Significant Luxury Property Sales Are Made In the Sunset and Venetian Islands Miami

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on March 12th, 2013

Sunset Island Real Estate

Sunset Island homes for sale

In yet another sign that the Miami real estate market

is well on its way to making a comeback, famous, former driver for Formula 1, Eddie Irvine, recently sold his Venetian Islands home for approximately $7 million. Irvine is well-known for his successes during his 4 year stint as a driver for Ferrari. His home was sold to a local developer, who preferred to remain anonymous.

The impeccable property featured 5 bedrooms and 5 ½ bathrooms. It was designed by well-known architect Luis Bosch. According to data found in public records, Irvine purchased the home in June of 2010 for $1.95 million. When asked, the Miami Dade County Property Appraiser’s Office stated that the home had an appraised value of $1.83 million. As aforementioned, similar sales are also being seen in the Sunset Islands as well as other South Beach homes for sale. Another luxury home recently sold for the sum of $20 million. This particular home boasted 7,200 square feet in size, and it featured four bedrooms and four bathrooms. The home was closed on in December of 2012. The owner who sold the home originally purchased it for the sum of $2.15 million in 1991. The home has appreciated, obviously, fairly significantly in value. The sale is one of the single most valuable ones through all of 2012. Another home, also located on Sunset Island, recently sold for $12.9 million.

Sales like these are beginning to occur with more frequency, and if the trend continues, the economic benefits will be seen all over Miami. There is currently hope that other single family home and condo sales will continue to follow suit.

Selling Luxury Single Family Houses in Today’s Market

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on March 18th, 2011

Miami Beach Luxury Houses For Sale

Miami Beach Luxury Homes For Sale

Too many home sellers are worried that 2008 never ended. In the intervening 2 years, the Florida real estate market has improved. A reduction of foreclosures on the market combined with a strengthening economy has caused home prices to rise. In Miami Beach, sometimes called The Venice Of America, the market is heating up and luxury properties are on the move again.

Miami Beach real estate

is well-known for its stylish, luxury waterfront homes. Many of them have a distinctly tropical feel that celebrates the beautiful Florida climate. While the market everywhere was tough for a while, the market in luxury areas such as these has been improving recently. There are some techniques a good realtor can help you to use to sell your home in this area, if it’s time for a change.

Most homes in Miami Beach

remain on the market between 6 to 8 months, according to MLS data. This is not an extended time, by any means, for a home to be available on the market. In fact, it shows how rapidly a buyer can be found for a well-priced home in this market.

In the last few quarters, the prices for Miami Beach luxury waterfront homes have been going up. Combined with a realistic price for your home, this means that a realtor may be able to unload your house much more quickly than you think, and at a far better price than you may have been hoping for. It’s very realistic to get a premium price for your luxury Miami Beach home, the demographic who buys them isn’t known for being bargain shoppers.

There is plenty of appeal for a good home in Miami Beach area. While the area is known for being affluent, there are homes that aren’t necessarily up to the standards of luxury that the target demographic sometimes expects. Some are sold based on being waterfront properties, with most of their value coming from that fact. A good property on Miami Beach at a sensible price is a very attractive commodity.

In the last year, this area has been particularly good for homes at around $1,000,000. This makes it ideal for those who want something that bespeaks luxury but who don’t want to overbuy. If you have Miami Beach real estate in this price range, be aware that a realtor will be working with a very interested market and that a sale may be very rapid.

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The Time is Right to Buy Miami Waterfront Homes

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on September 29th, 2009

Miami Homes For Sale On The Water
Miami Waterfront Properties For Sale

Waterfront homes in Miami

have always been among the most desirable properties in virtually any location, and Miami real estate is no different. While the current economy has certainly been tumultuous, it is finally showing signs of improvement. Even as things start to return to normal for most people, however, current real estate prices in Miami are still much lower than market value, making this the perfect time to invest in Miami waterfront homes. There are many waterfront homes in the city, offering one of the most popular and beautiful destinations in the country.

Miami waterfront properties

is one of the top spots in the world to own real estate, and the reason is simple. The city offers luxury, convenience, and just something for everyone. Whether you are seeking a luxury condo in Miami, one of the most exciting cities in the world or you are looking to purchase an investment property to rent out or to sell when prices go back up, Miami is definitely an excellent choice. These properties offer all of the convenience of city life with the beauty of Miami. Life on the water is always a breeze, and these properties are certain to not only hold their value, but to be among the first to see their value rise when the market turns around.

Whether you are looking to buy or invest, Miami’s waterfront areas are certainly among the best places to do so. These properties provide easy and luxurious beachfront accommodations that are popular among locals and travelers alike, creating a property that is easy to re-sell and a prime candidate for a luxurious and profitable Miami vacation rental. Miami will always be one of the most popular destinations in the country for travelers across the globe, and there has never been a better time to invest in these gorgeous Miami waterfront houses.

Luxury Homes on the Sunset Islands Miami Florida

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on July 5th, 2009

Sunset Islands Homes For Sale
Sunset Islands Florida Houses For Sale And Rent

Those looking for homes for sale in the Sunset Islands Miami Florida

should expect to see a great deal of luxury presented to them. This area is one of the most exclusive in the region, popular with well-known figures and the upscale crowd. The islands are located in Biscayne Bay near other islands which are equally well-known for their being the choice of the affluent. The proximity to Miami Beach makes it ideal for those who need to live close to a city but who want some sense of being removed from the hectic pace of an urban area.

The Sunset Islands are home

to a private, gated community which offers safety and security while still providing its residents with a vibrant and diverse neighborhood to call home. Homes for sale here can range from the lower-end prices of the luxury market to very extravagant estates suitable for those who are looking for a place to call their permanent home and, of course, their most luxurious homes in Miami. This area is also popular for investment properties as its waterfront environs make it a natural choice for those who wish to move to Miami to enjoy the sea views.

The Sunset Islands real estate

consists of four in islands in total, interconnected in a way reminiscent of the Caribbean Islands where driving from one to another is a part of everyday life. One can see the skyline of Downtown Miami from these islands and there are few places in the area that offer the sort of view that the homeowners on these islands enjoy. The islands are geographically small and it’s easy to get around. The fact that the community is gated and secure make it a good place to be out and about, day or night, getting some exercise or mingling with the neighbors.

Shopping for homes for sale on the Sunset Islands

avails the potential purchaser of access to some spectacular homes. There are typically homes on the market ranging from 2 or 3 bedroom family homes to full-blown 6 or 7 bedroom luxury estates complete with all the artistic touches one would expect. This community, though it is private, makes getting to Miami proper a very easy affair and is suitable for those who may need to commute to the urban center quite frequently. When one wishes to be away from it all, all they need to do is turn their eyes toward the bay.