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Harbour Heights Fort Lauderdale Homes For Sale

Those looking for homes for sale in the upscale community of Harbour Heights, in the Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area, will find a wide selection of options to choose from for their needs. For many, this region offers plenty of things to do and see, an ideal place to raise a family or the perfect retirement home or second home. For those who are snowbirds, this area of Fort Lauderdale may be the ideal choices.

Harbour Heights real estate

is a neighborhood region in the metropolitan area of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It is right along the coast, which helps you to be right on the tip of the Florida peninsula, in the ideal location for enjoying the best weather in the country. Harbour Heights is an upscale neighborhood, where being near the water is what matters the most to the residents.

Many of the homes are complexes and high-rise condos, but there are numerous single family homes and apartments here, too. Rowhouses are available as well. Homes with just one or two bedrooms are available, but some homes are as large as five bedrooms or more. Many of the homes are moderately aged, dating to the 1950’s to 1960’s, though there are both newer homes and historic homes in the region. Home ownership is a big factor here. Those who own the homes here often are living in those homes, at least part of the year.

What makes the Harbour Heights homes unique?

Many of the homes are urban sophisticates and you will find that this is a nautical area. You are right on the waterfront in many cases. The neighborhood is walkable, quiet and it has a artsy theme to it. Look at some of the facts about this area.

· This is an upper middle-income region of the area.
· The homes are often owned by an older population, with seniors and middle-aged families making up the bulk of those who live here.
· Home prices are trending upward in the area. This is a very desirable location and people, including snow birds love the benefits of coming to this region of Florida during the colder months.

While home prices in the Harbour Heights area have trended down in the last few years, due to the real estate market’s national recession, the region has a strong demand from homebuyers. The neighborhood’s values over the last five years remain higher overall, and since the 1990’s, home values have climbed more than nine percent.

Keeping these factors in mind, realize that if you are looking for a single family home, a condo or another style of home in this region, you may be able to get a lower price right now than you would in a few years. Harbour Heights, Fort Lauderdale may be the ideal place to call home for many people, especially those who are looking for a stylish, well off region to call home, or at least to call home during the winter months.