Tips for Selling Your Property in Miami

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on February 1st, 2017

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Is it time for you to sell your current home in Miami, FL? Even though you might love your home, maybe it is time to upgrade and move into a larger place, or maybe you will be moving out of the state and don’t want to hold a rental property. Regardless of the reason you are selling, you need to make sure you have a good idea of how to sell the property quickly and easily.

Right now, things are starting to get a little more difficult for those who want to sell, but that doesn’t have to be bad news. If you utilize some simple “tried and true” tips for selling homes, you can have success with your Miami property.

Make the Home Appealing

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When selling a home in Miami, or any area for that matter, you want to make it appealing to as many buyers as possible. This means you need to remove some of those unique touches from the property. This might involve some repainting, and even removing some decorations that might turn away some buyers. You should also be sure to stage the home before any visits from prospective buyers.

Highlight the best features of the home. For example, if the unit or home has great views, make sure that the windows are open so people see that the minute they walk into the unit. Of course, the home also needs to be clean from top to bottom if you hope to sell it. Even though buyers know that they could repaint or clean the home, you are creating first impressions for people.

They are not going to want to buy a place if it doesn’t wow them the first time they see it. If they were to put in an offer on a home that didn’t wow them, you can be sure they will put in a low offer and may even point out the problems they have with the home when they do.

Understand the Price

Keep in mind that the prices right now are starting to drop. This means you might not be able to get the high price you were hoping for with your unit. You could reduce your price to put it in line with comparable units, or you might want to hold onto the unit until the prices start to go back up. It depends on how soon you feel you need to sell.

Trust in Your Realtor

The real estate agent working with you should have a substantial amount of experience when it comes to selling properties in the Miami area. They can give you a good idea of a realistic price you can ask for the home in the current market. While you could try to charge more if you wanted to, in most cases, this will make the home more difficult to sell. The agents have the knowledge and the tools needed to help you sell your home, so trust their judgement.

Rent’s Prices In Miami Are Up – Could Prices Follow?

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on November 28th, 2011

Miami Real Estate

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Miami real estate

is probably still at it’s most affordable point despite tight lending rules and appraisal problems. However, for buyers with cash it’s golden opportunity to step into the market at this time. In fact, we’re seeing the investor community step up, it’s share of home purchases reached almost 25% in August 2011. In fact, most luxury Miami condo buyers paid cash for their non-primary occupant homes.

For investors who can hire out or manage property themselves, the attractive rates of return from rising rental income is a strong lure. Miami rents rose at a better than 3% annualized rate in the third quarter of 2011 according to the government data. However, private data sources imply even faster rent growth.

There is no reason to believe this rent growth will coll, given the favorable demographics of a rising number of young adults over the next 20 years, a high number of owners of foreclosed homes who can’t buy in the near term, and the low construction rate of apartments.

If annual rent gains stay near 3.5%, rents will double in 20 years. If they reach 5%, rent doubling would occur in only 14 years.

In addition to strong rent returns, investors can anticipate solid home price appreciation over the long haul. Using 2000 as a “normal” year in which the market saw neither a bubble nor a bust, the metrics on home prices in relation to consumer prices imply a 14% undervaluation, and in relation to rental rates, a 20% undervaluation.

With the bubble clearly gone, the future home price path should follow the future rent growth path. That means home prices could also double in 14 to 20 years, though it is unclear when home prices will begin to catch up with rents. But long-term investors buying today are sure to catch some, if not most, of the upward ride.

Did we reach the bottom for Miami real esetate?

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on December 21st, 2010

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The joint luncheon which took place at the W Hotel in Miami Beach last month, was sponsored by the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce and the Miami Board of Realtors. It included a panel of leading experts from Banking, Real Estate Developement, Real Estate Sales & a statistical analysts who spoke on the current state of the Real Estate market in Miami and the Beaches.

A very informative, interesting and encouraging conference which discussed the following topics:

*The bottom of the real estate market was last summer 2009.

*Since the bottom , inventory of “for sale properties” went from 11,750 in 2009 to 7,800 in august 2010.

*70% of all sales are purchased all cash.

*More than 50% of buyers are from foreign countries.

*Mortgage rates are at the all-time low and should stay like that for 2011 and maybe even 2012.

*Financing is available, but not easy.

*We have more international buyers in South Florida than anywhere else in the country ,including NYC , Las Vegas & California.

*The panel of speakers all agreed than real estate prices in Miami and the Beaches are at the lowest and we will not be seeing this pricing again in the next 20 years or more…A lot of Opportunities…

*They all agreed on the bright future of the development of Miami.

*They see 2011 being a better year and coming back to a moderately booming market again in 2012.

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Sell your Property with Sunny Realty!

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on June 30th, 2010

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When it comes time to sell your Miami property

it is important to choose the best Miami real estate firm that offers the most comprehensive marketing system. That is what we offer you! The marketing system we have in place is more comprehensive than any other real estate company.

What sets us apart from the competition?

A Strong Web Presence – Selling real estate today is much different than it was ten years ago. Today, more than 90% of all buyers begin their search for a home by turning to the Internet. This trend, reported by Realtor Magazine, is one which is expected to continue increasing. We have carefully cultivated our web presence to ensure we are able to take full advantage of that trend and provide our sellers with the best opportunities for selling their properties as quickly as possible.

Solid Advertising – Along with our web presence, we also run ads in multiple publications throughout the United States as well as Europe, Eastern Europe, and South America to ensure maximum exposure of every property we list! This method alone has proven to be highly successful.

Email Marketing – We believe in the power of email marketing and have seen the results it can deliver. That is why we have taken the time and steps necessary to make the most of email marketing to deliver the very best results for each of our properties.

Direct Mail Marketing – Every month we send out thousands of direct marketing mail outs that reach targeted audience. This method had proved to be one the most effective advertising methods for our company as well as very educational and informational for our audience.

Our Network – Through the Miami MLS (Multiple Listing Services), we network with more than 90,000 agents and brokers from around the world to ensure that our buyers and their buyers are able to view our properties. In addition, during the past 8 years, we’ve compiled a database of high-profile clients and investors who are actively looking to purchase prime real estate in Miami. We always contact all our clients to let them know about new properties that hit the market.

Our Support System – When you decide to list your property with with us, you will discover that our team is not only dedicated to serving you but is also one of the most experienced real estate teams in the nation. Our top producers have the precise blend of knowledge and experience in the local real estate market to deliver results. That is why we have become such a strong presence in the Miami real estate scene.