Sunny Isles Beach condos

Sunny Isles Condominiums

The condos on Sunny Isles Beach

are quickly being scooped up by investors and speculators even though the prices are going up. With easy access to South Beach, Bal Harbour, and the Miami area, many individuals recognize that living in a condominium on Sunny Isles Beach offers amazing amenities. This barrier island has waterfront access to some of the most amazing sandy beaches and beautiful sunshine year-round.

Sunny Isles is one of the hottest condominium communities in Southeast Florida. Its condominium towers offer amazing properties, high-end amenities, and access to the water. Filled with rich architectural styles, the condominium towers deliver luxury living, incredible views, and residential privacy.

Foreign Investors and Speculators

Many investors from foreign countries, especially South and Central America are purchasing property in southeastern Florida as a safe haven for their investment money. Because of that, the demand for condominiums is on the rise, as are the prices. Many of the citizens from foreign lands are living in countries with unstable political environments and need to find a way to invest their money, and diversify their portfolio outside their own borders. Many of them have turned to real estate in the US as an effective, solid solution to keeping their money safe.

Many speculators and investors are purchasing the high priced condominiums in Sunny Isles for an investment as a rental property, both short-term and long-term. Many of these condo towers have had high vacancy rates over the past few years. Most of these units were unsold properties before the bust of the last real estate boom. After five years of a depressed economy, Southeast Florida is finally rebounding, as is reflected in the higher price condo real estate market all across the Miami area.

Fine Dining and Upscale Shops

Many local residents that live on the Sunny Isles barrier island enjoy the amenities. South Beach and Miami Beach are only minutes away. The local residents can gain access to Bal Harbour, just over the bridge to enjoy the upscale village filled with gourmet dining restaurants, upscale retail shops (Gucci & Harry Winston) along with the unique art and boutique shopping opportunities.

The Sunny Isle condos

offer every resident a luxurious retreat from the hectic southeastern Florida lifestyle, where the weather is great every day of the year. Many retirees are relocating to Sunny Isles Barrier Island, along with vacationers purchasing a condominium to enjoy the warmer climate during the winter months.

Buying an available condo on Sunny Isles Barrier Island is not just purchasing another property, but a specific lifestyle. The condo towers on the island offer some of the most luxurious living in South Florida. Most come with spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, which is why it has become a focal point for investors, lenders, sellers and developers eager to be a part of the next condominium boom in Southeast Florida.

In addition, there are several super high-end preconstruction condos on Sunny Isles Beach which are getting built right now! These include Regalia, Jade Signature, Chateau Beach Residences, Mansions at Acqualina and 400 Sunny Isles, just to name a few. Prices range between $800,000 to $55M.

Whether the investor or speculator is planning to use their condo on Sunny Isles as their permanent home, an investment home, or a place for vacations, the condominium towers offer some of the best living in the Miami area.

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