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Even among luxury locations, some are more desirable than others. Some homeowners will prefer something very private and something that offers them tremendous security. Others will prefer to be part of a thriving community that is spontaneous, trendy, upscale and fun. Coral Gables homes Florida has long had a reputation for being the latter. It is also enjoying a market favorable to sellers at the moment.

The properties that make up the Coral Gables real estate

inventory are very diverse. There is a huge range of architectural styles represented. The area is also very popular as a location for corporate headquarters and there is a growing and affluent population that calls this city home. This is among the first planned communities in the Miami-Dade area and it has consistently been one of the most popular, in good times or bad.

Currently, there is 80% owner occupancy in Coral Gables. This indicates the fact that this city is popular as a location for people’s primary homes and sets it apart a bit from a great deal of the southern Florida real estate market, which is oftentimes popular with those who want a vacation home in the beautiful tropical environment. In Coral Gables, however, there is tremendous access to all the luxury amenities one would expect.

This area has several important selling points that those wishing to unload their homes will appreciate. The area is full of restaurants and entertainment venues and they tend to be very upscale and fun. There is a healthy arts and culture scene in the community and it has the feel of being an important part of the local culture rather than being separated from it, as is the case with some luxury developments. Like all areas of Miami-Dade, the aftershocks of the real estate crash are fading away and the market is starting to get brisk again.

There are currently many homes listed on the market, and they are fetching very impressive prices. The homes in Coral Gables range from the low $100,000s to over 10 million dollars in price. This lends some strength to the market, as it is diverse. Homes in fashionable areas, such as Anastasia Avenue and Snapper Creek Road, however, are demanding high prices and there is great interest in them. With a good Coral Gables realtor, it’s possible to turn a handy profit in this popular and historic city.