The Priciest Condos in Hollandale and Hollywood Florida

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on October 28th, 2012

South Beach Condos For Sale

South Beach Miami Condos For Sale

The new Hallandale Condos and Hollywood Florida Condos

have reputations as luxury real estate markets and, they more than live up to that reputation. The prices of some condominiums reflect this market more than others do and, to illustrate that, here are the 10 highest prices for condominium resales that went through between April 2012 and June 2012.

According to data, the priciest condominiums were as follows. With the exception of 2 units, denoted by asterisks, they were all located in the Hollywood Beach area. The other sales were both in the Hallandale Beach area. The sales are listed from least to most expensive.

· Beach Club I Hallandale 3-bedroom unit for $900,000*
· Diplomat Residences 3-bedroom for $950,000
· Beach Club II Hallandale 3-bedroom for $955,000*
· Villas of Positano 2-bedroom for $1,000,000
· Ocean Palms 3-bedroom for $1,025,000
· Diplomat Ocean Residences 2-bedroom for $1,060,000
· Diplomat Oceanfront Residences 3-bedroom for $1,383,000
· Trump Hollywood 3-bedroom for $1,800,000
· Diplomat Oceanfront Residences 3-bedroom for $1,800,000
· Villas of Positano 3-bedroom for $2,035,000

The prices of these condominiums has actually gone down on the average compared to what they were originally listed for, but the prices are obviously still well into the luxury range and make them interesting to investors.

Despite the impressive prices for these properties, they were all offered at a discount compared to their original asking prices. The #1 spot, in fact, at Villas of Position came at an 18% discount compared to the original asking price. Even at the luxury end of the real estate spectrum—the most luxury end—it is still a buyer’s market in many regards.

Sales in the areas listed and for south Florida on the whole remain steady. While there is some nervousness in the market overall, the real estate market does seem to be well on its way to a recovery. In addition to these pricey condominiums, there have been quite a few investors making their ways back into Florida’s real estate market and they have been eager to acquire properties. A combination of international factors and low interest rates has contributed to this.

Luxury Properties in South Florida

Many of south Florida’s more desirable properties are luxury condominiums and this hasn’t been lost on investors. There are numerous projects in the works at present and, though some may have written off the south Florida real estate market only some years ago, it’s become an attractive place to invest—and live—again.

All of these prices came with discounts, which is important if you’re looking for a new home and you want to make sure you get a good deal. Even at this level of luxury, there is room to negotiate prices and prices may actually be reduced on their own compared to the original offer. If you’re in the market for luxury property, remember that the price you see advertised may well be subject to change with a bit of negotiation or with a bit more time on the market and that can make even very expensive condominiums attractive buys, indeed.

South Florida Is In Construction Phase Once Again

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on February 11th, 2012

Miami real estate

Hallandale preconstruction condo

The latest report from Miami Herald ( indicates that the construction spending in South Florida rose for the fourth month in a row in Broward County in November 2011, joining Miami-Dade County as areas with sustained growth in the real estate sector. “We’re seeing a lot of custom-home building,” said Bernie Navarro, head of the Latin Builders Association. “You see it in Key Biscayne and Coral Gables and Pinecrest. Those places had fallen to zero. Now they’re back on.” While construction employment is falling, the losses are more narrow than previously. “It’s going better than I expected six months ago,” said David Denslow, an economist at the University of Florida. “Remember, six months ago we were worried about a double dip. Now all of the evidence is pointing the other way.”

The Hollywood and Hallandale Condo resales

jumped in 2011 as well. Buyers purchased an average of 140 condominium units per month in the Hollywood and Hallandale Beach areas showing an increase in 2011 of nearly 20 units per month from 2010. This is due to the influx of investors chasing discounted condo resales that can be leased out to tenants who are willing to pay higher rents.

Latest report indicate that office vacancy in Miami-Dade County was at 19.1% at the end of 2011, according to data from CBRE Group’s Florida Market Perspective 2011. There was a total of 44.1 million rentable square feet in the county, and 8.4 million vacant. Last year saw net absorption of 64,238, with 359,630 square feet under construction, with the average asking lease rate in the county at $30.32. “The Miami office market has gained strength during 2011 with tenant activity picking up,” said Carter Hopkins, first vice president at CBRE. “The market should continue to strengthen in 2012.”

In addition to single family homes in Miami

the pre-construction condo sector is also on the rise. Fueled by steady pre-sales at the nearby Apogee Beach Hollywood condo, Jorge Perez of the Related Group is planning a new 31-story tower with condo and hotel units fronting the Intracoastal Waterway in the Hollywood nad Hallandale Beach coastal market of Southeast Broward County.

Despite the unsold inventory, the Related Group broke ground on the 23-story Apogee Beach condo tower on the sand just north of Hallandale Beach Boulevard in December 2011. As of Jan. 30, 2012, buyers have committed to purchase 41 out of 49 units in Apogee Beach project, according to company marketing material.

The path to development for the proposed Beachwalk tower – a few blocks west of the Apogee Beach project – is shaping up to be a bit more complicated initially. The proposed Beachwalk tower – which would stand 305-feet high with 84 residential units and 432 hotel rooms. Beachwalk is the 22nd project to be proposed east of Interstate 95 in South Florida. If they are all built, the projects would add nearly 4,400 units into a market that had 4,200 developer units unsold at the end of last year.

A Related affiliate bought the Beachwalk development site, home to Manero’s Steakhouse for five decades, for more than $2.9 million from TD Bank in May 2011. The Beachwalk project is slated to cost $60 million to construct and have a market value of $80 million at completion.

Related is also planning to start construction in two weeks on its MyBrickell condominium in Miami. To date, about 80 percent of the 192 units are under contract, with buyers paying a 20 percent deposit, the company said. It would be the first new condominium project to break ground in downtown Miami in several years.

Developers seeking to launch new condo projects are focusing particularly on the high-end market, which continues to dominate because of the ability of its prospective buyer pool to pay cash for units. The 70-unit Bellini Williams Island – a high-end condominium in Aventura’s William Island recently broken ground.

Miami Condo Sales Up 46 Percent

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on June 26th, 2011

Miami real estate

Miami Condos For Sale

Miami real estate

as well as sales of existing condos in the Miami metropolitan area rose 46 percent in May, 2011 compared to the same period in 2010, according to data from the Miami Association of Realtors. There were a total of 1,420 condo sales last month, up from 972 in May 2010. Miami single family home sales also showed an increase, jumping 20 percent to a total of 875 sales last month.

Most of Miami condos

are purchased by International buyers who continued to dominate the Miami real estate market, with 60 percent of closed residential resales last month transacted by foreign buyers, who also bought a staggering 90 percent of new construction sales. “The current performance of the Miami market is exceeding expectations,” said Jack Levine, Chairman of the Board of the Miami Association of Realtors.

In fact, the volume of Miami home sales rose, continuing a record-setting pace. However prices are still on the decline, although there are signs of stabilization. This logic-defying housing market phenomenon continued to embrace interesting trend lines in May of 2011 — Miami condo sales soared, slashing down the inventory even further, but overall prices fell once again. Furthermore, local sales are increasing while the national market slumps, but local prices are falling faster than the national average.

Here is a full story from Miami Herald – or you can read it below:

The region’s real estate narrative is also at odds with traditional market economics. The coexistence of shrinking supply, rising demand and falling prices has left analysts with a number of questions: How long can this frenzied sales pace —fueled by Latin American and cash investors’ appetite for discounted real estate — continue? With inventory shrinking rapidly, when will the strong sales activity translate into price stability and appreciation, as market economics dictate? How large is the “shadow inventory,” and how will those unlisted bank-owned homes affect the recovery?

In Miami-Dade, there were 875 sales of existing single-family homes and 1,420 condo sales, increases of 20 percent and 46 percent from last May, respectively. Compared to April, home sales were up 5.4 percent and condo sales were up 1.1 percent.

In Broward County, 1,142 single-family sales and 1,537 condo sales represented increases of 6 percent and 14 percent over last May, respectively.

In the first five months of the year, more than 23,000 homes and condos have traded hands in South Florida, one of the strongest five-month runs on record. Nationally, 2011 has been a poor year for sales, with double-digit declines nearly each month.

South Florida’s rapid sales pace has helped reduce the region’s housing inventory, which has gone from severely bloated to suddenly lean over the last couple of years.

There are now 31,659 homes and condos for sale in Miami area, down from 61,755 in May 2009.

The crucial “months-of-inventory” figure has slimmed to 7.2 months in Miami-Dade and 5.5 months in Broward, both down to a fraction of their peaks. Economists say that six months of housing inventory is indicative of a healthy market.

So why hasn’t the shrinking supply of homes led to price stabilization?

“We have a whole bunch of pent-up supply,” said William Hardin, professor of real estate and finance at Florida International University . “There’s a squeeze play going on because no one is going to sell a house in today’s market unless they have to.”

The majority of homes that are selling are under distressed circumstances —either a Miami foreclosure sale, or a short sale that doesn’t cover the cost of the mortgage. Those properties — popular among cash investors and foreign buyers — sell at deep discounts, dragging down overall prices in the market.

In the single-family market, May 2011 median prices fell 8 percent to $180,200 in Miami-Dade. Broward suffered a particularly large decrease, with single-family prices falling 17 percent to $188,500.

There are some signs that prices may be beginning to stabilize, specifically in the condo market, where sales have been the most rapid.

In Miami-Dade, median condo prices slipped just 1 percent, to $124,300. In Broward County’s condo market, there was a 9 percent year-over-year increase, with median prices reaching $80,400.

Year-to-date, median prices are up across the market: Miami-Dade condos (36.2 percent), Miami-Dade single-family homes (19.4 percent), Broward condos (16.5 percent) and Broward single-family homes (14.2 percent). While prices are up since January, the year-over-year figures provide a more reliable barometer of values, since they compare the same time periods in the region’s seasonally driven market. It’s too soon to say if sustained appreciation is here to stay, although industry insiders are pitching that message.

But even as South Florida’s market looks to rebound from its worst bust in history, a number of troubling issues threaten to drag out the recovery.

However, two of the factors that normally support a healthy housing industry — a strong job market and significant home equity — are painfully absent in South Florida. In Miami-Dade County, unemployment sits at record high 13.4 percent. Nearly half of all South Florida homeowners with mortgages owe more on their homes than the current value, one of the highest underwater rates in the country.

Stricter lending standards have made it difficult for many potential buyers to obtain a mortgage. In May 2011, 60 percent of home sales were completed without a mortgage as all-cash investors.

Miami Luxury Condominiums Market In 2011

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on February 19th, 2011

Sunny Isles Beach Luxury Condos

Trump Towers Miami Condos For Sale

Miami real estate market

for the last two years, has not been where people have been going to make fast money. That is rapidly changing, however. The luxury Miami real estate did not suffer the level of devastation that the regular market suffered, as well, and this makes a significant difference in how people are buying and selling properties. In the world of luxury real estate, there are few names with more immediate recognition than Trump. The Trump Towers in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, are among those luxury properties that are seeing a growth in interest.

Over 2010, the price per square foot for luxury condominium properties in Sunny Isles Beach began to increase. Some reports cite sellers as averaging over 90 percent of their asking price, as well, making it very much a seller’s market in that regard. The Trump Towers certainly meet the definition of luxury real estate. With amenities in line with what you’d expect at a 5-star, or better, hotel, this property has obvious appeal to those looking for luxury, access to the waterfront and access to the best shopping and dining in the Miami-Dade area.

As is the case with everything high-end, selling luxury real estate takes a special touch. While the market is more rarified, the people who make up that market are also more likely and more able to buy at any given time. The key is reaching them. The benefits of reaching out to them successfully, in today’s market, can be substantial. With prices recovering rapidly and demand increasing, there’s never been a better time to have a good realtor representing your property.

For new condos in Sunny Isles Beach

the average price paid in the third quarter of 2010 was just over $400. Trump Towers has several properties currently listed that are at or near this level of price per square foot. Because of the diversity of properties available, there are also many that are higher and lower than average. With sellers getting so much of what they’re asking on average, the market is favorable for those who want to sell their property at Trump Towers. It’s also important to note that the market for these properties is much larger than may be immediately apparent; just ask your realtor.

Trump Towers Miami

and the rest of Sunny Isles Beach have garnered a worldwide appeal. In fact, the area itself is famous for the diversity of people who call it home. Advertising these properties to a luxury demographic takes special considerations, but advertising them to a worldwide demographic takes even more consideration. At present, luxury property specialists are pulling in excellent figures for the properties they list. Not all of them have the ability to reach people all over the world, however, and those that do generally fare much better in the competitive Miami luxury real estate market.

While listed condo properties at Trump Towers condo

range well over 2 million dollar in price, there are options that are far less expensive. Some properties hover around the mid six-figure range, a comparative bargain in this market! However, what’s important to the person selling the condominium is that they’re making money on the sale that’s commensurate with the luxury of the property they’re selling. Currently, the property prices are performing at impressive enough rates to make this not only possible, but likely. While the real estate market crash may be recent in many buyer’s memories, It’s two years in the past and the market has adjusted significantly since those days. Today, properties are selling fast once again, especially in southern Florida.

In the closing month of 2010, there were just over 40 properties for sale at Trump Towers. The prices were higher than what they would have been just a year ago, exhibiting the buyer’s market that is rapidly developing. All over southern Florida, developers were snapping up condominium properties, trying to take advantage of the last low prices following the housing crash. Of course, as property owners become more aware that they stand to make a profit again, these prices are likely to go up!

If you’re considering listing a property at Trump Towers, the increase in average price per square foot in the Sunny Isles Beach market should come as welcome news. It’s economically feasible to invest in and sell property once again, and sellers will fin themselves with plenty of buyers who are interested in their property. A significant part of making that happen, however, is having a good realtor. This is particularly important in a luxury market. The clientele that can afford such properties will expect good information. It also takes experience and skill to know how to advertise property to that market, something a luxury realtor specializes in and that they do better than anyone else.

Hot Condo Deals in Hollywood and Hallandale Florida

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on May 11th, 2010

Hollywood Condos for sale

Hallandale Fl condos for sale

Hollywood real estate

and especially brand new luxury ocean front condos offer care free living on the ocean with top of line amenities. Due to economic downturn the prices in Broward county have dropped significantly. However, because of enormous popularity, location and demand, these condos sell very well and currently present a great opportunity to buyers.

Diplomat Condo Hollywood Fl

This beautiful 28-story residential tower offers spacious two and three bedroom units, spectacular views of the Ocean or Intracoastal Waterway, and a wide variety of amenities. Residents have access to a spa and a picturesque private beach. Nine-foot tall ceiling, floor to ceiling windows, custom designed bathrooms and kitchens, and state of the art designer fixtures and appliances offer the ultimate in luxury living.

Two, three and four bedroom residences at The Diplomat Hollywood are now available at price reductions of 10% or more. Units start at just $239 per foot, an incredible Hollywood deal.

Ocean Palms Hollywood

This incredible oceanfront condominium offers residents nearly 250 feet of beach frontage, state of the art amenities and a full range of luxury services. An incredible pool and sundeck, a fitness center, and spacious, lavishly designed residences offer the utmost in luxury living.

There is a variety of reduced priced units available at Ocean Palms condo today. Price reductions of 10%, 11% and even more represent impressive deals on Hollywood oceanfront residences.

Beach Club Hallandale

This property features incredible amenities such as an elaborate pool area with several pools, top notch fitness center, sauna and steam rooms. It is no accident that The Beach Club I boasts Broward County’s finest condominiums. If you want to buy a condominium in Florida, come and see what makes The Beach Club complex stand out from the rest.

Today there are three great deals available in all three towers of Beach Club. Two 2-bedroom and one 3-bedroom residence are now being offered at price reductions of more than 40%.

Find Brand New Luxury for a Low Price at Beach Club Hallandale

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on November 11th, 2009

Beach Club Hallandale  Condos For Sale
Beach Club Hallandale For Sale And Rent

When you begin shopping for your Miami area condo

you have a choice. You can choose to pay way too much for a residence that may not live up to your expectation, or you can pick the luxury and brand new living of Beach Club Hallandale. This location is a new structure, offering the best in luxury living. Thanks to the slow real estate market, you can find condos at the Beach Club Towers Hallandale for less than three hundred dollars per square foot. When it comes to luxury living, you will find that there are no better values.

Located in the Hallandale area right along the beach

Beach Club Tower I Hallandale offers waterfront accommodation. Hallandale real estate is a bustling city just north of Miami Beach real estate. Whether you are looking for shopping centers, dining options, or entertainment venues, you will find plenty of choices right in Hallandale Beach, and even more options within minutes in the Miami Beach area.

Along with excellent value and location at Beach Club Hallandale condo

you will find the best in amenities. The condo offers a swimming pool, a state of the art fitness center, a steam room, a sauna, and a club featuring a city like experience. The condos are outfitted with luxury accoutrements, such as views of the ocean, large private terraces, high-speed Internet wiring, and central heating and air.
The high-rise condominium is situated on nine acres of landscaped greenery, which includes a large beach frontage. Additionally, the club offers a full service spa, concierge services, and valet parking.

Definitely, a luxury accommodation, Beach Club Condos offers an elite feel, steps from the ocean, nearby entertainment options. You can own a piece of this luxury Hallandale real estate for prices that are at an all time low. Hallandale Condos of all sizes are available at this location, and you will find a great value in price at under three hundred per square foot.

Miami Condo for Investment – Buy Today While Prices Are Still Down

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on August 9th, 2009

Miami Beach Condos For Investment
Miami Beach Condos Investment

If you are looking to buy Miami real estate

you should consider buying a Miami condo for investment. You can buy today while prices are still down. Because the Miami real estate market fluctuates, you will want to take advantage of the low prices before they begin to climb.

Buying a Miami Beach condo

is a great investment. You can do a number of different things with the property. In fact, you can even make the property work for you. Many people who invest in a Miami condos choose to rent the property out throughout part of the year and then they use that income to pay for the condo. You might also want to sublet to a tenant.

Of course, another great thing about investing in real estate in Miami is that you will be able to use the property as a second home or a vacation home whenever you like. Owning a condo is a great advantage over finding a hotel each time you decide to visit the city.

Because the prices are low now, you might want to buy the property and hold onto it until the prices begin to climb. When the prices are high enough, you can sell and make a tidy profit off of your investment.

No matter the reason you want to buy Miami property

in the city, now is a great time to do it. You will be able to find a great Miami Beach condo on the ocean for investment purposes in many different areas of the city. Most of the best Miami condos for sale are beachfront properties as well, which means when the time comes to resell, you will be able to ask more for the property. Buy while the prices are still so low!

Beautiful Beach Club in Hallandale is Still in Demand Because the Prices have Dropped

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on August 1st, 2009

Beach Club Hallandale  Condos For Sale
Beach Club Hallandale Florida For Sale And Rent

Now is the best time to buy a condominium on the ocean

. Prices are dropping to levels the market has not seen in several years. With the prices so low, it might be time to get that home of your dreams. With so many different homes available, you will be sure to find a variety of great options. The incredible Beach Club in Hallandale is still in demand because the prices have dropped so much in recent months. This is a very popular property, and it has a lot to offer buyers.

Buyers who are interested in one of these luxury oceanfront condominiums will find that the Beach Club condos offers many different floor plans. You will be able to choose a plan that meets your needs and space requirements. The homes are spacious and have high ceilings, as well as state of the art telecommunications.

The property has a number of amenities, including club space, an onsite restaurant, landscaped grounds, a mail desk, and even valet parking. You get all the amenities of a luxury resort while never having to leave home.

Those who live at the Beach Club

will discover that they are only a few steps from the beach, and many will even be able to see the ocean from their homes. The property also has a heated swimming pool that offers great views of the Atlantic Ocean. This is true beach living at its best.

Beach Club condos in Hallandale

make a great investment property or a vacation home. The primary reason that the Beach Club in Hallandale is still in demand is because the prices have dropped. Do yourself a favor and check out all of the great things that the Beach Club Towers offers to its residents.

Beach Club Hallandale – the best buy in Florida real estate market today

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on September 8th, 2008

Beach Club Condos For Sale & For Rent
Beach Club Lobby

Currently, Beach Club Hallandale condos

are on sale. Many investors and end-users think that the prices have bottomed out and now is the best time to buy that desirable oceanfront condo at reduced sale price. Although no one really knows if the prices have bottomed out or not, as a professional Miami real estate broker and someone who keeps the statistics and general trends and tendencies, I can tell you that currently there are great opportunities to own that dream luxury oceanfront condo.

Although each situation

is very different, there are units now available for sale owned by the bank, distressed owners and developers. However, the outcome is still the same -they need to sell their units as soon as possible and recover their investment. So, the time to buy is now, and the inventory is there, but what about financing?

Although it is more time consuming

and involves more paperwork, the financing is still available for US buyers as well as foreign investors. Most banks are looking for at least 30% down and income verification and, your mortgage is approved.

Currently in Beach Club I

there are about 11% of the units are on the market for sale. Beach Club II has about 17% and Beach Club III is at 18% inventory for sale ratio. A healthy hi-rise condo in the area is considered to be normal rate is up to 20%. So, Beach Club Hallandale towers are within the normal market.

The activity has doubled during the past 6 months. With about 20 condos sold it is a new record high in terms of sales for any given 6 months period. With sales averaging at around 10% of the asking price, currently there are approximately 26 more pending sales between the 3 Beach Club Towers.

In the immediate area

there are basically two other buildings of that caliber that compete with Beach Club. The newly built Diplomat Residences and Ocean Palms Hollywood, and that’s it! There is also Trump Hollywood is under construction, but it is scheduled to be completed within the next year. Both buildings are also showing an increase in sales, pending sales and general interest from buyers. Currently at or even below $400 per square foot level these condos were selling at well over $500 per square foot just 2 years ago.

Also, factors such as maintenance

and tax is a bit lower at Beach Club complex than anywhere else. At about .53c a foot and the taxes of about 1.5% it makes buying at Beach Club so much more attractive.

For your market analysis

and price comparison we provide all currently available listings on MLS for sale and for rent as well as sold and statistical data.

Beach Club One
Beach Club Two
Beach Club Three
Diplomat Residences
Ocean Palms

Or contact Leon Belenky, licensed Hallandale real estate broker at 954-560-7802.

Beach Club Hallandale – Towering Luxury

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on August 8th, 2008

Beach Club II Condos For Sale & For Rent

Beach Club Hallandale: Pristine Beachfront Elegance

Located in beautiful Hallandale Beach

the Beach Club is a set of luxury condominiums overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the pristine beaches of Florida. These condos are one of the best choices for the discerning owner, seeking opulent accommodations and the best location in the state. Hallandale Beach real estate is an incredible area, with numerous resorts and some of the best dining and shopping on the coast, as well as access to the warm waters and sunny shores for which Florida is justly famous. Three separate towers make up the Beach Club, each offering you something different.

Beach Club Tower One

– boasts 44 floors, with just 10 units per floor. One-bedroom units overlook the Intracoastal Waterway, while 2-bedroom units offer ocean and beach views. Two bedroom units feature three and ½ baths, as well as den/sitting sitting areas for your enjoyment. A full spa and an incredible outdoor heated swimming pool are just two of the amenities on property for your enjoyment.

Beach Club Tower Two

features 51 floors. 12 units per floor offer spacious floor plans and incredible views for your enjoyment. 1-bedroom and studio units overlook the ocean, while two bedroom units offer views of the Intracoastal Waterway, as well as the Atlantic Ocean. Tower Two also features a state of the art fitness center with a full service spa, offering massage treatments, as well as facials and other body treatments.

Beach Club Tower Three

offers ten units on each of its 44 floors, with views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway. Single bedroom units overlook the ocean, and two bedroom units share the same views as those in Tower Two. Tower Three also offers an enormous heated outdoor pool, sundeck and an incredible spa for your relaxation and enjoyment.
Why choose the Beach Club? Every unit is designed around your enjoyment and comfort. European style kitchens, granite counter tops throughout and more await your enjoyment. You will find that all kitchens feature state of the art appliances, giving you a great look as well as full functionality. Marble showers, state of the art communications systems and much more mean that you will have the best accommodations in the area.

The Beach Club Hallandale

rests on nine acres of pristine beachfront property, giving you immediate access to the beach and the ocean, as well as the surrounding area. The lushly landscaped grounds are ideal for strolling and simply enjoying the incredible beauty of the area.

View All Currently Available Listings On MLS For Sale Or For Rent At Beach Club Hallandale