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One of the constants in Miami as well as South Florida is that the quality of the condominiums and other properties that are available never seems to wane. However, this also means that the prices of those homes tend to rise as well. Still, as the price of the properties is rising, the number of sales is starting to slow just slightly. This tends to mean that the buyers have many more choices and they are waiting to see if they can get a better price for properties. It is starting to become a buyer’s market once again, and those who are going to be buying soon should see this as a promising sign. Plenty of homes are available in Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade counties, and those rising prices might start to slow a bit as the buyers hold off on making actual purchases.

The Numbers

Currently, the median price of a single-family home in the Miami-Dade area is up by about 8%, hitting $243,000. The median condominium price rose by an even higher percentage – 10% in that time, but it did see something of a drop in March of 2014. The sales of single-family homes in the area were up by about 5.6% from the previous year.

These changes mean that it’s becoming less of a seller’s market, as mentioned. The real estate market seems as though it is stabilizing and balancing. The same is happening in Broward County. The inventory is going up and the sales are starting to slow. In Broward, we see that the price for a home went up by 9.2% over the past year, with the median price for a home being $273,000. Condo prices rose by quite a bit more. In fact, they were up by 14.3%.

Why the Rising Price?

What is it that is causing people to raise the price of their homes? A couple of years ago, the price of homes dropped quite a bit because of the crash. Now, the economy and the real estate market are getting better and stronger. Homes have been selling briskly up until recently. This causes many sellers to feel that they can ask more for their property and that they should be able to get it. They feel that their property should get more than a home that recently sold in the area because they think their property is nicer or better.

They don’t take into account all of the other factors, including the market, that will affect the price of their home. Buyers are not biting though. They have a surplus of properties from which they can choose, and they are able to look at other options. They don’t need to spend more than they want to spend because they will find something that they love within their budget relatively soon and they know it.

The prices should start to come down, at least from those sellers who are realistic about their property and what they can reasonably get for it in the current market. Buyers just need to wait and negotiate.

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Miami new condos

Some people are starting to worry that we could be facing another real estate bubble in the South Florida area, but many experts feel that these fears are premature. They feel that there is still plenty of room for growth in the counties of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade. One of the reasons for the fear is that developers in the area are already proposing a large number of additional condominium units in the area – more than 33,000 of them in fact.
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Where Will the New Units Be?

Currently, the downtown area of Miami looks as though it will be getting approximately 17,400 units across 59 new towers. While this might seem like a substantial amount, it is important to remember that during the last boom, the area became home to 22,200 units with 84 towers. Sunny Isles, another very popular neighborhood in the area, is slated to have 14 new towers and an additional 1,800 units. During the last boom, developers created 6,200 units among 28 towers.

Because of this boom though, people fear that history could repeat itself. After the last boom, they remember the crash of 2007. While it is understandable that people want to be cautious, the world and the economy today are in a different place. It’s not nearly as likely that this type of crash will happen again. Still, caution is always smart no matter the state of the market.

What Makes This Different

Even though there might be a large number of proposed units in the pipeline, there is not the same rush as there was before. The towers and buildings are going up more slowly. Less than twenty-five percent of the proposed units is under construction right now. Many of the others are still waiting for approval. It’s important to remember that these are only proposed units. The ones that are not awaiting approval, having already cleared, will be units that go forward only when the developers can get enough presales to show that there is still an interest in the units in the area, and that they’ve already sold enough to make it viable. This means there will be no vacant towers desperately looking for owners as we’ve seen in the past.

This keeps the progress at a slower pace, which may actually be much better for the overall real estate market. It ensures that the growth does not happen too quickly, so there is far less of a chance of the bursting bubble and crash as there was seven years ago. Despite the skepticism that some have, it’s far too early to know what the market will be like in a few years. As always, buyers and sellers alike need to watch carefully in order to get an idea of where the market will be moving. Still, given the current popularity of the South Florida area from a buyer’s perspective, it does seem as though the market could be looking up for quite some time still.

St. Regis Bal Harbour Miami

Recently, the south tower penthouse, unit 2501, sold for a whopping $22.75 million at St. Regis Bal Harbour. The previous owner was a Delaware corporation owned by Yuriy Kosyuk, a Ukrainian billionaire who made his money in poultry and food products. Strangely enough, the buyer also happens to be a company from Delaware.

What Makes the Unit and Building Special?

The unit is massive, measuring 14,129 square feet. It includes 11 bedrooms and 12.5 bathrooms. It’s also relatively new, since the tower only went up a couple of years ago. Originally, the space was going to be five separate units, but they combined those units into one large penthouse property instead, so it takes up the entire top floor of the building.

One of the best things about this penthouse is that it offers wonderful views of the ocean, the city, and more. It features more than 4,000 square feet of terrace space as well.

As wonderful as the unit is, the building itself is quite special as well. Some of the amenities at the building include a private swimming pool, housekeeping services, a concierge, dry cleaning and laundry, and more. It even offers a gym so residents can stay in shape. They also offer onsite dining. It’s a remarkable place to call home, and it is no wonder that the units in this building tend to sell rather quickly, and for more than many might imagine.

Of course, one of the other reasons to love the building is the location. It is literally right on the beach and offers nearly a thousand feet of beautiful beachfront. The St. Regis Bal Harbour is also close to places such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, the airport, and a host of attractions.

Why Do People Love Penthouses?

What is it about penthouses that make people love them so much? They are on the top floor, so it means that the views will always be nice, naturally. It is also something of a symbol of being on top in life, not only in the apartment. Penthouses do not come cheaply, as you can see from the price this one sold for, so it serves to show one’s status. It is true luxury living, and that’s just what someone wants when they are in South Florida. Whether they are there on a vacation in their second home, or they are using the property as their primary home, penthouses are ideal.

In addition, some people want and need to have more space. Many of the penthouse units also have more features and amenities, such as private elevators. These additional features help to make the idea of a penthouse even more attractive for those who can afford it, and they are even better in South Florida because of the great location.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that penthouses are rare. Towers generally only have one or a couple at most. This is something else that contributes to their greater cost.

Miami condos for sale

Is the condo market in Miami saturated? In January of this year, over 10,000 condos were actively listed in the Miami metro area. The spike in listings was reported back in January, by the Miami Association of Realtors. Analysts have noted that buyers have gained steam, as well as listings, though. So, is the market actually saturated, or are we seeing a spike that will even out as more buyers purchase these listed condos? (CLICK HERE to view all currently available condos for sale in Miami)

Currently, as the economy has stabilized and developers have gained confidence in the market’s future, there’s more competition than there has been in the last few years. Not only are condo owners putting their units up for resale, but there are more new construction and pre-construction units for sale on the Miami market than there has been since before the housing crisis in 2008.

Not the “Glut” You’re Thinking Of

The term “glut” is on the tips of a lot of tongues in the real estate world in Miami right now, but it’s not because of a lack of demand for properties. It’s because buyers are being given so many more choices than they’ve had in over six years. The upshot of this is that different buyers, representing different markets, will be attracted to different properties and different features.

Buyers from South America tend to be attracted to the newly constructed condo towers, with their new styles, amenities, and features. Long-time Miami residents may be more attracted to a neighborhood with the best schools or to a place near a park where they grew up. These are just two examples of the different types of buyer pushback you’ll see with this very unique type of condo market glut. However, according to the market stats, there’s nothing to worry about. The first quarter of the fiscal year is a very popular, “in season”, time of year for the housing market in Miami. This is the time of year that potential buyers traveling to the city on vacation so that they can check out new constructions, condos for resale, and neighborhoods where they might want to live. The large inventory of condos for sale during the height of the season is nothing to be worried about.

Resale Prices Are Up

In January of this year, Miami-Dade County showed significant gains in both condo sales and sales of single-family homes. (CLICK HERE to view all currently available condos for sale in Miami) This went against the plateau that the rest of the country was seeing at the time. While there may have been a lot of condos listed on the market, there were also a lot of condos being closed on. In fact, there were significantly more than were selling in January of 2013.

At the same time, the median for condo prices rose by about 20 percent this past January, and single-family homes rose by 16 percent. That means that, though at first glance the market looks saturated, that’s just simply not the case. Though a lot of developers and individuals are listing their properties, a lot of buyers are interested in those properties.

The trend is up in Miami condo prices and property values, and it doesn’t look to be going back down any time soon.

Miami real estate

ONE Sotheby’s International Realty Sunny Isles Beach Branch is gearing up to provide the best real estate resource for the South Florida real estate market. Our site covers the markets for commercial real estate (view site) as well as residential properties. In addition to this, we provide top-performing brokers as well as valuable insights to the local market place. Our knowledge of local market is superb when it comes to luxury oceanfront condos and waterfront homes.


Miami Florida has some of the finest luxury real estate in the world and, because of that, the most expensive properties on the market are always of interest to not only investors, but simply to those who want to know what’s out there for people who are looking for something that is a bit beyond luxurious. Our Trends Magazine is a semi-annual, comprehensive study of South Florida real estate market activity from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, including in-depth data analysis by neighborhood. (Click here to view).

What’s In Store?

There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about South Florida’s real estate market. Not only has the worst of the financial crash long since passed, the real estate market is showing a great deal of promise in terms of how it may shape up in the future. In fact, some real estate experts are predicting that the boom and bust cycle that has characterized South Florida real estate has switched and now the market is once again heating up. Interestingly, one of the reasons, at least in part, is because of one of the greatest strengths that South Florida has always had: it’s appeal to international residence.

Brining in the Cash

Investors, as well as new residents from Latin America, Russia and Europe who are looking for luxury real estate have been picking up some of the most desirable properties regularly. This has brought some stability to the market and, in the future, it may ensure that the boom and bust cycle isn’t so much a part of South Florida’s real estate market at all. With a diversity of properties available, including waterfront properties that sell in the millions and residential homes that sell for very reasonable prices, South Florida has enough diversity among the real estate market to keep such investors happy.

Our website offers all currently available listings in from Fort Lauderdale to South Miami all with photos, maps and extensive statistics information to provide all available data to our clients. Please see the site here – In addition, we’re always eager to help and educate our clients in using the tools we provide as well as our professional opinion. If you’re looking to list a property, please contact our office at (305) 336-0457 and we will provide market analysis report and well as comparable properties report and will get you the best possible price on the market.

Contact us today to learn about the future of the market and how it may stack up in terms of investment potential. With great properties being available and investors from all over the world demonstrating an interest in picking them up, the real estate climate in South Florida is likely to be just as sunny as the weather in the near future.

Miami commercial real estate

A $225 million transaction in Pembroke topped the multifamily stats for this year. The sale was for a 1520-unit community known as the Resort at Pembroke Pines. The sale was completed by the Carroll Organization, out of Atlanta.

Although the property was a bit rundown and outdated, the Carroll group developers were still interested in picking up this apartment complex, despite the fact that it is not quite as modern or stocked with amenities as newer complexes. This demonstrates that investors are interested in apartment complexes that already exist, rather than just having an interest in developing new apartment complexes.

Lower The Risk

According to reports, the prices of land in Florida have been going up and the costs of development have been going up, but growth as far as rental income goes is slowing. This means that, for developers, there is less risk involved in purchasing existing properties than there is in developing new properties, a process which can take two or three years to complete. The reporting states that, of course, in two or three years, the market can be remarkably different than it is at the time the development starts, adding an element of risk to the investment.

Stabilizing Market

While growth in the Miami commercial real estate market may be picking up, economic indicators show that the typical cycle of booming and busting in the South Florida real estate market may be between 7 and 12 years. With investors moving in from all over the world – Latin America, Russia, Europe, etc. it has proven to be particularly rich with people looking to make investments in South Florida real estate – real estate prices have largely stabilized and luxury properties are selling well again.

What’s Out There

South Florida may be principally known for its very high-end, upscale luxury real estate properties, but there are still many distressed properties on the market and, as this transaction shows, properties that may be a little bit outdated, but that could become very attractive provided they were given a bit of renovation. For some commercial real estate developers, it’s more attractive to invest in a property such as these, simply because they do not have to go through the development process or take on any of the extra risk associated with that process.

As the South Florida real estate market continues to grow, there are likely to be many very attractive deals that come available on the market, but it generally requires a skilled real estate agent for clients to be able to take advantage of these properties. We provide a list of Miami’s most expensive condos and Miami’s most expensive homes for sale and give forecasts about the market in general, both of which should be of great interest to individuals looking to invest in the luxury properties available in a South Florida market or, in fact, some of the older properties that could be very good investments with a little bit of redevelopment.

Miami real estate

New Yorkers have always been strong buyers in the Miami real estate market, but they seem to be making their presence known now more than they have in recent years. According to reporting in BizBrag the share of buying done by New Yorkers in recent developments in Sunny Isles and the surrounding area has gone from 10% up to 25% in the last year.

These numbers are for luxury real estate and, of course, Miami has a very strong reputation as a market that attracts buyers at the highest end of the real estate market. There are many features to Miami real estate that make it ideally suited for New Yorkers, and that has likely contributed to them buying up a great deal of the real estate, particularly over the last year.


While Miami may have an affluent real estate market, it is still generally more affordable – even at the very high end – than New York City. As the article points out, there are luxury properties available in the Miami area that will sell for approximately $700-$900 per square foot. Contrast that with New York, where it is easy to get into prices that are over $1000 for each square foot of property purchased. This makes Miami very attractive to affluent New Yorkers who are looking for something that is definitely a luxury property but who don’t want to pay New York prices for it.


Culturally, Miami and New York do have a lot in common. For instance, many of the luxury properties in the Miami area are located in areas where it is easy to get around on foot. Of course, New Yorkers are very familiar with this and it meshes nicely with the lifestyle that they are used to. Everything from upscale shopping to theaters, restaurants and most anything else can be found within walking distance of many of the most prestigious developments in the Miami area. Unlike New York, it’s also usually a very short walk to the beach and, of course, the water is always warm and the weather is almost always sunny.

Miami is an enormously diverse city, as well. This is something that New Yorkers are sure to appreciate, given that New York is so famous as a center for business and culture. Over the years, Miami has become one of the most popular places to invest for affluent foreign individuals, and there are great opportunities to live in a community that is diverse, vibrant and, quite simply, a lot of fun.

Like much of the rest of the country and nations beyond, New Yorkers are rediscovering what Miami real estate has to offer. Whether one is looking for a very exclusive place to call home or wants to live someplace that is very casual, but still very luxurious, Miami makes that possible. With so many New Yorkers entering into the real estate market, there is yet another sign that the real estate market in Miami is vibrant and picking up once again.

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Surf Club Apartments for sale

Surf Club Condos

Surf Club Hotel & Residences

is the latest pre-construction project on Miami Beach. Set on 8 acres of pristine Atlantic oceanfront immediately south of Bal Harbour, The Surf Club Hotel and Residences combines the elegant, purposeful architecture of Pritzker Prize-winner Richard Meier with a unique provenance and history. The result – two 12-story residential towers comprising 150 limited edition homes situated between the ocean and the bay, flanking a smaller building that will house an intimate five-star hotel – offers the opportunity to live on today’s vibrant Miami Beach while enjoying the low-key elegance of a more gracious age.

Since its creation as a private social club in 1930, The Surf Club has played an important role in the cultural history of Miami Beach as a nexus for the most exceptional personalities of the era, from scions of industrial fortunes to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor. The original club’s historical landmark structure, a Russell Pancoast-designed Mediterranean villa replete with ballrooms, bathing cabanas and the legendary Peacock Alley loggia, will be preserved within Meier’s new architectural design.With almost fifty unique configurations within the 150 residences, homes at The Surf Club have been meticulously designed to anticipate the needs of virtually any lifestyle.

Richard Meier’s innovation and commitment to excellence is reflected in his work on both the exterior and interiorarchitecture of The Surf Club Residences. Each home offers capacious living space and thoughtful features, with select homes including individual swimming pools, private elevator entries, interior Zen meditation gardens, ample designated parking and staff quarters. Every residence features a seamless integration of the indoor and outdoor living experience, making it possible to enjoy the abundant natural beauty of South Florida while preserving residents’ privacy. And with views stretching from Biscayne Bay to the Atlantic Ocean, each home is set against the ever-changing and luminous backdrop of a vast sky and expanses of water.

The Surf Club is pleased to incorporate other features that make the experience luxe and convivial. A sumptuous spa is integrated into the property, offering a broad spectrum of wellness, beauty and fitness experiences. Two noted restaurants – one casual, one for fine dining – are on site. A lush garden with lush landscaping and numerous design flourishes, games and follies spans the area between the property and the ocean, and an on-site international concierge for residents will be available around-the-clock to insure that any need is met swiftly and easily. Without any doubt, The Surf Club Hotel and Residences will be the most coveted address on Miami Beach.

Pritzker Prize-winning architect Richard Meier has designed the 150 residences at The Surf Club in almost 50 unique configurations, with each home seamlessly integrating the interior architecture with bay-to-ocean views, abundant natural light, outdoor living areas and unique elements that make life more relaxed and joyful. Ranging in size from 1,200 square feet to 8000 square feet, with floor-to-ceiling glass “walls” and up to 20-foot ceiling heights, The Surf Club residences also feature expansive 12-foot-deep terraces that create outdoor living rooms separated from the interior spaces by broad sliding glass doors.

Since opening on New Year’s Eve of 1930, the private, members-only Surf Club has set the standard for a gathering point for exceptional people, from the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor to members of great industrial American family dynasties. For more than eight decades, The Surf Club has combined creative events and extravagant amusements with thecasual ease of a well-run beach club, complete with bathing cabanas. The original low-slung, Russell Pancoast-designed building will undergo a meticulous restoration and refurbishment to preserve its historical charm while augmenting it with additional features to allow curated cultural installations and exhibitions, private entertaining and members-only events beachside, pool-side, and in the storied and legendary Peacock Alley and ballrooms.

For more information or to reserve your unit, please contact our office at (305) 336-0457

Downtown Miami condos for sale

Four Seasons Miami

Miami: glitz, glamour, plenty of celebrities and a city where many people enjoy very high incomes. Those high incomes are reflected in some of the real estate available in the city. If you want to live in a luxurious home, Miami real estate has plenty of them to offer and, even though most of them aren’t price quite as high as the homes on some of the more exclusive islands just offshore, these properties definitely do not disappoint were amenities, luxury or quality are concerned.

Four Seasons, Miami unit 54DEF – $27,000,000

Currently the most expensive property in the Downtown Miami area is Four Seasons Miami penthouse unit 54DEF. This unit offers 8,911 square feet under air with 5 bedrooms, 6 and half bathrooms and the most astonishing view of the entire Miami from the 54th floor. Four Seasons Miami is the tallest structure in the entire Miami – 70 floors. Living in the Four Seasons Miami condo offers the best of both worlds. You can use all hotel’s amenities while enjoying privacy of your condo.

2999 Brickell Ave, Miami – $19,000,000

This is one of the most unique properties on the market today. 2999 Brickell Ave. is a private single family home with a $19 million price tag and plenty of luxury to offer. The home has eight bedrooms and 10 bats. In total, there are more than 14,400 ft.² of living space located on a 90,212 ft.² lot. This home was built in 1990 and is one of only seven bayfront estates on Brickell Avenue. This is state property is an architectural blend, containing elements from many different cultures and places around the world and some of the signs of wealth that would be recognized anywhere, such as a massive staircase, glass doors and more.

One Thousand Museum unit 5001 – $13,700,000

This is the newest and the most luxurious Miami pre-construction project today. Designed by Zaha Hadid, this amazing structure will offer 68 stories of steel and glass frame, helicopter pad, private exclusive restaurants with top floor aquatic center. 1000 Museum Miami is the first building ever built in the United States by world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid. If you are not sure that you have ever seen a building by this famed architect, think about the London Olympics in 2012. The aquatic center was her creation and now she is bringing the same visionary talent to Downtown Miami with the creation of this master peace.

Grovenor House Condo unit 3201 – $112,800,000

Located at 2627 Bayshore Drive this magnificent residence is all about style. Luxurious, distinctive, breathtaking design where every detail is perfectly executed. Decorated by professional designers, this residence was featured in the Architectural Digest in Italy as Miami’s premier penthouse.

Any of these properties would make fine choices for those hunting at the high end of the Miami real estate market. One of the most advantageous things about the real estate market in Miami, however, is that there are always great deals to be had, even at the top end of the inventory.

Sunny Isles Beach condos

Sunny Isles Condominiums

Sunny Isles Beach real estate

has a reputation for new oceanfront luxury condo community and, in that regard, it seldom disappoints. The most expensive condos in Sunny Isles Beach constitute a mix of latest construction, top notch amenities and a world-class appeal to anybody able to shop at the upper end of the luxury real estate market. Remember, however, that when a property gains the distinction of being one of the priciest in Sunny Isles Beach it is likely safely within the bounds of the high-end of the real estate market for the entire nation, much less Sunny Isles Beach alone.

Our priciest Sunny Isles Beach condo list starts with the brand new, mega condo-complex – Mansions At Acqualina. The Mansions at Acqualina offers completely finished residences which embody the very essence of bliss, affluence and indulgence, whether it is flooring made from only the finest materials from the most remote and exclusive of locations, or fixtures that are fit for a king, there is something for every walk of life, every taste, every fantasy that your mind has ever conjured up at the Mansions. However, it is the $55 million penthouse that sets the record price in Sunny Isles Beach. This penthouse home has 10 bathrooms, six bedrooms and well over 15,000 ft.² of living space. The home is designed as a mansion, not too surprisingly. Situated at the top of a luxury condominium tower, whomever picks up this property will enjoy incredible views and some of the most pleasant sea breezes imaginable. By the way, the price on this home has recently gone up, demonstrating that Florida’s real estate market is really getting back into full swing.

Another penthouse in Mansions At Acqualina is currently listed at $25 million. It offers 8,000 ft.² 5 bedrooms and 7 and half baths. If you’re on the market to buy a luxury property of this caliber, you should definitely consider Mansions At Acqualina in Sunny Isles Beach.

The next priciest listing in Sunny Isles Beach in the Jade Ocean Penthouse unit 4601. This penthouse comprises two stories taking top floors of the building. These condominium properties offer beautiful 360 degrees views of the city and the Atlantic ocean, though this nearly $10 million property has some distinctive features to it. The property is nearly 8000 ft.² in total and has 6 ½ bathrooms and offers great space for entertaining or just to enjoy life. Jade Ocean offers luxury amenities, including “smart building”, a world class spa and a fitness center, swimming pools and many others that cater to the needs of the residents.

The next priciest Sunny Isles condo is in Jade Beach, offering a whopping 8,200 ft.² of space with 6 bedrooms and 7 ½ baths. Jade Beach was built in 2008 by Carlos Ott, one of the most sought after architects of our time. His work includes Burg Al Arab, a sail-boat, signature hotel in Dubai. Jade Beach offers world-class amenities which include gym, spa, finger-print access, cafe, valet and much more. This property has recently gone up in price, as have others nearby.

Aside from the expense, the competitive nature of the Sunny Isles Beach market makes an experienced realtor a necessity when looking at the high-end of the real estate market. One Sotheby’s International Realty offers full scale of services and experienced agents. If you’re on the market for an upscale property, please call Lana Bell at (305) 336-0457.

Content published by Lana Bell

Content published by Lana Bell