Broward County Home for Sale Tops $130 Million

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on November 6th, 2014

Hillsboro Beach house for sale

Broward County is no stranger to high-priced luxury real estate. While it doesn’t necessarily have the same concentration of luxury properties as South Beach, Bal Harbour, Sunny Isles or Miami, that’s largely due to the higher number of high-end condos south of Broward (CLICK HERE TO VIEW NEW CONDOS FOR SALE). The county is home to a number of luxury homes, mansions and estates, though, and they can command very high prices. With that being said, few approach the $139 million commanded by one oceanfront home in Broward County.

A Look at the Home in Question

Pull up to Hillsboro Beach (VIEW HOMES HERE) and you’ll have a stunning view of the water and the beach. You’ll also notice homes, and one home in particular, still under construction at the time of this writing. This is Le Palais Royal, and it’s believed to have the highest price of any residential listing in the country, much less the state of Florida. It’s priced at $139 million, and buyers get a lot for their money.

The house covers 60,500 square feet. Yes, you read that correctly. It boasts 11 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms. That’s not all this truly palatial home has to offer, either. Other features include:

• An underground parking garage with room for up to 30 cars
• A 492-foot dock on the ocean capable of housing a mega yacht measuring up to 185 feet
• A 13-foot front gate clad in 22-karat gold leaf
• An IMAX theater with seating for 18 people
• A bar attached to the theater inside the home
• A 4,500-foot infinity edge swimming pool featuring a 12-foot cascading waterfall
• An LED illuminated water slide
• A swim-up bar in the pool
• A fire pit attached to the pool deck
• An entrance fountain that measures 26 feet
• Dual marble staircases in the entry, costing $2 million

The home is not being built by an individual, but is owned by a trust tied to Robert Jacobson of Delray Beach. Denio Madera Design and Joseph Leon collaborated to design the home, which is expected to be complete late in 2015. All this can be yours for a cool $139 million.

The Most Expensive but Not Out of the Norm

While the home above might be the most expensive residential property listing in the country, it’s not without its peers. In fact, South Florida in general has become known for its incredible array of luxury real estate, ranging from palatial homes to condos, duplexes and more. The home mentioned above is in Broward County, but a quick drive south into Miami-Dade County gives you access to plenty of other listings, many of which approach the level of luxury and price of Le Palais Royal. Head farther south and you’ll enter the Florida Keys, were there are even more luxurious homes tucked away on hidden inlets and harbors.

Whether you’re more interested in a massive palatial estate, a villa, a single-family home or a condo, you’ll find it available in South Florida.

The Priciest Condos in Hollandale and Hollywood Florida

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on October 28th, 2012

South Beach Condos For Sale

South Beach Miami Condos For Sale

The new Hallandale Condos and Hollywood Florida Condos

have reputations as luxury real estate markets and, they more than live up to that reputation. The prices of some condominiums reflect this market more than others do and, to illustrate that, here are the 10 highest prices for condominium resales that went through between April 2012 and June 2012.

According to data, the priciest condominiums were as follows. With the exception of 2 units, denoted by asterisks, they were all located in the Hollywood Beach area. The other sales were both in the Hallandale Beach area. The sales are listed from least to most expensive.

· Beach Club I Hallandale 3-bedroom unit for $900,000*
· Diplomat Residences 3-bedroom for $950,000
· Beach Club II Hallandale 3-bedroom for $955,000*
· Villas of Positano 2-bedroom for $1,000,000
· Ocean Palms 3-bedroom for $1,025,000
· Diplomat Ocean Residences 2-bedroom for $1,060,000
· Diplomat Oceanfront Residences 3-bedroom for $1,383,000
· Trump Hollywood 3-bedroom for $1,800,000
· Diplomat Oceanfront Residences 3-bedroom for $1,800,000
· Villas of Positano 3-bedroom for $2,035,000

The prices of these condominiums has actually gone down on the average compared to what they were originally listed for, but the prices are obviously still well into the luxury range and make them interesting to investors.

Despite the impressive prices for these properties, they were all offered at a discount compared to their original asking prices. The #1 spot, in fact, at Villas of Position came at an 18% discount compared to the original asking price. Even at the luxury end of the real estate spectrum—the most luxury end—it is still a buyer’s market in many regards.

Sales in the areas listed and for south Florida on the whole remain steady. While there is some nervousness in the market overall, the real estate market does seem to be well on its way to a recovery. In addition to these pricey condominiums, there have been quite a few investors making their ways back into Florida’s real estate market and they have been eager to acquire properties. A combination of international factors and low interest rates has contributed to this.

Luxury Properties in South Florida

Many of south Florida’s more desirable properties are luxury condominiums and this hasn’t been lost on investors. There are numerous projects in the works at present and, though some may have written off the south Florida real estate market only some years ago, it’s become an attractive place to invest—and live—again.

All of these prices came with discounts, which is important if you’re looking for a new home and you want to make sure you get a good deal. Even at this level of luxury, there is room to negotiate prices and prices may actually be reduced on their own compared to the original offer. If you’re in the market for luxury property, remember that the price you see advertised may well be subject to change with a bit of negotiation or with a bit more time on the market and that can make even very expensive condominiums attractive buys, indeed.

Hillsboro Mile Last Parcel Of Land For Sale

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on June 13th, 2011

Hillsboro Mile Real Estate

Hillsboro Mile Homes For Sale

Hillsboro Mile homes

are located in the heart of Florida’s most pristine coastal region. If you are looking for a home for sale in Hillsboro Mile this area, know that you will find luxury homes, top of the line features and amenities and some of the most amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean possible. Hillsboro Mile is located in a prime location for those who want to be on the water, and that often means a range of key benefits to those moving here, including access to boating areas, marinas and far more. For a home away from home, or a retirement home (even if you are nowhere near retirement age) this region is idealistic.

The neighborhood of Hillsboro Mile is about 20 minutes just north of Fort Lauderdale’s city, in the city of Hillsboro Beach, right on the beach. Actually, it is on both the Atlantic coast as well as the Intracoastal Waterway, giving you the ability to find waterfront homes on the ocean as well as on this waterway. In some cases, the homes offer plenty of docking space and the ability to walk right along the water. This neighborhood is small, though, which gives it that peaceful charm so many are looking for in a true getaway home.

An interesting fact about homes in Hillsboro Mile is that there is only one road, State Highway A1A, which is also known as Hillsboro Mile. In some cases, it is called AIA Mile or, due to the luxury homes in this prestigious region, Millionaire’s Mile. Any home here is well worth looking at if you want perhaps the very best location for a destination home.

If you are looking for a single family home, the only options lie on Hillsboro Mile itself. More so, any home that is on Hillsboro Mile is on the oceanfront. Homeowners here may have some of the most spacious homes, tucked along the greenery and the clear, blue waters of the ocean.

Here are a few things you should know about Hillsboro Mile, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
· Because of its location, those who are boaters will benefit the most from homes here. Many homes have private docking areas.
· The area is quite upscale. It is unlikely you will find homes that are smaller, or that do not have modern upgrades, though some may be available nearby.
· You will find everything you need nearby. This includes shopping, restaurants, a variety of attractions and all of the features of Fort Lauderdale itself, just minutes away. However, you are far enough away to benefit from the peace and quiet this neighborhood can offer.

Less in the tourism region of the city and more in the upscale, spacious region of the Fort Lauderdale metropolitan region, Hillsboro Mile is the go to destination for those who want luxury on the water. You can check out all of the current homes for sale in Hillsboro Beach, including along Hillsboro Mile and find one that is just right for your specific tastes and needs.