Miami Herald Land Recently Sold for $236 Million

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on September 27th, 2011

Miami Downtown New Real Estate

The 3rd largest casino company (Genting Malaysia Berhad) in Asia just purchased 13.9 acres of waterfront land owned by the Miami Herald, for $236 million. The property stretches from Biscayne Boulevard to Biscayne Bay. This landmark deal will reshape the surrounding downtown area, bringing more life and vitality to an already booming portion of the city.

Downtown Miami Real Estate

In a public statement, the Herald publisher noted that while their operations have thrived in this area for a number of years, the space was no longer conducive to ongoing operations. The $236 million land/property deal was also in part prompted by The Herald’s need to bolster funds, specifically to address funding needs of the organization’s pension plan, to repay some company debts and to address taxes. The newspaper’s executives have provided additional assurances that this sale will in no way interrupt their normal course of business.

The Genting group estimates the total construction project cost to be between $2-5 billion, which will not only boost the local economy, but will result in the creation of numerous jobs. The current plans for the property include a hotel, retail shopping, high rise Miami residences and a convention center.

Downtown Miami Real Estate

“This deal has generated a great deal of excitement within the Miami real estate community, as it is at or near to the highest price paid per acre in Dade history,” said Lana Bell of Sunny Realty. “A deal of this magnitude will create tremendous opportunity for not only local residents and businesses, but for the surrounding property market.”

Many local Miami real estate experts

feel that this deal serves as an endorsement for Miami. Asian developers chose the area not only due to the opportunity and price point, but the potential to draw international and domestic tourists, a strong revenue source for any project of this type.
“Successful real estate transactions such as this merely validate the strength of the South Florida real estate market. While this deal is certainly the largest to come our way in some time, it is surely a sign of what is to follow. South Florida is hungry for Miami luxury residential developments, both for current area renters as well as international visitors,” said Lana Bell, of Sunny Realty.

While the deal has been closed, construction isn’t expected to commence for 2 years, which corresponds to the allotted time frame provided to The Herald for relocation. The newspaper is currently searching for property within the area, although they may divide the printing and publication portions of their organization should the right space not be found to accommodate both.

From every angle, this landmark deal serves as a positive sign for Miami’s real estate market.

Bristol Tower: A Fun Brickell Ave. Investment in Miami

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on July 17th, 2010

Bristol Tower Brickell

Bristol Tower Condo Miami

Many investors right now are worried about where to put their money. Some people are so frustrated by the economy’s ups and downs that they have pulled their money out of stocks and real estate and put it into gold and high interest savings accounts just so they don’t lose any more. This means they’re safe, but it might mean they miss out on the best investment deals of the year! This year, one fun investment idea is to buy a condo on Brickell Ave. in Miami.

This Miami area is one of the most popular in town. It puts residents right on the beach, of course, and close to attractions like Coconut Grove and Key Biscayne. One great new option in this area is Bristol Tower, a, well, towering condominium building that has a unique rounded design. In this tower, there are several condos up for sale right now, any of which could make a great investment.

The great part about investing in Miami real estate

is that it’s fun. You get to actually use your investment if you want to. You can rent out your condo when you’re traveling the world, and you can live in it whenever you’re in town. If you’ve got a paid-for place to stay on the beach, you’ll spend a lot more time there!

Of course, these condos can also be a great investment from a logical standpoint. Florida real estate was hit hard by the housing crisis of the past few months. This means that the prices for these condos are at rock bottom lows. You can shell out a few thousand dollars less, at least, for a condo now than you would have a couple of years ago. As the economy turns around, your Miami condo will become worth more and could stand to make you lots of money in the future.