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Prices for Ocean Four Sunny Isles condos

are still down considerably since the all time high in 2007. However, with all the furor surrounding the current economic environment, it’s no wonder that people are a bit shy about buying something as large as a new home. This is especially true for vacation properties or any homes that might be considered a luxury and not a necessity. There is no denying that the condos in Ocean Four would fit the luxury description, and so it’s easy to see why sales may have been slow for the past year. All of that is changing as the shadow of the recession slowly slips away. Though there are still troubled times ahead, the worst is certainly over, and there are plenty of clues to support this fact.

Not Too Late to Get Great Prices in Ocean Four

What this means is that the prices for these apartments at Ocean Four will soon start to rise, but it’s not too late to get a new home before this happens. If you take a look at the 14 homes that sold in the Oceans Four community in the last year, you’ll see there is quite a difference between the asking price and the paid price, but that gap is closing quickly. It’s still a buyers’ market, to be sure, but that won’t remain the case for too much longer. The prices are still well over $500,000 for most units, depending on the size and layout, but some can bring in more than $2,000,000. As you might imagine, these prices will rise as people discover they’re ready to make luxury purchases again.

The number of Ocean 4 condos sold

in 2011

is drastically higher than those in the previous years. Since the mortgage crisis and the simultaneous recession, the prices for homes have lowered dramatically, and sales for these homes nearly came to a standstill. Of course, everyone needs a home, so there was some movement in the markets, but for the most part, people were only buying what they needed – not what they wanted. Ocean Four is certainly the type of home that everyone wants, and with the coming changes in the economy, people will be seeking it out. Don’t you want to get in before anyone else can?

More Elegance for the Money

When you live in Ocean 4 Sunny Isles

you’ll get the benefit of many great amenities. In fact, it’s very much like resort living, if that’s your cup of tea. You’ll be able to enjoy the pools and fitness centers, as well as private beach access. The home interiors are some of the most beautiful you’ll find in the Miami area. With designer touches throughout, upgraded lighting and countertops, and top-of-the-line appliances, Oceans Four brings you luxury on a more affordable level than some of the other complexes in the area. Though it’s more affordable, that’s no reason to believe it’s less elegant.

Let Us Help You

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