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Many Canadians and Europeans love flying south for the winter and staying in those beautiful, warm locales that their home country simply can’t offer. While some are content simply taking a vacation and renting properties, a growing number are actually looking to buy. The interest rates are still quite low, and it does make more sense to buy a home, or a vacation home, right now. However, those who want to buy a property in Miami Florida should know a few things before they start making their purchase.

What’s the Market Like Now?

Just a couple of years ago, the real estate market was in trouble and crashing fast. It was a terrible time for all real estate owners, but, as time showed later, a great time to buy. However, not many could afford, or wanted to buy a property in a crashing market. Times have changed to exactly the opposite. Now, everyone wants to buy and regret that they didn’t buy when the market was at it’s lowest. Don’t feel bad, not many could do this from a physiological point of view. It takes guts and cold mind to buy properties in an unstable market. However, those who have done it got rewarded royally.

Today, the rates are still very low and buyers should take advantage of that, because no one knows just how long these low rates will last, and as the economy recovers, the price of homes is starting to go up along with it. After all, the price of homes generally relates to what the market can bear and tolerate. What does this mean for buyers? It means that buying sooner rather than later is likely to be a very good idea.

Florida has always been popular with the snowbirds from the northern reaches of the United States as well as Canada, and that will not change. In fact, it’s likely that more and more people will start considering buying in Florida because of the quality properties. This means that all current pre-construction condos in Miami (view here pre-construction condos Miami) could be gone sooner than potential buyers might imagine. Look at 2013 as an example of how popular Florida is. During the last year, Canadians have been buying warm climate properties in droves. California accounted for about 8% of the purchases, followed by Arizona with 24%. Florida accounted for 39%.

What Do Canadians Need to Know When Buying?

When a Canadian wants to buy a home in the U.S., the process is a bit more complicated. Therefore, it is important to work with a real estate agent, as well as a mortgage broker, insurance agent and an attorney who understands those complexities and have experience with foreign citizens. You will also need to get in touch with a tax attorney as well, who can help you to understand how the Canadian and U.S. tax laws will affect you and your purchase.

Some Canadians purchase their homes with cash, and may be better off working with RBC Banks. Again, you have to make sure that you are working with banks that have experience in foreign home purchases. Otherwise, you could run into more complications down the line.

Today, Miami pre-construction condos offer luxury, location and care-free lifestyle for vacationers as well as permanent residents. Just make sure that you align yourself with the right team to make buying the home as easy as possible for you. Also, remember that you want to start buying now, so you have the choice of the best properties!

Our team consists of highly specialized professionals including top-producing realtor Lana Bell, at attorney who specializes in foreign buyers, professional mortgage brokers and more. Call One Sotheby’s International Realty office to speak with one of our realtors, or call Lana today – (305) 336-0457.

SLS Brickell Miami

It can be difficult to understand the real estate market and the various fluctuations it goes through, even for those who are in the business. One of the interesting trends that realtors have seen in the area of Brickell lately is a sudden growth in demand for properties. While this is certainly welcome news, the desire for properties in the area grew quickly, and with the demand came higher prices for properties. The increased prices and demand are certainly huge changes from the recession that rocked the area a few years ago.

Price Fluctuations

Just a few years ago, no one was looking to buy in the area, simply because no one could afford to buy, thanks to the recession. The entire real estate industry was in a shambles, and it hit Miami and the Brickell area quite hard. Today, investors from the United States and from many other parts of the world are scooping up properties in Brickell almost as fast as they can find them. Naturally, the increase in demand pushes those prices higher and higher. (view all Brickell condos here)

Even though the prices are already as high, or higher, than their pre-recession counterparts were in some instances, many feel that the high prices will not last forever. They will likely hit their peak soon and will not go up from there, simply because the market, even the luxury market, will not bear it. The market is strong right now, and there are a number of foreign cash buyers, which help to keep it strong.

Though the newer units are selling quickly, experts also feel that there is quite a bit to explore and enjoy in the realm of resale units. Condominium owners who already have their unit and who are looking to sell – perhaps to buy a new property – can do quite well right now. Since the demand for units is on the upswing again, and the prices are going up, it means that those sellers who have exceptional units in buildings already up could see a nice advantage.

Buying Now With Resale Properties

One of the problems that some buyers have with buying presale units is the fact that it could take a year or more before they are actually able to move into or rent out their unit in those new construction towers. While the properties are certainly nice, many buyers are impatient. They want to move to the Brickell area right now. They also know that the area is popular, which makes renting fast and easy most of the time. The best way to do that is to start looking into the current properties for sale.

Buyers certainly have a larger number of options when it comes to what they choose to buy in the Brickell area, but they need to realize that right now the buys come at a premium. The prices are high, but they will likely be peaking soon. Now is a good time to look into what Brickell offers in terms of new and resale units. For more information please click here to view all Miami downtown condos for sale.

Brickell new condos

Recently, a company called Watson Investigations purchased a small restaurant building located at 842 Southeast First Ave for the price of $7 million. Interestingly, the property is near the site of a 34,000 square-foot building that the company also recently bought, although they purchased that building through bankruptcy court in July of last year. The current business occupant of the restaurant they recently bought is Chicken Kitchen, a popular local eatery.

Ambassa Holdings sold the 8,000 square-foot property to Watson for the $7 million price tag, which was far higher than what they paid for it just ten years ago. When Ambassa originally bought the property, they paid $1.9 million for it. This most recent transaction closed on the 30th of April and the county recorded it on May 2. Watson has ties to CMC Group, run by Ugo Colombo. While much of this is speculation right now, many feel that Vladimir Doronin and Ugo will be using the land that they bought to eventually develop and start building another condominium tower.

Can the Area Sustain a New Tower?

One of the questions that some people will ultimately have if they do reveal plans for a new tower is whether the South Florida area can really sustain another one right now. Already, the area is rife with these towers, and more go up each year. One would be forgiven to think that it might be reaching the saturation point. However, it’s important to look beyond that and to look at the actual numbers.

People go gaga over Brickell condos (click here to view all Brickell condos for sale), as well as the other nearby areas that offer close proximity to the beach and everything else that Miami has to offer (click here to view all Miami Beach condos for sale). People are always looking for properties here, and more than just U.S. buyers have an interest. Many foreign buyers, including those from Canada, China, and Russia all love the idea of having a property in the area. Consider also that just because people own a unit at one of the towers, it does not mean they live there year round. Some use the properties as a vacation spot. Others choose to use the property for investment, and they rent it out to vacationers during the peak months.

Given the popularity of the area, it is quite likely that the area will certainly be able to handle more towers. There does not appear to be a slowdown in interest at all. The crash of 2007 still leaves a bad taste in the mouths of many, but times are different today, and people are actively watching for similar situations to arise so they can sound an alert. The chance of the same thing happening again is slim.

If they do go ahead and start planning another tower, you can also be sure that it will not be approved or go under construct for a number of years. There is no reason to start worrying that there are too many towers in South Florida. Instead, embrace it and start looking for your own condo.

SLS Brickell Miami

Preconstruction condominium complexes generally tend to have quite a bit of hype surrounding them. Sometimes all of that hype is worth it and sometimes it isn’t. Once you start looking at SLS Brickell Miami though, you can immediately see that this place is offering something special, something that really epitomizes luxury. It becomes easy to see why it is one of the most sought after and beloved preconstruction properties in the Miami area.

What Makes It Special?

The 57-story building (CLICK HERE TO VIEW SLS BRICKELL) will rise majestically into the sky and feature both hotel rooms and private residences. It will have 133 hotel rooms as well as 450 private residences. Best of all, there will be just eleven units on each floor. This gives owners more privacy, and it allows them to know their immediate neighbors since there are so few of them on a floor. Even though the doors will not open until 2017, people are salivating over the thought of living here.

The building will house more than 10,000 square feet of space for restaurants, lounges, and pool bars. What has many excited about this is the fact that Chef Jose Andres is designing them. The building will feature designs from Philippe Starck, designer of Icon South Beach and Icon Brickell as well. This will provide the building with those gorgeous European interiors and unbelievable art for which Starck is known.

The condo amenities will help to set this place apart as well. Let’s look at some of the services and amenities slated for the building. It will offer butler services, “while you are away” services, concierge services, Wi-Fi throughout the property, a staff on hand around the clock, valet, security, and in-room dining services for residences and suites. They will offer shipping and packaging services, currency conversion, housekeeping on demand, shopping and delivery, dry cleaning and laundry, pet services, courier service, and even personal IT support.

The Residences

While the building is special, people love what the residences promise, as well. Naturally, you will have some wonderful views of the Biscayne Bay as well as the Miami skyline. The residences come fully furnished and feature a nice semi-private elevator that makes use of biometrics for added security. The units are spacious and have ceilings that are either nine or ten feet high depending on the unit. They have large walk-in closets, and rain showers and spa tubs in the master bathrooms. The terraces are quite large and provide easy access to the living spaces and the bedrooms. Some of the units will also have a grilling area on the terrace.

They will offer home automation systems, two self-parking spaces for most of the units, and your choice of preselected cabinet finishes and stone countertops. Everything about the unit and the building screams luxury. The more people learn about the property the more excited they become. SLS Brickell Miami might be just the property that you’ve been looking for as well. Consider making this your new home when it opens in 2017.

Miami real estate investment

It seems that Grant Cardone is now getting into the real estate field, and he’s doing so in quite a big way. Over just the past two years, he has already spent $250 million on properties all around Florida. He says that this first push is just the beginning, and hopes that he can invest a billion into the state before the close of the decade. He relocated to Florida from Los Angeles two years ago, which was when he started to buy up the property.

At the rate at which he is going, it seems as though that’s a very sound estimate on his part. Recently, he bought the Wellington Club in Lake Worth. The price paid for the 204-unit property is undisclosed. The Daily Business review says that he is also in the process of buying another property, this one in North Miami. In an interview, he said that there are many reasons to keep buying properties in Florida, so it doesn’t make sense to stop.

It’s true that Florida is a very popular place when it comes to real estate, and there are plenty of opportunities for those who want to invest as big as Cardone is doing. However, it’s also a haven for the smaller investor who might simply want to have one or two condominium units to rent out as an investment, since most people don’t have the capital of Mr. Cardone. Click here to view Miami real estate investment opportunities

So, Who Is Grant Cardone?

For those who don’t know, Grant Cardone is one of those guys who seems to have done it all. He started as an auto salesperson, and grew into someone regarded as a true international sales expert, not to mention a New York Times bestselling author. The five books he has under his belt include The Closers Survival Guide, Sell to Survive, If You’re Not First, You’re Last, Sell or Be Sold, and The 10X Rule.

He is also a television commentator, as well as the host of the radio show The Cardone Zone. He creates sales training programs for Fortune 500 companies, and is the founder of three different companies, including Cardone Real Estate Holdings, Cardone Enterprises, and Cardone Group. He also works as a motivational speaker. Motivated does not even begin to describe him.

Once you start looking into his accomplishments, you can see that his goal of spending a billion investing in Florida by the end of the decade is quite doable. In fact, chances are good that he could do that even before the close of the decade given his current pace. It should be interesting to watch and see what happens over the next few years as he buys, and possibly starts developing, more properties.

Even though most don’t have the money that Cardone has, that shouldn’t stop them from looking at buying in Florida. Individual units can be a great way for someone to start investing right now. Plenty are available, and it is possible to find them at a variety of different price points.

SLS Brickell Condo

Introducing the newest and the hottest pre-construction project SLS Brickell Condo Hotel located in the most desirable Brickell Ave, right next to the new 5 million square foot Brickell CityCentre in Downtown Miami. The new SLS Condo will rise 57 stories and will feature 133 hotel rooms and 450 residences. It will host 5 top restaurants creating fine dining, and chic entertainment in Miami’s most exciting and sophisticated downtown area.

The new SLS Brickell (view site) will offer most extravagant shopping and lifestyle destination, offering its residents ultimate access in an oasis of exclusive privileges. Sophisticated designer interiors, original works of art by contemporary masters, private rooftop pool terraces, celebrity chef restaurants, and limousine service to a chic private beach club are among the many features, amenities, and services designed to indulge the most discriminating clientele.

SLS Brickell

The building will also offer interiors designed by Yabu Pushelberg and Phillipe Stark. Museum-quality art in all common areas will include works by renowned artists such as Fernando Botero and Matias Duville, among others, and exterior art mural installation by Fabian Burgos.

The 450 luxury condominiums will all feature private elevators, 9 and 10 foot ceilings, 12 foot in the penthouses, custom gourmet kitchens and panoramic skyline overlooking Biscayne Bay and Atlantic Ocean. There will be two assigned self-parking spaces available for most units in secured parking garage and of course complimentary 24-hour valet
parking services.

Among many services offered, you will enjoy the butler Services and “While Your Away” Services. The “smart” app will provide convenient access to concierge services from your tablet or smartphone, while enjoying property-wide Wi-Fi. The round-the-clock multilingual staff will help you in your every day business choires even including translation services. 24-hour valet parking, 24-hour security service, 24-hour in-room dining services are all standard features for you to enjoy private catering for meetings, luncheons, and dinner parties.

Upon arrival you will be offered pre-arrival provisioning / grocery shopping and delivery, dry cleaning and laundry services, nanny/babysitting services, plant maintenance, overnight shoeshine, pet services, courier services, personal IT support assistance.

The state-of-the-art health and wellness fitness center is professionally staffed and includes Technogym®, Cardio & Weight Training equipment, as well as cardio machines with personal plasma television/music options. Exclusive “Kinesis® Personal” fitness stations create personalized workouts. Free weights, stretching mats, Pilates balls, yoga mats, and headphones are all available for complimentary use.

The outdoor lounge space with 2 beautifully designed fire pits overlooking breathtaking views of the Bay and the
City skyline will be built for exclusive use of the condominium residents. The two story indoor lounge and recreation area with private wine cellars, Billiards room, and poker table and library will allow you to get maximum enjoyment out of daily routine and the 57th floor roof top will offer private sun decks and spa. An additional rooftop pool and sundeck for building residents, overlooking city skyline with breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay.

Deposit Schedule:

* 10% of Purchase Price at Reservation
* 10% of Purchase Price at Contract, or Balance of 20% after applying Reservation Deposit
* 10% of Purchase Price at Groundbreaking – Estimated March 2015
* 10% of Purchase Price at 9th floor – Estimated at July 2015
* 10% of Purchase Price at Top-off – Estimated March 2016
* 50% of Purchase Price at Closing – Estimated at October 2017

Prices start at just $500K

Call our office today to reserve your unit – (305) 336-0457

Miami real estate

One of the indicators of a strong housing market in Miami (click here for Miami real estate site) is evidenced by the return of condo flippers and developers to Miami’s Greater Downtown area. Prominent among the investors flocking back to southern Florida is Russian billionaire Oleg Baybakov.

While Baybakov may have made his billions in the mining industry in Russia, he’s now set on investing it in a real estate development company in Miami. His company, 700 Edgewater Development, has recently paid $21.5 million for a 37,462 square-foot property in the Edgewater neighborhood.

What’s Going On in Edgewater?

Located between Downtown and the Upper East Side of Miami, Edgewater is a burgeoning neighborhood, replete with historic 20th century homes, as well as a number of beautiful high-rise residential buildings. It’s located in close proximity to Downtown and the Design District, making it a hugely sought-after location for Miami residents both young and old.

Following Baybakov’s acquisition of Renzi Renzo’s thirty-nine-story condo tower in Brickell last year, it seems that Baybakov has seen the future, and it’s looking bright for the real estate in Downtown Miami’s surrounding neighborhoods. First he purchased a building in Miami’s densest financial and residential district (Brickell), and now he’s purchased a condo tower in Edgewater. These are calculated moves, made by a man who’s made himself very wealthy over the years in mining and real estate. You don’t get to be that wealthy without a good eye for market trends.

A Bright Future for Miami’s Residential Properties

As of now, in addition to Baybakov’s building, there are ten condo towers planned for the Edgewater neighborhood. That tells us that Baybakov is not the only developer who has high hopes and aspirations for Miami’s residential real estate and the future of condo living in Miami.

A year and a half ago, HypCor700 paid only $9.9 million for the Edgewater property that Baybakov has just purchased. In just 18 months, HypCor700 made over a 100% profit. If Baybakov – who also owns properties in New York City and is a part-owner of the Brooklyn Nets – is willing to pay this much for the property, you know that its value has to be on the rise.

As more investors and developers, like Baybakov, show interest in the residential neighborhoods in the Greater Downtown Miami area, property values can only continue to increase. Between new constructions and renovations of old buildings, these residential areas will see a boom in development and value. Residents who want to live close to work and culture will naturally want to live in places close to the center of it all, like Edgewater and Brickell, and developers like Baybakov are ready to make that happen.

Miami condo

The real estate in Miami (view site) has been stabilizing during the past several years, but now it’s starting to take off again. Just look at the race that some Miami developers are in for who can build the tallest skyscraper in Miami. First there was developer Jeffrey Berkowitz, who’s gained approval to break ground on an observation tower that will be over 1,000 feet tall. Joining the race for tallest building is Swire Properties, with a proposal for a 1,049-foot-tall condo tower.

That’s right, not only are developers in competition to see who can build the tallest building in Miami, but one of those competitors wants to make theirs a multi-use residence tower. What’s involved in getting permission to build so high?

Who Will Get Approval?

Well, for one thing, the developers will need to get the approval of the FAA to climb that high in the sky. For another, the City of Miami must approve. This latter is trickier in some places than others. For example, Tibor Hollo of Florida East Coast Realty has the go-ahead to start construction on a 1,010-foot-tall building downtown, on Biscayne Avenue.

Hollo has been quoted saying that he doubts that Swire will get approval from the FAA for their building because it is directly on Brickell Boulevard. In all honesty, this may be wishful thinking, as it would benefit his building. Swire’s planned building would rob Hollo’s building of the title of tallest residential skyscraper in Miami.

Swire’s representatives have stated that they are confident that they’ll get approval for the building. However, they have modestly maintained that they aren’t aiming at the title of tallest skyscraper. This may just be for PR, as it’s still uncertain whether they’re actually going to be allowed in the race at all.

So, what will Swire’s building look like if it’s approved? Well, Swire Properties did develop all of Brickell City Centre, so it will be in the same style, keeping continuity in the area. As it sits directly on Brickell Avenue, the building is slated to be a statement building, a gateway into the Brickell City Centre complex. (See all Brickell Ave condos for sale HERE)

The Future of Residential Real Estate Is in the Clouds

Unwilling to sit by and cross his fingers for the competition to fail, Hollo is busy on another construction project in Brickell, as well. It seems that heaven-climbing skyscrapers are the future of Downtown Miami. Though Hollo’s Brickell project is not as tall as his Biscayne Boulevard Building, it will still reach just shy of 850 feet.

This race to the skies that more and more developers are participating in says a lot about the future of Miami and its residential real estate. With more and more industries (including film and entertainment) coming to Miami each year, residential demand will be at a premium in very little time. These buildings are expected to fill up quickly, and more will follow. Berkowitz’s observation tower may not be much taller than the rest of the city’s skyline for very long.

Flatiron Miami

One of the most recognized Miami developers Ugo Colombo together with the Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin of Capital Group are developing the new, ultra-modern Flatiron on Brickell. The new project will be 65 floors high located at the heart of Downtown Miami on South Miami Avenue and Brickell Plaza.

Ugo Colombo has been developing in Miami for over 20 years. His impressive portfolio includes buildings such as Epic, Santa Maria, Grovenor House.

Flatiron Brickell Miami

The new Brickell Flatiron, named after the latest New York’s 5th Ave Flatiron building, is going to be one of tallest residential towers in Miami – 750 feet high, with 65 floors and 552 units offering floor-to-ceiling glass exteriors throughout the units, which will feature 11-foot-deep elliptical balconies. In addition, the building will have a rooftop swimming pool, a gym and spa, plus an outdoor lap pool on the 18th floor.

Units will have an average size of 1,250 square feet. Plans for penthouse units are yet to be announced.

Please contact our office to reserve your unit at the friends-and-family entry-level prices. Reserve your unit now with just 10% down. Deposits are fully refundable prior to contracts being signed (in a few months).

Call today – (305) 336-0457.

Paramount Bay condos for sale

Paramount Bay Condo is located on the North Bayshore Drive which is on Biscayne Bay, and couple of blocks north of downtown Miami and couple of blocks South of Midtown Miami. This is one of the most exciting and vibrant places to be in Miami. An ideal location for people who want to make certain that there are plenty of things for them to do, including exploring some of the most luxurious stores and restaurants in the area. For those who have to do more than vacation in Miami, you’re right in the downtown area which offers plenty of business resources located nearby.

The Property

Envisioned by Lenny Kravitz of Kravitz Design Inc., the 47-story architectural wonder, designed by Arquitectonica offers floor plans that include anywhere from 1 to 4 bedrooms, and start from a bit over $1,214 sq.ft. to 4,437 sq.ft. residences. Each of the units in the property offers majestic water and city views ensuring that the experience of living at Paramount Bay is an ultimate Miami living combining resort-life with urban cool.

The Beach

Living in the city certainly offers great options, however sometimes you need to slip out of the city and onto the sizzle of the beach and into the warm, soothing ocean. Living at Paramount Bay gives you the best of both worlds, with an exclusive Social Membership at the legendary and newly renovated Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach. Relax with this luxury resort’s private beach club which includes beach access, watersports, pools, renowned restaurants and Camp Roc, providing supervised activities for children.

The Activities

Paramount Bay offers two-story 6,000-square-foot state-of-the-art spa and fitness center with latest equipment, including Wii Fit, sauna, steam, private treatment rooms, and featuring Decleor products. For those who love Yoga Pilates, the building offers a studio, dedicated just for that. In addition, there is a billiards room as well as separate teen and kids area with cool gadgets available for all ages.

The street-side café will offer tasty menu for residents, as well as wireless high-speed Internet throughout the common areas. There is a building-wide fiber optic backbone allowing for the fastest Internet possible

The Units

All units in the building offer spacious floor plans with 10-foot-high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows and doors to enjoy the great Biscayne Bay and beyond views. The 8-foot deep private terraces with glass railings are a great place to relax and watch the sunrise and the sunset. State-of-the-art Italian kitchens are all equipped with stainless steel Wolf/Sub-Zero appliances and top-quality stone countertops. Rain head and hand-held showers surrounded by frameless glass for open bay views and floating vanities with double vertical storage units complete the bathrooms. All units come with complete laundry room with washer and dryer.

The Technology

The technology makes this building unique. Every residence includes an iPad 2 programmed with signature software that links you to Paramount Bay’s array of services and amenities including valet parking, package tracking, restaurant and hotel reservations, and video calls to the concierge. Also accessible through iPhone & Android phones or through any web browser, you can manage your Paramount Bay Life from anywhere in the world.

Paramount Bay is ideal for families and, in particular, it’s good for people who want a larger condominium property in the heart of Miami with great water views, ideally located and top-notch amenities. It is ideal for families and single people looking to get great pleasures out of life. With all these amenities, you will deftly want to move quickly if you’re interested in this property.

“>Click Here to view all currently available Paramount Bay condos for sale and rent.

Content published by Lana Bell

Content published by Lana Bell