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Indian Creek Miami real estate

Celebrities, buyers from all over the world and others are driving up prices for luxury homes in Indian Creek Miami, mirroring a trend that is observable around Miami in general. Luxury condominium properties in Indian Creek have sold for very high prices over the last year, showing that interest in this area is growing. According to analysts, much of this interest is coming from out of the country.

Outside Investment

According to reports, many of the transactions in Indian Creek have been made by people who come from other nations. Latin America, Portugal, Russia and other nations have been the source of some of the buyers, and many of those buyers have been willing to pay high prices to have a prestigious property in Miami.

The priciest Indian Creek transaction of the year was for the property located at 3 Indian Creek Drive. That property ended up selling for $47 million to an undisclosed Russian billionaire. The property, as one might guess, is well within the spectrum of luxury properties, constituting 30,000 square feet and having 10 bedrooms within the house.

The second highest priced home to sell home in Indian Creek this year was located at 14 Indian Creek Drive. That property went for $38.4 million and is a 17,700 square foot house with seven bedrooms. These two properties outdid the third-, fourth- and fifth-ranked properties by quite a bit. For example, the third highest sale in Indian Creek was at 19 Indian Creek Drive. That six-bedroom, 8300 square foot home sold for $18.56 million. While that price is certainly nothing that anyone would scoff at, the highest prices are still enough to take anyone aback and lead the price of that transaction by quite a lot.

Luxury Homes For Sale In Miami

These properties constitute the epitome of luxury. For example, the number one priciest property to sell in Indian Creek has a rooftop bar and a 100-foot pool as among its amenities.

Such luxury properties are not always listed on the MLS system. For example, a property belonging to singer Julio Iglesias located at 7 Indian Creek sold for $15.2 million in a private transaction. Likewise, Barry Schwartz sold a lot located at 9 Indian Creek for $19.2 million, according to reports. Like the Iglesias transaction, this one was conducted privately and was not listed on the market.

Finding Top Luxury Residences in Miami For Sale

Finding these ultra-luxury properties and getting in on the incredible opportunities that they present requires that you work with someone with a great deal of knowledge about this market. As demonstrated above, not all of these properties are actually listed in the traditional fashion, which means you need to be working with a real estate professional who understands all sides of the market, even though sides of the market that are not available to most people. If you’re interested in purchasing such properties, whether you’re located within the United States or in another nation, a real estate professional can make certain that you are apprised of the best options that become available on the market and that you know when the right time to make a move on those properties is.