For hundreds of years, mankind has relied on several resources that we have considered “renewable.” At one point in history, we believed that oil and other fossil fuels would always be available to us. Even water, which is produced naturally, is in short supply on occasion. Learning to make our homes and cars more efficient with these resources as become the focus of this generation, because we have all realized that there is no way to count on always having these resources available.

Building Green homes in Miami

have become the latest trend, but it is a popular decision that should be encouraged so that future generations can enjoy the resources that we currently have available. The benefits of owning an Miami eco-friendly home can actually far exceed the preservation of our precious energy resources. You will quickly see lower energy bills, which will free up your cash for other important purchases, such as a car that can offer the same eco-friendly results as your home.

Suggestions for green homes include countertops that are created from recycled materials. Granite may be the hottest item at the moment, but there is only so much granite available. Consider buying a home with as many recycled material features as possible. You should also be aware of the hardwoods that are used in the home. Deforestation is a serious concern, as we are seeing the disappearance of hundreds of thousands of trees every year. There are other beautiful flooring and trim options that do not require the death of a tree, and the quality and durability is just as high.

Rooftop gardens are another popular option. Not only can you produce your own food, but the garden can also effectively insulate you home naturally. This is especially helpful in urban homes, where yard space is limited. You can see that even the smallest things can make a huge difference.