Miami July homes and condo sales surge to 2005 heights.

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on September 3rd, 2013

Miami Beach condos for sale

Miami Beach real estate

Miami’s waterfront Single-family home sales

as well as oceanfront condos are surging up to the new heights. The sales volume is similar to the 2005 real estate boom.

In Miami-Dade County, sales of single-family homes soared 27.3 percent in July to 1,227 sales compared to 964 sales in July of last year. Condo sales rose 13.4 percent, up from 1,356 in July 2012 to 1,538 last month.

“The Miami real estate market continues to thrive as demand for housing intensifies and increasing inventory remains insufficient,” Miami Association of Realtors board chairman Natascha Tello said in a release.

In Broward County, there were 1,475 home sales, a 13 percent increase from July 2012, while Palm Beach County saw a 21 percent gain in sales activity in July, from 1,233 to 1,486 sales.

Across Florida, home sales totaled 21,238 last month, up 21 percent from a year ago, according to the Orlando-based Florida Realtors association.

All-cash purchases continue to dominate the Miami homes and Miami condos market, accounting for 66% of overall sales. In fact, Florida led the nation last month with what RealtyTrac spokesman Daren Blomquist called an “astounding” rate of all-cash home sales: 66 percent.

Institutional investors, foreign buyers, landlords and vacation-home shoppers are fueling a cash-only market where first-time homebuyers’ mortgages can’t compete. Cash sales made up 57 percent of Florida’s home sales a year ago and 61 percent of all sales in June of this year, compared with the 66 percent reported in July, according to the report released today by Irvine, Calif.-based real estate research company RealtyTrac Inc.

Why Do Celebrities Come to Miami?

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on July 29th, 2013

Miami celebrities homes for sale

Miami Beach Luxury Estates

Miami has a reputation for attracting celebrities. Particularly areas offering luxurious homes for sale in Miami Beach, luxury waterfront homes in Fort Lauderdale and most beautiful Coral Gables estates, which have many of the qualities that celebrities look for in housing. Aside from large price tags and luxurious estates, there are some aspects of housing in this area of the nation that make it particularly amenable to the needs of celebrities and other individuals who have high profiles for other reasons, such as government officials.


Many areas in and around Miami have gated communities or, at least, security that is available to help maintain the privacy of residents. For many people who have a high profile, this is an absolute necessity. As just one example, Fisher Island residences is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. Some of the people who live there live there because they are wealthy enough to afford such luxury, but other people live there because the island is entirely private. People who are very well known can go about their lives normally without worrying about being recognized, hassled or having to deal with any of the other drawbacks that do come along with being publicly known.

Exclusive Areas

In addition to having a very vibrant and diverse culture, Miami does have some very exclusive areas of town. Areas such as Bal Harbour real estate, of course, open to anyone and everyone who wants to come down and enjoy some of the most upscale shopping in the world, but there are many well-known people in that area most of the time and, because of that, people who do have a high profile can enjoy going out and about and not standing out among the crowd. This is one of the more attractive elements of living in the Miami area, given that it doesn’t necessarily mean having to live in a gated community all the time.


Of course, if you happen to be living well, it doesn’t make much sense to not enjoy it. Miami has some of the best nightlife in the world. Take the distinctive music of the city, the characteristic colorful lighting and the very active and energetic streets and you have the recipe for an incredibly gratifying night out on the town. Whether you want to go somewhere casual and enjoy some dancing or go to some of the most exclusive establishments in the country, you can do it in Miami.

Miami real estate

has a lot to offer for people who are easily recognizable in public and who want to simply live a good life and not have to worry about being singled out constantly. Of course, many people of means do want to invest their money and, because the Miami real estate market has been picking up remarkably well in recent years, more people are moving here all the time. For privacy, upscale living and the ability to choose between many different types of luxury homes, Miami is very difficult to beat. These are only some of the many reasons that so many famous people are attracted to the city.

The Priciest Condos in Hollandale and Hollywood Florida

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on October 28th, 2012

South Beach Condos For Sale

South Beach Miami Condos For Sale

The new Hallandale Condos and Hollywood Florida Condos

have reputations as luxury real estate markets and, they more than live up to that reputation. The prices of some condominiums reflect this market more than others do and, to illustrate that, here are the 10 highest prices for condominium resales that went through between April 2012 and June 2012.

According to data, the priciest condominiums were as follows. With the exception of 2 units, denoted by asterisks, they were all located in the Hollywood Beach area. The other sales were both in the Hallandale Beach area. The sales are listed from least to most expensive.

· Beach Club I Hallandale 3-bedroom unit for $900,000*
· Diplomat Residences 3-bedroom for $950,000
· Beach Club II Hallandale 3-bedroom for $955,000*
· Villas of Positano 2-bedroom for $1,000,000
· Ocean Palms 3-bedroom for $1,025,000
· Diplomat Ocean Residences 2-bedroom for $1,060,000
· Diplomat Oceanfront Residences 3-bedroom for $1,383,000
· Trump Hollywood 3-bedroom for $1,800,000
· Diplomat Oceanfront Residences 3-bedroom for $1,800,000
· Villas of Positano 3-bedroom for $2,035,000

The prices of these condominiums has actually gone down on the average compared to what they were originally listed for, but the prices are obviously still well into the luxury range and make them interesting to investors.

Despite the impressive prices for these properties, they were all offered at a discount compared to their original asking prices. The #1 spot, in fact, at Villas of Position came at an 18% discount compared to the original asking price. Even at the luxury end of the real estate spectrum—the most luxury end—it is still a buyer’s market in many regards.

Sales in the areas listed and for south Florida on the whole remain steady. While there is some nervousness in the market overall, the real estate market does seem to be well on its way to a recovery. In addition to these pricey condominiums, there have been quite a few investors making their ways back into Florida’s real estate market and they have been eager to acquire properties. A combination of international factors and low interest rates has contributed to this.

Luxury Properties in South Florida

Many of south Florida’s more desirable properties are luxury condominiums and this hasn’t been lost on investors. There are numerous projects in the works at present and, though some may have written off the south Florida real estate market only some years ago, it’s become an attractive place to invest—and live—again.

All of these prices came with discounts, which is important if you’re looking for a new home and you want to make sure you get a good deal. Even at this level of luxury, there is room to negotiate prices and prices may actually be reduced on their own compared to the original offer. If you’re in the market for luxury property, remember that the price you see advertised may well be subject to change with a bit of negotiation or with a bit more time on the market and that can make even very expensive condominiums attractive buys, indeed.

Rio Vista Fort Lauderdale’s Most Prestine Homes

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on August 3rd, 2011

Rio Vista Fort Lauderdale Properties For Sale

Rio Vista Fort Lauderdale Real Estate For Sale

Rio Vista Real Estate

could be one of the best options for buying a home if you want true Fort Lauderdale getaways. This region is a neighborhood of the Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area. It is near to the downtown Fort Lauderdale region, as well as to the neighborhoods of Las Olas and Fort Lauderdale Beach. Any of these communities can be an ideal place to live, but Rio Vista homes offer an additional benefits for those looking for an ultra luxury home away.

The community called Rio Vista includes the neighborhood of Rio Vista Isles. It is a popular location in the area, and one of the more affluent regions of the city. For those who are looking for a place to call home, whether it is all year or just when you want to, this area has plenty to offer. The neighborhood is close enough to all of the luxuries of Fort Lauderdale, including ll of the shopping, entertainment, restaurants and amenities. However, it is far enough away from the downtown area of the city to give you the feeling of seclusion and peace that you may be looking for.

Rio Vista Fort Lauderdale House For Sale

There are several key benefits to choosing the Rio Vista homes to buy into rather than other areas in this getaway city.
· The neighborhood itself is unique because it is one of the few areas of the Fort Lauderdale region that has ocean access without fixed bridges holding you back. This means easy access to the ocean when you want it.
· In addition to this, if you are a boat owner, you will appreciate the deep canals and the wider access. Some of the homes are waterfront homes, which mean you could pull your boat right along your home and sail when you would like to do so.
· You have various waterfront home types. Some of the homes in Rio Vista are on the New River, others are on the Intracoastal Waterway and still others are on the Canals, giving you full access to the ocean.
The value of the homes here ranges widely. The values do range from a low of $500,000 up to $10 million or more. The location is prime and that is why prices are so high. In addition to this, the benefits of being on the water add value since you can accommodate enough mega yachts in some areas. When it comes to the community life here, you will find an upscale, modern residential area, with mostly single-family homes. You can walk your dog along the tree-lined streets or simply sit back and relax as you watch the waves come in.

The Rio Vista Isles homes

have been popular since the 1920’s and some homes do date to that time period. Other homes are much more modern or are renovated. You can find a wide range of cultural and architectural influences in the area, too. The Rio Vista region is desirable for most people, especially those who want an upscale, modern place to call home and access to the ocean or to the waterways for boating.

Lauderdale Beach Homes For Sale Directly On The Ocean

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on July 11th, 2011

Lauderdale Beach Home For Sale

Lauderdale Beach House For Sale

Ever Thought What’s It Like To Own a Home Directly On The Ocean?

Lauderdale Beach homes are located between East Sunrise Blvd and East Oakland Park Blvd, just off the main Ocean Blvd. However, what makes this location unique is that the homes in Lauderdale Beach are located directly on the ocean which makes it one of the most desirable neighborhoods, in the metropolitan area of Fort Lauderdale. Actually, there are only three areas in South East Florida where you can buy homes directly on the ocean: Lauderdale Beach houses, Golden Beach homes and Hillsboro Mile homes. All three areas above are considered the most desirable single family housing in South East Florida.

There are some important things about this neighborhood, besides the beach access, that make it a special location to call home.
· Either the homes here are directly on the beach or they are just across the street, or otherwise within walking distance of the Ocean. This makes these homes hot commodities.
· If you live here, you are able to take advantage of the gated community the neighborhood is in. In fact, there is constant police patrol available in the neighborhood as well. You can feel safe living here.
· The homes here are also nearby to many of the benefits of living by Fort Lauderdale, including the shopping, entertainment, sailing, and restaurants. You will be able to take in a show and get to and from the region on the major highways. All of this is within a few minutes of most homes in the area.
Look for homes here to be upscale and modern, at the highest price point. Those homes priced lower are often priced based on their location and their land value. You can still build a home here, too, in some cases, however land is limited for this type of project. Some of the homes do have added benefits, including guest homes, rental features and larger, landscaped yards. A variety of styles and sizes are available, too.

Lauderdale Beach homes for sale

are quite in demand. The community is peaceful and welcoming. You can walk your dog along the streets and feel safe while spending your evenings overlooking the water on your deck. Many of the homes here have modern upgrades and newer renovations, but this is not always the case. Consider all of the advantages of having your own home, located right on the Atlantic Ocean, where you can simply relax in the sand or go for a sailing adventure at a whim. These features make this location prime.