Lauderdale Beach Home For Sale

Lauderdale Beach House For Sale

Ever Thought What’s It Like To Own a Home Directly On The Ocean?

Lauderdale Beach homes are located between East Sunrise Blvd and East Oakland Park Blvd, just off the main Ocean Blvd. However, what makes this location unique is that the homes in Lauderdale Beach are located directly on the ocean which makes it one of the most desirable neighborhoods, in the metropolitan area of Fort Lauderdale. Actually, there are only three areas in South East Florida where you can buy homes directly on the ocean: Lauderdale Beach houses, Golden Beach homes and Hillsboro Mile homes. All three areas above are considered the most desirable single family housing in South East Florida.

There are some important things about this neighborhood, besides the beach access, that make it a special location to call home.
· Either the homes here are directly on the beach or they are just across the street, or otherwise within walking distance of the Ocean. This makes these homes hot commodities.
· If you live here, you are able to take advantage of the gated community the neighborhood is in. In fact, there is constant police patrol available in the neighborhood as well. You can feel safe living here.
· The homes here are also nearby to many of the benefits of living by Fort Lauderdale, including the shopping, entertainment, sailing, and restaurants. You will be able to take in a show and get to and from the region on the major highways. All of this is within a few minutes of most homes in the area.
Look for homes here to be upscale and modern, at the highest price point. Those homes priced lower are often priced based on their location and their land value. You can still build a home here, too, in some cases, however land is limited for this type of project. Some of the homes do have added benefits, including guest homes, rental features and larger, landscaped yards. A variety of styles and sizes are available, too.

Lauderdale Beach homes for sale

are quite in demand. The community is peaceful and welcoming. You can walk your dog along the streets and feel safe while spending your evenings overlooking the water on your deck. Many of the homes here have modern upgrades and newer renovations, but this is not always the case. Consider all of the advantages of having your own home, located right on the Atlantic Ocean, where you can simply relax in the sand or go for a sailing adventure at a whim. These features make this location prime.