Murano Grande Miami
Murano Grande Miami Condo

Luxury has been a hard sell for the past few years, as is often the case when the economy is in trouble. As with stock prices, housing prices plummeted and had trouble rallying. Though there have been some shining moments, the overall picture has been pretty grim. Fortunately, this seems to be changing, as many more people are starting to seek out the luxury available at Murano Grande. This SoFi luxury condo complex has seen some excellent boosts in sales, and that means there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Effects of the Recession

The recession has had an effect on many things, with the housing market hit hardest of all. The mortgage crisis made people a little jumpy when it came to applying for a home loan, and that meant people were only buying what they needed. Buyers who could afford to make the leap were able to negotiate prices down to get great deals on the properties they bought, putting them in a position to make a great profit when the market bounces back. This wasn’t the best scenario for sellers, but it did certainly keep the market moving a little bit.

That luxury that no one was buying could be found at Murano Grande Miami, and now people are beginning to take notice again. With over twenty residences sold in Murano Grande in 2011, the sales records show a jump that can’t be ignored. People are starting to buy bigger and better things again, and that means we’re seeing the beginning of the end of this recession. The differences between asking price and sales price are dinishing, and that means the buyers’ market is also coming to a close. If you’re hoping to get a great deal on a condo in Miami, then you should start looking at properties in Murano Grande right away.

Luxury for Your Money

When you purchase a condo in Murano Grande

there is a lot you’ll get for your money. You can be sure the interiors will have a decorator’s touch, with upgraded lighting, flooring, appliances, countertops, and fixtures. These luxury touches can be found in many homes, but there is no way you’ll get the same view that the Murano Grande offers. The amenities that go along with the purchase of a residence are hard to beat, too. You can enjoy the swimming pools, beach access, service and security staff, and fitness centers any time you choose. Everything comes together to give you a life in the lap of luxury.

Make Your Purchase Now

If you want to take advantage of the prices, it’s imperative that you do so quickly. If you wait too long, you won’t be able to enjoy the buyers’ market, as it’s coming to a close. Our licensed and experienced agents would be thrilled to help you choose a condo that will be perfect for your needs. We know condominium purchases in Miami better than anyone, so we can make sure you understand the negotiation process and the homeowners’ association regulations. We’ll also ensure that you get to the closing table with no problems so that you can fully enjoy your new home.