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Ocean Four Sunny Isles Beach Penthouse For Sale

Miami real estate

is some of the most dynamic real estate in the world. During the condo construction boom in Miami from 2000 to 2008 there were more than 60,000 new residences added. Since then the prices had dropped and more and more units became available for sale. Today, there are great deals available for some of the most desirable real estate in Miami.

Miami ocean front condos

are still the most popular properties and, despite the economic meltdown, hold value the most. However, like anything in this world, there are some oceanfront condos that hold value better than other condos.

Below is the top 5 viewed condos in Miami during the month of November:

Ocean Four Sunny Isles Beach

with over 6,000 viewers during the past 30 days, this ocean front condo was built in 2006 and is located in the heart of Sunny Isles Beach, across from shopping plaza, restaurants, Publix and other attractions. The average selling price in Ocean Four is about $363 per square foot, which is less than the original pre-construction price.

Jade Beach Sunny Isles

is the second most viewed condo in Miami during the month of November. Jade Beach was completed in 2008 and is 55 stories high. Located right next to Ocean Four and Jade Ocean it offers convenient location, top amenities, private beach, cabanas and luxurious apartments. Average selling price for a Jade Beach condo is about $450 per square foot.

Jade Ocean Sunny Isles Beach

takes the third place with just a few viewers less than Jade Beach. Jade Ocean Sunny Isles was just completed a few months ago and now in occupancy stages. There some defaulted units that are still available at a reduced price. The average selling price for Jade Ocean condo is about $550 per square foot. However, this condo is all glass structure and probably the most noticeable condo in Miami, soaring 55 stories high.

Trump Palace Sunny Isles

and Turnberry Ocean Colony split the fourth place for most visited condos in Miami. Both condos were built in 2006 and 2007. Average selling price for Trump Palace condo is $530 per square foot which is holding pretty well from it’s original selling price of $500/foot. However, Turnberry Ocean Colony Condo is by far the most luxurious building in Miami with an average selling price of $530 per square foot.

Last, but not lease is Trump Tower Miami

The first tower is completely sold and occupied, sold at an average price of $400 per foot, Trump Towers Sunny Isles offer same beach, amenities and luxury at a less expensive price. The second Trump Tower is now selling at around $375 per square foot and offers amazing long term values for investors and vacationeers alike.

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