes and History

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on June 22nd, 2009

Hibiscus Island Miami Homes For Sale
Hibiscus Island Miami Houses For Sale And Rent

If Hibiscus Island Miami Could Talk

it would tell quite a tale. Today, the island is a very upscale residential community located in Biscayne Bay, convenient to the city of Miami Beach and legally a part of that metropolitan area. Though the city is nearby, it is separated by water and the main route of ingress to this island is via the MacArthur Causeway. Today’s Hibiscus Island homes is one of the most sought-after locations for those looking for a South Beach single-family residence for sale in a luxurious, exclusive community. In the past, however, it was quite a rollicking place.

Hibiscus Island

was once home of the Latin Quarter. This club was located on what is now a playground and there is little to tell of the wild times that carried on from dusk till dawn on this spot. Performers such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and other famous American artists once held concerts at the Latin Quarter and, in its day, it was a nightspot that could have rivaled anything found farther south on the Caribbean Islands. The Latin Quarter’s interesting celebrity connections don’t stop there. The club was owned by Lou Walters, father of the famous journalist Barbara Walters.

During the 1930’s

the Island drew some different characters. Hibiscus Island real estate has always drawn wealth and, during that period, there were probably few people wealthier than those who had made their fortunes selling alcohol during prohibition. Though few things on Earth could force the man’s hand, the harsh Chicago winters made this island a choice for Al Capone when he needed a summer home. Some of the estates from this era are fully-restored and many of them occupy some of the most desirable locations on the island.

Hibiscus Island Houses

are located near other desirable homes on the islands locations such as Star Island homes, Palm Island homes, Venetian Island homes and Fisher Island homes. This is definitely one of the finest Miami waterfront luxury homes community today, though it’s past may have roots in a rather wild and rowdy lifestyle, the community today is known for being relaxed and laid-back. It’s proximity to Miami Beach make it a convenient place to live in that it combines the tranquility and exclusiveness of an island with ready access to anything one might need from the urban centers of the state. Given that this island has been desirable for almost the entirety of the last century, it’s unlikely to lose popularity in the foreseeable future.

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