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When you hear the name Trump Royale

it’s almost certain that you think of luxury, and that’s certainly the case with Trump Royal. This condominium complex can offer a life of prestige and comfort, but may people have put buying a new home on hold for the last few years. After the mortgage crisis hit, no one wanted to take a chance on rejection. The sales for homes all over the country slumped, including locations where many people want to live, like Miami Beach real estate. This has forced the market into a recession, where prices are much lower than they’ve been for several years. For buyers who were serious about finding a new home, this situation was beneficial, but it’s certainly not the norm, and it won’t last forever.

Higher Sales in 2011

What you can see from the sales at Trump Royal in 2011 is that these homes are starting to sell at a much faster rate. With twelve sales closed last year, the numbers are much higher than they’ve been in recent times. This is the first sign that the recession is coming to a close, but it’s not over yet. The asking prices are lower than they’ve ever been, and that means that the sale prices are even lower. That gap between the two is growing smaller, meaning you could miss out on your chance to get a great deal on a condo unit in Trump Royal. You don’t have to worry about missing that chance if you take the first step today.

Luxury for the Money

What you receive when you purchase one of the residences in Trump Royal is luxury like you wouldn’t believe. The prices for these units are lower than some of the other luxury communities in the area, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be missing out on the comfort and amenities. These units can go from $500,000 to well over $2,000,000, depending on the size and layout of the residence. There are beautiful designer touches in each home, gourmet kitchens, amazing bathrooms, and views of the ocean from nearly every window and terrace. It’s certainly the life you’ve been dreaming of, and it’s just a bit more affordable now than it will be in the near future.

Make Your Purchase Now

Signs showing that the recession is coming to an end also mean that the buyers’ market will end. That means it’s the right time to buy a new home, whether for necessity or luxury, and Trump Royal can help you with both. You can take advantage of the lower prices that are still lingering if you act right away.

Our experienced agents are ready and waiting to help you get the home you want. We’ll show you the units in Trump Royal that fit your wants and needs, and then we’ll show you how to negotiate for them. You’ll have no trouble buying your new condominium unit, because we’ll give you tips on the fees and regulations associated with owning a condo, and then we’ll help you close the deal at the closing table. You could own a new condo in Trump Royal that easily.