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Faena House Miami Beach

The look for luxury housing in the new Faena District in Miami Beach is over thanks to Faena House Miami Beach. This destination luxury residence is 16 stores with only 47 units. The new pre-construction oceanfront condo is conveniently located right where South Beach and Miami Beach meet. Residents are offered all the amenities of the building as well as the amenities offered by the Faena Saxony Hotel currently under construction and scheduled to be finished in 2014. The airy and luxuriously modern units are true masterpieces for those looking to enjoy everything this new area has to offer.

Building Features

The first thing you will notice when arriving at Faena House Miami Beach is the unique design of the 16-story building. If you are a resident, you will park using the valet service and underground parking. Your guests will appreciate the travertine paved drive leading up to the Porte-cochere entrance. As your guests enter the building, they are welcomed by the 24-hour doorman and the massive 27 foot lobby outfitted with polished black concrete fin walls, polished architectural concrete and blackened steel finish doors. The tranquil pools in the lobby flow out to the surrounding landscape create a truly unique look. Three passenger elevators feature Bendheim glass and Japanese silk paper and speed to floors at 500 ft./second. Service elevators are also speedy at 350 ft./second.

In addition to an incredible lobby and elevator, residents also have access to a state of the art fitness center, five-star concierge service, in-house spa with separate entrances for men and women, children’s playroom, beach club with cabana service, pools for adults and children, preferred status with Faena Grande Hotel Saxony amenities, and more. All of this and more is offered by a highly trained and thoughtfully chosen staff.

Residence Features

Faena House Miami Beach Condo

has spacious floor plans for one to five bedrooms. Designs range in size from 1,727 square feet to 8,064 square feet. Every unit comes complete with integrated motorized blinds to provide security and privacy when not using the floor to ceiling windows. All terraces are outfitted with translucent rails topped with a Corian handrail to offer an unobstructed view. Terraces can range in size from 4 feet to 37 feet to make enjoying the outdoors even easier. Penthouse suites even feature a midnight kitchen.

The kitchens in Faena House condo are truly amazing with all Miele appliances and a built-in coffee bean coffee system. Everything in the kitchen is custom to provide easy use and a beautiful design. Even the countertop is luxurious, with a one-inch Thassos marble top.

Bathrooms feature heated floors of polished white marble. Chrome fixtures and black Murano glass frame the bathroom nicely while glass and Japanese silk paper make up the walls and breaks in the bathroom.

Everything about Faena House Miami Beach is dedicated to providing the height of luxury to residents. Customized interiors are available in the pre-construction phase and prices are sure to go up once construction has finished.

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Miami Beach villa for sale

Yesterday in a closed-bid auction Nakash family of Jordache jeans bought the Versace mansion, putting in the highest bid of $41.5 million. The house was sold with all the furnishings, stain glass and mosaic arranged in the eccentric, baroque style of Versace. Features include a 24-karat gold-lined swimming pool and a guest suite fitted out for once frequent visitor Madonna. The new owners plan to convert the palatial Mediterranean-style estate into a hotel with Versace name.

“We bought history,” a visibly pleased Joe Nakash, the chairman of Jordache Enterprises, told reporters on the steps of the mansion, dismissing the possibility of a massive renovation or teardown. “We paid $41.5 million for it and it’s going to stay as it is,” he said, adding that he will approach the Versace family about licensing the name.

The Miami Beach villa

was originally listed for $125 million but went on the auction block after lenders foreclosed on owner Peter Loftin. Despite a worldwide marketing campaign, the estate of the late fashion designer Gianni Versace netted only three bidders — Donald Trump, who is redeveloping an 800-acre golf course in Doral; Palm Beach Polo and Country Club owner Glenn Straub; and VM South Beach, owned by the Nakash family of Jordache jeans fame.

The requirements of the auctioneer, Miami-based Fisher Auction Co., were a $3 million deposit placed in escrow and proof of at least $40 million in liquid assets. VM South Beach is the chief creditor in the foreclosure case. As such, the family took advantage of an option to make a stalking horse bid of $25 million, and were able to bid up to $34 million without putting up any additional cash based on what a court says they are owed.

The most famous South Beach mansion for sale asking price was reduced twice from it’s original $125M before parties agreed to an auction in July after the tenant, Miami restauranteur Barton G. Weiss, successfully sued to break his lease.

Surf Club Apartments for sale

Surf Club Condos

Surf Club Hotel & Residences

is the latest pre-construction project on Miami Beach. Set on 8 acres of pristine Atlantic oceanfront immediately south of Bal Harbour, The Surf Club Hotel and Residences combines the elegant, purposeful architecture of Pritzker Prize-winner Richard Meier with a unique provenance and history. The result – two 12-story residential towers comprising 150 limited edition homes situated between the ocean and the bay, flanking a smaller building that will house an intimate five-star hotel – offers the opportunity to live on today’s vibrant Miami Beach while enjoying the low-key elegance of a more gracious age.

Since its creation as a private social club in 1930, The Surf Club has played an important role in the cultural history of Miami Beach as a nexus for the most exceptional personalities of the era, from scions of industrial fortunes to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor. The original club’s historical landmark structure, a Russell Pancoast-designed Mediterranean villa replete with ballrooms, bathing cabanas and the legendary Peacock Alley loggia, will be preserved within Meier’s new architectural design.With almost fifty unique configurations within the 150 residences, homes at The Surf Club have been meticulously designed to anticipate the needs of virtually any lifestyle.

Richard Meier’s innovation and commitment to excellence is reflected in his work on both the exterior and interiorarchitecture of The Surf Club Residences. Each home offers capacious living space and thoughtful features, with select homes including individual swimming pools, private elevator entries, interior Zen meditation gardens, ample designated parking and staff quarters. Every residence features a seamless integration of the indoor and outdoor living experience, making it possible to enjoy the abundant natural beauty of South Florida while preserving residents’ privacy. And with views stretching from Biscayne Bay to the Atlantic Ocean, each home is set against the ever-changing and luminous backdrop of a vast sky and expanses of water.

The Surf Club is pleased to incorporate other features that make the experience luxe and convivial. A sumptuous spa is integrated into the property, offering a broad spectrum of wellness, beauty and fitness experiences. Two noted restaurants – one casual, one for fine dining – are on site. A lush garden with lush landscaping and numerous design flourishes, games and follies spans the area between the property and the ocean, and an on-site international concierge for residents will be available around-the-clock to insure that any need is met swiftly and easily. Without any doubt, The Surf Club Hotel and Residences will be the most coveted address on Miami Beach.

Pritzker Prize-winning architect Richard Meier has designed the 150 residences at The Surf Club in almost 50 unique configurations, with each home seamlessly integrating the interior architecture with bay-to-ocean views, abundant natural light, outdoor living areas and unique elements that make life more relaxed and joyful. Ranging in size from 1,200 square feet to 8000 square feet, with floor-to-ceiling glass “walls” and up to 20-foot ceiling heights, The Surf Club residences also feature expansive 12-foot-deep terraces that create outdoor living rooms separated from the interior spaces by broad sliding glass doors.

Since opening on New Year’s Eve of 1930, the private, members-only Surf Club has set the standard for a gathering point for exceptional people, from the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor to members of great industrial American family dynasties. For more than eight decades, The Surf Club has combined creative events and extravagant amusements with thecasual ease of a well-run beach club, complete with bathing cabanas. The original low-slung, Russell Pancoast-designed building will undergo a meticulous restoration and refurbishment to preserve its historical charm while augmenting it with additional features to allow curated cultural installations and exhibitions, private entertaining and members-only events beachside, pool-side, and in the storied and legendary Peacock Alley and ballrooms.

For more information or to reserve your unit, please contact our office at (305) 336-0457

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Miami Beach real estate

Miami’s waterfront Single-family home sales

as well as oceanfront condos are surging up to the new heights. The sales volume is similar to the 2005 real estate boom.

In Miami-Dade County, sales of single-family homes soared 27.3 percent in July to 1,227 sales compared to 964 sales in July of last year. Condo sales rose 13.4 percent, up from 1,356 in July 2012 to 1,538 last month.

“The Miami real estate market continues to thrive as demand for housing intensifies and increasing inventory remains insufficient,” Miami Association of Realtors board chairman Natascha Tello said in a release.

In Broward County, there were 1,475 home sales, a 13 percent increase from July 2012, while Palm Beach County saw a 21 percent gain in sales activity in July, from 1,233 to 1,486 sales.

Across Florida, home sales totaled 21,238 last month, up 21 percent from a year ago, according to the Orlando-based Florida Realtors association.

All-cash purchases continue to dominate the Miami homes and Miami condos market, accounting for 66% of overall sales. In fact, Florida led the nation last month with what RealtyTrac spokesman Daren Blomquist called an “astounding” rate of all-cash home sales: 66 percent.

Institutional investors, foreign buyers, landlords and vacation-home shoppers are fueling a cash-only market where first-time homebuyers’ mortgages can’t compete. Cash sales made up 57 percent of Florida’s home sales a year ago and 61 percent of all sales in June of this year, compared with the 66 percent reported in July, according to the report released today by Irvine, Calif.-based real estate research company RealtyTrac Inc.

Miami real estate for sale

International residents are certainly common enough in the Miami-Dade area but, according to reporting in The Real Deal, the businesses that cater to Latin American residents are following them to their new homes. The report reveals that Latin American banks are making an effort to have more of a presence in Miami, owing to the fact that a great many of their most affluent customers keep a lot of their money in Miami.

The Appeal of Florida

Because of its geographical location, Miami real estate has always been a hub for Latin American business. One of the truly appealing things about Florida to wealthy Latin Americans, however, may come as something of a surprise to people familiar with the Miami-Dade real estate market. To many of the people who come to Florida, the real estate prices are actually far less expensive than they are in their home nations. Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia and other nations in Latin America have very expensive luxury properties available, and many Latin American people feel that they can get a better deal by moving to Florida, at least part-time.

That appeal has resulted, according to the reporting, in a problem for some of the banks in the nations where these temporary residents hail from and, on top of that, for their home nations, as well. The problem is capital outflow. According to the reporting, the central bank in Argentina reported nearly $3.5 billion in capital outflow last year and even more than that in 2011.

Catering to the Customer

Several large Latin American banks have been developing their presence in Miami. Banks from Chile, Brazil and other Latin American nations have followed their clients up to Miami, wanting to retain their business with their affluent customers where those affluent customers seem to prefer to live these days.

In addition to the banks moving north, other services related to catering to the wealthy have moved north as well. The reporting reveals that some developers have moved into the area from Latin America and other businesses that provide services to wealthy individuals from Latin America have also made their way to Florida.

Leaving Home

Latin America has some of the most promising emerging economies in the world and, in fact, some of the most impressive economies in the world all around. That begs the question of why people are moving north in such numbers. According to the reporting in The Real Deal, problems with crime and drug trafficking operations have motivated some Latin American residents to head north for at least part of the year. Of course, there is a bit of irony in this as southern Florida was once a major hub of the cocaine trafficking industry, particularly in the 1980s, as the reporting points out. Today, however, Florida seems to be a hub for legitimate Latin American businesses and business people and, as more of them move into the area, it’s possible that more of a presence will be felt on the part of the businesses that those Latin American residents utilize.

Miami real estate for sale

According to reports in the New York Times, the Government Accountability Office has found that federal regulators did a remarkably poor job trying to provide relief for families whose homes were in the foreclosure process. The report held that unnecessary bureaucratic delays were created by officials and that, on top of that, the reviews of loans that were in trouble were carried out by private consultants who billed too much and did very little.

The reporting held that, when having cases reviewed, the private contractors hired to take a look at loans that were in trouble and look for signs that homeowners had been kicked out of their properties improperly were not examined efficiently at all. In fact, only a very small portion of the foreclosed loans that were supposed to be reviewed were actually reviewed at all. In addition to not coming through on behalf of homeowners, the private consultants hired to review these loans racked up a total of $2 billion in fees. This, of course, has raised the ire of government officials and, predictably, of homeowners who are caught up in the foreclosure process when they should never have been.

Florida’s real estate market has been doing remarkably well in recent years, despite the fact that it was one of the hardest hit areas of the nation when the real estate market crashed not too many years ago. Many Miami homes were put into foreclosure and, even among real estate developers, there is still a great deal of discussion about how this happened. At a recent convention, one major South Florida real estate developer said that he felt that there was a certain breakdown of etiquette in the lending process, allowing homeowners to get a huge amount of funding whether or not they really had the means to pay that back. Of course, it was the mortgage writers who gave this money out, even though basic banking practices may have told them that it was a bad idea.

Return of the Affordable

Since the Miami real estate market has been picking up again, there has been a tremendous demand generated for affordable housing. Florida, South Florida in particular, is associated with luxury real estate. Some Florida real estate is among the most opulent in the world, in fact, and attracts people from all over the globe who want an estate property in an area that is undisputedly one of the most beautiful in the nation.

Even though that is the case, developers have increasingly been looking toward the affordable housing market as a good place to generate new revenue. As the Florida real estate market evolves, it may become more diverse, calming down some of the demand for housing in the affordable range and still preserving the vibrant Miami’s high-end real estate market that characterizes some of the areas of the state. Despite the fact that many homeowners suffered – and continue to suffer – as a result of the real estate crash, the Florida market is doing very well these days and people are hunting for housing again rather than being foreclosed upon.

Miami real estate for sale

Sunny Isles Beach condos for sale

Miami real estate

offers a very diverse housing market. For people looking at the high end of the real estate market, they will likely find that there is still a lot of diversity to take advantage of, even among the most expensive homes in the area. Depending upon your needs, you may want to look toward certain types of properties that satisfy those needs and that offer you exactly the living situation that you want. Where Miami luxury real estate is concerned – and this means real luxury; the top end of the market – there are essentially two ways that people can go.

Miami offers luxury estates on islands which is exclusive real estate in Miami. Fisher Island real estate and Star Island is a fine example of this. It is essentially closed off, comprising a gated community that has security and that offers a great deal of privacy. There are many other islands like this in the area.

Some of these islands have condominiums located on them and, for those who want a combination of living on a private island with the social aspects of living in a condominium property, these are great options. Many of these islands, however, are characterized by estate properties that tend to be very popular with specific types of individuals.

Many people who are concerned about privacy prefer the gated, exclusive communities that characterize what is to be found in these island markets. Many of these island estates also have their own docks, allowing people who have a passion for sailing to take advantage of having their own slip for their yacht. This makes for a great arrangement if you’re interested in estate living and if you want to have a property that is as private as possible.

Miami Condos

retain the exclusivity of a gated community and combine that with typically easier access to major shopping districts and so forth. For example, Miami Beach condos has a number of luxury condominiums that provide great places to live and that, while they do offer privacy and exclusivity, also allow their residence to easily get around the city, explore what it has to offer and to get home without any real hassles involved. This makes condominium properties very popular.

Condominium properties are also extremely popular with people who live in Florida part time. Rather than having to pay to maintain an estate when they are not there, condominiums generally have arrangements that ensure that the unit is maintained to the highest standards and that it is ready to move into when the owners come back for the season.

Condominium living doesn’t necessarily mean living in a small space. Some of these condominiums are quite expansive, extending into the thousands of square feet of living space. Some of that space is generally dedicated to a balcony, affording a great place to relax outdoors.

If there’s one thing that defines the Florida real estate market, it’s options. With a good realtor, people can generally find anything that they need.

Miami condos for sale

Miami Condos

Miami Beach, as well as other oceanfront areas such as Sunny Isles Beach, South Beach and others, are very well known as being places where getting condominium property is one of the most popular real estate buying options. There are numerous condominium towers located in these areas and all of them compete vigorously to attract new residents and to keep their existing residents. What attracts people to condominium living is complex. Condominium living allows people to have all of the luxury of an estate property with some distinctive differences that make it even more appealing to some people looking at the high-end of the market.

Miami Condo Living

is oftentimes characterized by having access to the same sort of amenities that one would find at a five-star resort. In fact, for many residents of condominiums, this level of service is expected. The most luxurious Miami condos offer valet parking, 24 hour security, private beaches, restaurants, fitness centers, spa, childcare centers and much more. This all makes it very easy for people to live in these properties, as they don’t have to drive to many different places to take advantage of all of those services.

Many of the people who live in condominiums live and work in their condominium properties. Most condominiums at the high end of the Miami real estate market provide a variety of business services to the people who live in the condominium properties. This is invaluable to people who still need to get work done but who may also be spending part of their year living in Florida to enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle, taken some time at the beach and so forth. Instead of having to go to Downtown Miami to get business done, many of the people who live in condominium properties are able to take care of just about everything in their own homes. Many of the condominiums being built today, in fact, are equipped with high-speed lines and other features that make it easy for people to move in, plug in and get to business.

Miami Oceanfront Condos allow a huge number of people to enjoy living close to the ocean. In this regard, they are enormously efficient. Despite that efficiency, however, people are still able to have a very private experience in their own homes. For example, most condominiums come with expansive balconies, at least at the top end of the real estate market. These balconies feel very private, afford people beautiful views and, in many cases, have plenty of room to entertain.

This combination of a private atmosphere combined with easy access to a lot of people to spend time with, to entertain with and to simply enjoy makes Miami condo living a unique experience that is very hard to mimic. For people who aren’t interested in having their own estate property, condominium living oftentimes allows them to get the same high-end real estate experience without all of the maintenance requirements that go along with owning a large estate, which is particularly attractive for people who don’t live in Miami year-round.

Miami real estate

Miami homes for sale

Castello del Sol – home on La Gorce Island Miami Sold For $30 Million

setting a record for La Gorce Island, on which the luxury property is located. La Gorce Island is located in Miami Beach and offers tranquil living on the golf course and walking distance to the beach. This sale set a new record on the island and is also probably in the top five most expensive sales among Miami Beach homes.

This property was actually purchased by a corporation, and a corporation was also the seller in the deal. The corporation that sold the home has the somewhat unwieldy name of 1418518 Ontario Incorporated.

This home is so large, it almost resembles a resort in its scale and luxury. However, this home is quite unique among the many luxury Miami Beach properties located on the Eastern Seaboard.

Castello del Sol Estate is located in the heart of Miami Beach, on La Gorce Island, which is one of the more exclusive islands in the Miami area. The property comprises 2 acres in total. The island on which the property is located is gated and guarded, offering a very private experience for the homeowner.

A full 349 feet of the 2 acre property consists of this Biscayne They frontage. The property has enough room for yacht owners, with three docks of its own – all made of teak – and plenty of space to dock even a large yacht.

Castello del Sol has just about every feature that one would expect out of an exclusive resort. The property is outfitted with its own theater and has two kitchens. All of the ceilings in the property are hand-painted and the finishes in every regard are luxurious and upscale.

Miami homes for sale

The home is even supplied with its own library and, in total, there are 17,000 ft.² of air-conditioned space that comprise the home. The square footage is divided up between different bedrooms, offering plenty of room for guests and, of course, the corporate visitors that are likely to frequent this property now that it has been purchased by another corporation.

The amenities at Castello del Sol certainly include some that range into the extremely exclusive, particularly the three docks. According to reports in the Associated Press, the three docks were permitted by bribing a mayor. This is connected to the original owner of the home, David Paul, who owned a savings-and-loan in the 1980s.

The island on which this property is located is certainly no stranger to celebrities. La Gorce is home to many affluent individuals, and most of the homes on the island certainly meet the definition of estate properties. The values of these exclusive estate properties have sky-rocketed within the last several years, recording many multimillion dollar sales.

Miami real estate

Miami homes for sale

When people think of Miami real estate

they probably tend to think about expensive homes, expensive cars and very expensive lifestyles. It’s no wonder. Miami is famous for being a magnet for celebrities from around the world. Successful business people and investors from around the world also make their homes here, oftentimes moving to the exclusive islands located nearby the city itself. According to reports in The Real Deal, however, affordable housing may play a much more significant role in the real estate market in the future.

Not Everyone Is Wealthy

The reporting points out that, despite the fact that Miami is so strongly associated with affluent lifestyles, a full 75% of the households in Miami have a total income of $75,000 or less every year. The same households tend to spend a lot of money on transportation and housing. This creates a natural demand for housing that is far more affordable and accessible than the exclusive homes that tend to make the news when they sell for multimillion dollar price tags.

Lopsided Development

Developers interviewed in the article mentioned that they don’t want to put all of their money into the type of development that defined the real estate boom prior to the crash of the real estate market. In that market, developers largely concentrated on condominium development and very high-end homes. Many of those same developers, according to the reporting, ended up with significant amounts of debt when the real estate market crashed and when people stopped looking to the high-end for housing.

Despite this, the article does point out that, Miami luxury real estate market has since recovered to new heights and now there is a significant demand for affordable housing. One developer use the metaphor of people lined up around a city block to describe how much demand there is for any affordable home that comes on the market.

Changing Ideas

Some of the developers in Miami most associated with high-end development are actually moving into low income housing and even Section 8 housing. Affordable housing, which is designed to be able to accommodate the incomes and lifestyles of the working class and middle class families, is also something that many developers are looking into as a way to boost their sales. Some of the developers, of course, already have experience working in this type of housing, which can only help with the transition.

As businesses have branched out into the affordable housing sector, competition has increased, of course. Developers, however, do note that there is a great deal more risk in developing luxury properties, including condominiums. Even though the profit margins may be lower with more affordable housing, there is so much demand for those units that it’s likely that developer stand to make more of a profit producing that type of housing.

Miami homes

are not likely to lose its reputation as a playground for the rich and famous, but the millions of other people that live in the Miami-Dade area may constitute one of the most promising real estate markets in the future.

Content published by Lana Bell

Content published by Lana Bell