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Having to deal with many inquires each day

I always get the question, it seems, about whether now is the right time to buy Sunny Isles Beach condo, or not to buy. Sounds almost Shakespearean, doesn’t it.

It’s hardly a secret

that we’re in a buyers market. So, what are you waiting for – a special invitation? Understandably, many buyers are hoping to get the absolute best deal. However, to get the best deal you don’t need to wait for the world real estate to go down. All you need to do is start aggressively pursuing your real estate goal. You need to be realistic and patient and of course lucky. Same phenomena happened in the sellers’ market of 2002-2006, where many sellers were hoping to hit the peak and sell on it. However, to be successful buyer or seller, all you need is a strategy and perseverance.

I find myself

talking at cross purposes sometimes with folks who are putting off buying, and I’ve noticed that sometimes people who are waiting to buy think my job is to talk people into buying now. I heard one such fellow remark sarcastically, “Of course, if you’re a realtor, now is always the right time to buy.”

There may be realtors who have a more dominant personality and agressive selling style, that is how they see their job — talking people into buying things. It’s certainly not how I see my job. Rather than talk a small number of people into buying something, I present as much information as possible, including my website Sunny Realty Of South Florida, to educate people. My goal is to reach a large number of audience, then find the section of it that’s ready to buy right now or in some foreseeable time frame and help them achieve their real estate goals.

However, often I get people

who seems to have figured it all out and August 2010 (for example) is the “right time to buy Miami real estate”. They are waiting until that precise moment — or whatever moment they’ve decided on. Often they also seem pretty determined to share that date with others. They seem to want to develop a consensus about the “right time to buy”, as though the right time to buy were some weird celestial phenomenon that will occur at some well known time and that everyone in the Northern Hemisphere will be able to view simultaneously, presumably while sharing a Coke and a smile.

So, to clarify my role

with respect to the people who want to buy (or sell) a home now, and the others who believe in — and want you to wait for — the residential solstice. Let me be clear: my job is not to convince you to buy. In fact, if you need to be convinced, please spend some time and do a research. Internet is a great source to get information on Miami Beach real estate. Find websites where you can check out recent sales, current inventory, see photos and customize the information you need for your research. Try to work it out as a mathematical equation taking into consideration all the variables, including your budget, previous growth, today’s market value, long term growth and of course, the location. Ask your realtor to create a CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) report and as well as current trend for the area.

If, on the other hand

you want to buy “now” (more or less) and need a professional Miami Beach realtor to lead you the right way, then contact an experienced agent, like me. I will spend as much time as we need to, to make sure you’re getting the best possible property for your money. If you’re not ready to buy yet, then keep educating yourself and keep subscribing to newsletters with deals or sign up to receive an automatic notification to stay on top of current deals. I don’t even mind if you share your prognostications about “the right time to buy” with others here — whether you read it in the Wall Street Journal or something by Nostradamus. It’s all good — it’s just a little weird. When’s “the right time to get pregnant”? Is it August 2010, or does it vary by the individual woman and happen as an ongoing thing?

The time is right and there are countless opportunities out there for Sunny Isles Beach Florida Condos