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Since 2008, sellers have been skittish about letting go of their homes. With the amount of foreclosures on the market and the prices of property plummeting for almost a year, some people chose to hang onto homes they no longer wanted. In luxury areas such as Cocoplum homes in Coral Gables, Florida, the market is picking up again, however. The prices for homes are very impressive and, because this is the luxury market, some of the concerns about buyer credit and other financial issues do not necessarily apply as much as they would in most cases.

There are some aspects of Coral Gables that make Cocoplum a very attractive place to live. Realtors who are experienced with the area know this and, when they list a property in Cocoplum, they know that it will be incredibly attractive to the right people.

In Coral Gables, the median home price is nearly $300,000. Cocoplum is one of the most exclusive developments in the area, with prices currently reaching into the tens of millions of dollars for some of the homes. If you’ve been thinking about when an opportunity would arise for you to get a good price for your home, that time is now. As of the last quarter of 2010, there were just over 30 homes for sale in Cocoplum, indicating that the market is becoming favorable to sellers again.

Cocoplum real estate

because of its proximity to Coral Gables, has a lot of prestige. Coral Gables is one of the most affluent cities in the Miami-Dade area, but it is very much an important part of the local area at large. Rather than being cut off from the city and its exciting culture, the residents of Cocoplum can enjoy the peace and privacy of a gated community and, within minutes, be in the heart of a historic and beautiful city known for its arts and culture.

Selling Cocoplum real estate

has become a better proposition than it has been in years. With the market improving consistently over 2010, 2011 looks to be an excellent year for the luxury property market. With a good realtor, these properties will garner a lot of interest. With a great realtor, they’ll also fetch an impressive price. If you’ve been holding off for the market to improve, your time to make your move has finally arrived and the market is excellent for these properties.