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As of June 3rd, 2011, the number of foreclosed condos and homes in South Florida year-to-date is 11,551, down from 30,635 at the same time last year, based on the most recent data available from Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties. Please see the graph above which shows foreclosure activity in these three counties.

South Florida real estate

is known for its boom and bust cycles. The current bust cycle, one of the worst in history, seems to have bottomed out and now on it’s way to recovery in a big way, judging by recent statistics. A rise in employment in the state and a great deal of foreign buyers are among the factors playing into what seems to be a quick climb in the desirability and the value of Miami real estate.

Of course, this is not a new phenomenon for Florida real estate. The state’s real estate market has historically gone through cycles such as this, when the value of homes declined and when it became a buyer’s market. The sales of homes have also gone up in much bigger ways than employment has gone down. Compared to 2010 figures, condo sales were up over 130%. The increase has also impacted single family homes, with an over 50% increase in those sales figures over last year.

Miami’s high-end rentals are also booming, led by Miami Beach rentals, which has seen its inventory practically vanish, led by New Yorkers looking to establish residency in South Florida. It seems right now people are establishing residency out of New York City and into South Florida, whether they’re buying or renting. We’re back to 2003 or 2004, where we have pocket listings, and things don’t need to go on the MLS to be rented. The high-end market follows the trend from downtown Miami and Brickell, which had a rental occupancy as high as 85 percent in February, according to the most recent report from the Downtown Development Authority. That was a 31% increase from 2009.

The US is slated for another round of quantitative easing, which will likely drop the value of the dollar further and which may make this market even more attractive to international buyers than it is already. Combined with an increasing rate of visitors and tourists in Miami where every year is a new record, it’s possible that the decline cycle has finally ended.

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