Turnberry Ocean Club

Yesterday, Jeffrey Soffer of Turnberry Associates announced its plans to develop a new all-glass 52-story tower in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida called Turnberry Ocean Club. Sunny Isles Beach, with an already a reputation of the 21-st century luxury oceanfront high-rise community, is probably one of the busiest South Florida markets for luxury residential condo construction. (To view properties for sale in Sunny Isles Beach CLICK HERE)

The new Turnberry Ocean Club will be designed by Carlos Zapata and will feature 154 units, 3 units per floor, all with ocean views, 52 floors – 649 feet high, ranging in size from 2,750 to over 10,000 square feet, with price ranging from $3M to $22M. The construction will begin early 2015 and the building will be ready for occupancy mid 2017. This will be the company’s 13th luxury residential development in South Florida.

Back in 2006 Sofer targeted Sunny Isles Beach and successfully sold both towers of Turnberry Ocean Colony. However, back in 2003 Turnberry Associates developed Oceania Island Tower V and prior to that it was Porto-Vita Towers and Townhomes, the luxury residential development in Aventura. Over the interview with Miami Herald, Jeffrey Sofer said “I think we have some of the best assets in the world, We’re in a great city and it’s still cheap compared to the rest of the world.”

The Sofer family, a diversified developers of more than $7 billion in commercial and residential projects, are taking construction to the new hights, adding on to the company’s signature projects: Aventura Mall, the Fontainebleau and Aventura’s Turnberry Isle Miami resort. Other major projects are on the roster in Nashville and elsewhere in Florida as the company pours hundreds of millions of dollars into new development. In addition, Jeffrey Sofer is working on bringing casino gambling to the Fontainebleau Miami Beach and to expand the Fontainebleau resort brand globally.

If you’re interested in reserving a unit at the new Turnberry Ocean Club, please contact Lana Bell (305) 336-0457

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For the fourth year running, Miami has shown record-breaking tourism numbers. The tourism numbers are in, and Miami-Dade played host to over 14 million overnight guests in 2013. If the rest of the country – or the rest of the world – is experiencing lulls in tourism due to a slumped economy, you couldn’t tell from looking at Miami. Not only has Florida bounced back from the recession caused by 2008’s housing crisis, but Miami real estate is showing better numbers than ever. What’s driving it?

The actual number of visitors to the Miami area only increased by about 2.2 percent over 2012. However, tourism expenditures increased by more than twice that, at 4.6 percent. That’s a record $22.8 billion that came into Florida from tourism.

Getting a Reputation for Luxury

Tourism bureau president and CEO, William Talbert III attributes this increase in expenditures to changes in the city. Miami has garnered a lot of attention over the past few years, and it’s becoming known, more and more, as a luxury destination. That means that more people with disposable income are likely to come to Miami and spend their money in and around the city.

However, our fair city’s reputation for luxury is a bit of a double-edged sword. If that reputation goes too far, Miami will be seen as a playground for the very wealthy, closed off to the middle class. This could result in tourism numbers dropping.

Fortunately, the city of Miami has been hard at work, with marketing campaigns all over the world. The tourism board is not just interested in making Miami a destination for US residents. It wants Miami to be a serious international vacation destination.

Becoming an International Destination

Domestic tourism numbers weren’t the only ones going up in 2013, either. The number of visitors from Venezuela, Argentina, and Colombia increased by 4.4 percent, reaching just over 7 million visitors. In fact, international tourism is really the reason that Miami saw another record-breaking year. If you look at the breakdown, domestic tourism only increased by about a half of a percent.

Miami’s tourism board members know that if the city wants to see future increases in tourism that the marketing focus has to be outside the United States. Domestic travelers often think of Miami for a fun, sunny, vacation with beautiful beaches all day and tons of chic urban shopping, dining, and clubbing at night. To really grow the numbers, Miami will have to appeal to international travelers, and the tourism board is already on it.

Though Europe has been experiencing a minor recession, marketing campaigns aimed at European tourists have already brought an increase in visitors from the UK, France, and all over Europe. The tourism board is also hopeful for emerging tourist markets in India and the Middle East. In fact, as of June of this year, Qatar Airways will have 4 flights per week to Miami, opening up a previously totally untapped market for Miami tourism. The future is bright for domestic and international tourism to Miami and even brighter for Miami condos (CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SITE)

Making a real estate deal requires understanding, logic and common sense. It also requires everybody to be able to perform and do their job at their best. However, the first step requires that the property being dealt with is a property that truly suits the needs of the person attempting to make the deal. Real estate, of course, has a lot to do with numbers but, when one is talking about finding a dream home, there is a very human element involved that needs to be addressed to ensure the highest level of success.

Rationality Can Be a Prison

It is important to have a logical head when you’re trying to make a real estate deal and to make sense of all the numbers involved in a deal. However, sometimes you have to break out of thinking that tends to emphasize numerical concepts and fall in love with the property. Linear thinking is good, but breaking away from patterns of thinking that are simply too structured can really help people to enjoy a higher levels of success. The idea is that you need to consider what is important to you, what you need to share with the people you’re working with and enjoy the experience of thinking outside the box, as the old saying goes.

In real estate terms, this means clearly talking about what it is you are looking for in a home. Most people, when asked what they are looking for in a home, will likely default immediately to a price range. Of course, the price range really isn’t the home, the price range simply describes the amount of resources required to acquire that home. The real goal is the home. The reason the home becomes a goal is because it satisfies some human need that you, the buyer, experienced and that led you to seek out a dream home. It’s considered to be half art, half science.

Miami Real Estate

Without any doubts, Miami real estate offers dream homes. It may be a high-rise condominium with a spectacular oceanfront view and every imaginable amenity or a waterfront luxury home with lush, tropical yard, or any of the other things that define the area. However, it takes a while to settle on a type of property and then find the perfect home that suits your family needs. Since most people will search for properties on the Internet these day, it is also important to meet with your realtor and visit the properties you’ve selected to make sure you’ve considered exactly the right place.

When you are describing your dream home to us, don’t be afraid to talk about your dreams. Be free to break away from numbers, comparative market analyses, histories of property, opportunities for capital growth and so forth. Talk about what really motivates you to be here.

Successful and affluent people, naturally, do tend to think of things in terms of investments. Remember that one of the things best in life about being successful is being able to actually have access to your dreams. Let us know what your dream property is and we will do everything we can to find it for you.

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Paramount Bay condos for sale

Paramount Bay Condo is located on the North Bayshore Drive which is on Biscayne Bay, and couple of blocks north of downtown Miami and couple of blocks South of Midtown Miami. This is one of the most exciting and vibrant places to be in Miami. An ideal location for people who want to make certain that there are plenty of things for them to do, including exploring some of the most luxurious stores and restaurants in the area. For those who have to do more than vacation in Miami, you’re right in the downtown area which offers plenty of business resources located nearby.

The Property

Envisioned by Lenny Kravitz of Kravitz Design Inc., the 47-story architectural wonder, designed by Arquitectonica offers floor plans that include anywhere from 1 to 4 bedrooms, and start from a bit over $1,214 sq.ft. to 4,437 sq.ft. residences. Each of the units in the property offers majestic water and city views ensuring that the experience of living at Paramount Bay is an ultimate Miami living combining resort-life with urban cool.

The Beach

Living in the city certainly offers great options, however sometimes you need to slip out of the city and onto the sizzle of the beach and into the warm, soothing ocean. Living at Paramount Bay gives you the best of both worlds, with an exclusive Social Membership at the legendary and newly renovated Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach. Relax with this luxury resort’s private beach club which includes beach access, watersports, pools, renowned restaurants and Camp Roc, providing supervised activities for children.

The Activities

Paramount Bay offers two-story 6,000-square-foot state-of-the-art spa and fitness center with latest equipment, including Wii Fit, sauna, steam, private treatment rooms, and featuring Decleor products. For those who love Yoga Pilates, the building offers a studio, dedicated just for that. In addition, there is a billiards room as well as separate teen and kids area with cool gadgets available for all ages.

The street-side café will offer tasty menu for residents, as well as wireless high-speed Internet throughout the common areas. There is a building-wide fiber optic backbone allowing for the fastest Internet possible

The Units

All units in the building offer spacious floor plans with 10-foot-high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows and doors to enjoy the great Biscayne Bay and beyond views. The 8-foot deep private terraces with glass railings are a great place to relax and watch the sunrise and the sunset. State-of-the-art Italian kitchens are all equipped with stainless steel Wolf/Sub-Zero appliances and top-quality stone countertops. Rain head and hand-held showers surrounded by frameless glass for open bay views and floating vanities with double vertical storage units complete the bathrooms. All units come with complete laundry room with washer and dryer.

The Technology

The technology makes this building unique. Every residence includes an iPad 2 programmed with signature software that links you to Paramount Bay’s array of services and amenities including valet parking, package tracking, restaurant and hotel reservations, and video calls to the concierge. Also accessible through iPhone & Android phones or through any web browser, you can manage your Paramount Bay Life from anywhere in the world.

Paramount Bay is ideal for families and, in particular, it’s good for people who want a larger condominium property in the heart of Miami with great water views, ideally located and top-notch amenities. It is ideal for families and single people looking to get great pleasures out of life. With all these amenities, you will deftly want to move quickly if you’re interested in this property.

“>Click Here to view all currently available Paramount Bay condos for sale and rent.

Miami condos for sale

Sunny Isles Beach has a reputation for new oceanfront luxury high-rise condominium community of the 21st Century and, in that regard, it seldom disappoints. Sunny Isles Beach real estate (click here to view the site) as well as other parts of Miami presents one of the most attractive luxury real estate markets in the world. In fact, it is so attractive that it brings people from all over the world and, in part, that is what inspires me to be a real estate broker in this affluent, diverse and exciting real estate market.

ONE Sotheby’s International Realty is of the most prestigious real estate firm in the world and speaks directly to the market for luxury properties. To offer better service, I am a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist and a negotiating expert, which gives me the necessary knowledge to help clients meet their goals with their property purchases, which is one of the things that truly makes working in real estate worthwhile. A property is so much more than another acquisition. While a property can be a great investment, at some level, it is always a home and helping clients to find exactly the property they wish to call their own is incredibly motivating.

A Great Market

The Florida real estate market is definitely heating up again, according to multiple sources, including the http://www.miamiherald.com/business/real-estate/ Miami Herald. There are great opportunities for people to make investments in this market, and with people from all over the world being attracted to Miami real estate, I’m able to take advantage of my global connections, the resources I have at my fingertips and my expertise in this market to help people find exactly the properties they want. Ideally, I’m able to bring together the perfect property and the investor who will appreciate it for what it is and be able to turn it into something that is uniquely their own.


I have a staff of 20 expert agents who understand the cultures of people to whom we sell and who speak the native language of the buyers. That includes people who speak fluent Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Hebrew, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Swiss. With a great deal of cultural knowledge and the ability to speak to people in their own languages, we are able to make certain that the investments that international buyers are making in the Miami areas is understood to the greatest degree of detail and that buyers can proceed with confidence when they find a property that they want.

The Deal

Of course, completing a real estate deal means more than being aware of the culture of your client and being able to speak the language. The language of real estate itself is something that requires skill to understand and I endeavor to make certain that my clients always get the best deal. That means that I leverage my knowledge of the local real estate market to enable my clients to take advantage of the best possible timing to make their deal and that I bring to the table the negotiating skills that I have developed over many years as a broker.

Above all other things, I find inspiration in helping my clients. As this testimonial reveals, I do everything I can to give my clients the best possible experience and the best possible investment.

“We had a fantastic experience working with you. We’ve never felt any pressure at any time and your experience and in-depth knowledge of the building as well as the local real estate market, made us believers. We couldn’t be happier at Turnberry Ocean Colony. You’ve been a pleasure to work with and a bright spot during this delightful process.”
-Evan Y.

Miami condos for sale

Is the condo market in Miami saturated? In January of this year, over 10,000 condos were actively listed in the Miami metro area. The spike in listings was reported back in January, by the Miami Association of Realtors. Analysts have noted that buyers have gained steam, as well as listings, though. So, is the market actually saturated, or are we seeing a spike that will even out as more buyers purchase these listed condos? (CLICK HERE to view all currently available condos for sale in Miami)

Currently, as the economy has stabilized and developers have gained confidence in the market’s future, there’s more competition than there has been in the last few years. Not only are condo owners putting their units up for resale, but there are more new construction and pre-construction units for sale on the Miami market than there has been since before the housing crisis in 2008.

Not the “Glut” You’re Thinking Of

The term “glut” is on the tips of a lot of tongues in the real estate world in Miami right now, but it’s not because of a lack of demand for properties. It’s because buyers are being given so many more choices than they’ve had in over six years. The upshot of this is that different buyers, representing different markets, will be attracted to different properties and different features.

Buyers from South America tend to be attracted to the newly constructed condo towers, with their new styles, amenities, and features. Long-time Miami residents may be more attracted to a neighborhood with the best schools or to a place near a park where they grew up. These are just two examples of the different types of buyer pushback you’ll see with this very unique type of condo market glut. However, according to the market stats, there’s nothing to worry about. The first quarter of the fiscal year is a very popular, “in season”, time of year for the housing market in Miami. This is the time of year that potential buyers traveling to the city on vacation so that they can check out new constructions, condos for resale, and neighborhoods where they might want to live. The large inventory of condos for sale during the height of the season is nothing to be worried about.

Resale Prices Are Up

In January of this year, Miami-Dade County showed significant gains in both condo sales and sales of single-family homes. (CLICK HERE to view all currently available condos for sale in Miami) This went against the plateau that the rest of the country was seeing at the time. While there may have been a lot of condos listed on the market, there were also a lot of condos being closed on. In fact, there were significantly more than were selling in January of 2013.

At the same time, the median for condo prices rose by about 20 percent this past January, and single-family homes rose by 16 percent. That means that, though at first glance the market looks saturated, that’s just simply not the case. Though a lot of developers and individuals are listing their properties, a lot of buyers are interested in those properties.

The trend is up in Miami condo prices and property values, and it doesn’t look to be going back down any time soon.

Miami real estate

Just a quick note to share a local recent newspaper article about me. I thought that you may enjoy reading it!

Also, I am pleased to provide you with the December 2013 and Best of 2013 issues of Significant Sales. The December issue features top sales from various locations, beginning with an extraordinary 65,000-acre property in Canada. Also featured are properties from Florida, New York, Washington, D.C., Colorado, California and Virginia. The Best of 2013 issue provides a snapshot of the exceptional work our worldwide network did last year. We can all be proud of the properties that made the list and the immense amount of hard work and expertise it took to successfully market and sell these distinctive homes.

Significant Sales was designed to display distinctive properties as it showcases the global reach and power of our broad network. Please keep in mind that it only includes properties we are at liberty to publicize. We also proudly feature Significant Sales on sothebysrealty.com. Please CLICK HERE to view it.

Miami real estate

New York City’s financial district is moving to Miami. With the appeal of lower taxes, cost of living, gorgeous weather, beaches, and a number of other advantages that south Florida has over the icy Northeast, it’s no wonder that Miami is booming with finance and business.

It’s no accident that Miami has become the second largest financial hub in the United States, right behind Manhattan. The city has a very finance-friendly atmosphere, and the Miami Downtown Development Authority is working hard to attract more bankers and business people. The Authority has even launched the DWNTWN campaign to attract more finance business to the city.

More and more investors, bankers, and financiers are moving to Miami, and not just the little guys, either. Founder of Universa Investments, Mark Spitznagel has moved his business south, stating that Miami provides the perfect environment for Universa to expand and thrive. Spitznagel isn’t the only one, either. Rumor has it that Leon Black and Lloyd Blankfein have also recently purchased condos in the Miami area.

So what sets Miami apart from anywhere else in the world? Let’s take a closer look at some of the city’s many attributes.

Lower Taxes Mean Better Profits

Florida doesn’t have any capital gains taxes, individual income taxes, or estate taxes. That means, when you do business in Florida, you keep more of the money that you earn. When hedge funds are based in Florida, they can expect to pay a significantly lower tax rate, as they’ll only have to pay the federal government, rather than both state and federal, in these areas.

More Space to Stretch Out

Everyone knows that real estate prices in New York City are at a premium everywhere you go. People who, anywhere else in the country, would be able to afford to live in a full-sized house with a yard, cram themselves into shoebox apartments with multiple roommates. In Miami, investors and business people can afford spacious condos or houses (view Miami condos for sale here) that are close to both work and play. In addition to this, Miami’s cost of living is a full 10 percent lower than the cost of living in New York.

Don’t Forget the Weather

While everyone on Wall Street is bundled up in layers upon layers for six months out of the year, in southern Florida, the weather is almost always sunny and perfect. The average temperature for the area, all year round, is a balmy and comfortable 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Luxury Galore to Impress Clients and Investors

If you’re looking for a place to take your clients and investors to impress them, you’ll have all kinds of options. Miami is packed with the hottest nightclubs in the country and the best five-star restaurants in the world. Better yet, the city boasts the largest port in the world.

October through March is the prime season for yacht parties, charities, and benefits. When you entertain your guests and investors, you can take them away from their winter woes and out on a luxurious cruise with a warm wind in their faces. Your clients and investors won’t ever want to go home. Chances are, they’ll want to move to Miami, too.

To view all currently available properties in Miami please CLICK HERE

Jade Signature Sunny Isles

The times are busy for Fortune International since they’ve broke the ground on one of the last oceanfront parcels in Sunny Isles Beach to construct the fourth high-rise tower – Jade Signature. The new tower will soar 57 stories and will offer 192 residences, all with 10 foot ceilings and ocean views, ranging from 1,378 sq.ft. to 9,183 sq.ft. penthouse. The apartments in the luxury condominium tower will range from $1,950,000 to $28,000,000. The new Jade Signature tower will have the characteristic parallelogram shape, which gives an interesting look and a very modern feel to the structure. The tower also feature units with floor-to-ceiling windows. Each of the units is provided with a 25-foot wide terrace and an ocean view.

The new site is located next to both sister properties – Jade Beach (view Jade Beach site here) and Jade Ocean (view Jade Ocean site here) in the heart of Sunny Isles Beach. There is another Jade tower located on Brickell called Jade Residences (view Jade Residences site here).

Sunny Isles Beach – The New Florida Riviera

Ever since the beginning of Sunny Isles real estate boom era, the developer – Edgardo De Fortuna has had a dream to transform Sunny Isles Beach into the Florida Riviera. For those already familiar with the South Florida real estate market, it’s readily apparent that Sunny Isles Beach and other upscale areas come very close to meeting that goal already. The Jade properties are good examples of some of the most popular types of luxury real estate in South Florida. With amenities that would be at home at a five-star resort, they provide residents with an easy way to enjoy the sunny weather in South Florida, provided with private and valet parking, state-of-the-art security and privacy enhancements for their units and, of course, excellent views of and access to the ocean.

Condominium properties have constituted the majority of property sold in Sunny Isles Beach over the past years. In fact, 375 condominium properties have sold over the last six months, while only seven single-family homes have sold in that same time period, rather revealing the popularity of condominium properties in the area. Condominium properties on the waterfront tend to be, by far, at the highest end of the luxury real estate market. Nonetheless, they have attracted a steady stream of investors, many of whom come from international destinations, adding to Miami’s very diverse population and bringing a vital injection of cash into the local economy.

The average demographic for properties such as any of the Jade towers is well educated, affluent and someone who is looking for a property that affords them excellent views, access to the highest standard of living and, quite often, people who are looking for diverse area to call their home. In recent years, in addition to many new residents from Latin America, South Florida has managed to attract money from Europe, Russia, Italy and France, making it a truly international place in which to live. Combined with new developments such as Jade Signature, the influx of money from around the world promises to bring to Florida a truly vibrant and unique real estate market moving forward into the future.

Miami real estate

ONE Sotheby’s International Realty Sunny Isles Beach Branch is gearing up to provide the best real estate resource for the South Florida real estate market. Our site covers the markets for commercial real estate (view site) as well as residential properties. In addition to this, we provide top-performing brokers as well as valuable insights to the local market place. Our knowledge of local market is superb when it comes to luxury oceanfront condos and waterfront homes.


Miami Florida has some of the finest luxury real estate in the world and, because of that, the most expensive properties on the market are always of interest to not only investors, but simply to those who want to know what’s out there for people who are looking for something that is a bit beyond luxurious. Our Trends Magazine is a semi-annual, comprehensive study of South Florida real estate market activity from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, including in-depth data analysis by neighborhood. (Click here to view).

What’s In Store?

There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about South Florida’s real estate market. Not only has the worst of the financial crash long since passed, the real estate market is showing a great deal of promise in terms of how it may shape up in the future. In fact, some real estate experts are predicting that the boom and bust cycle that has characterized South Florida real estate has switched and now the market is once again heating up. Interestingly, one of the reasons, at least in part, is because of one of the greatest strengths that South Florida has always had: it’s appeal to international residence.

Brining in the Cash

Investors, as well as new residents from Latin America, Russia and Europe who are looking for luxury real estate have been picking up some of the most desirable properties regularly. This has brought some stability to the market and, in the future, it may ensure that the boom and bust cycle isn’t so much a part of South Florida’s real estate market at all. With a diversity of properties available, including waterfront properties that sell in the millions and residential homes that sell for very reasonable prices, South Florida has enough diversity among the real estate market to keep such investors happy.

Our website offers all currently available listings in from Fort Lauderdale to South Miami all with photos, maps and extensive statistics information to provide all available data to our clients. Please see the site here – http://www.sunnyislesmiamirealestate.com/. In addition, we’re always eager to help and educate our clients in using the tools we provide as well as our professional opinion. If you’re looking to list a property, please contact our office at (305) 336-0457 and we will provide market analysis report and well as comparable properties report and will get you the best possible price on the market.

Contact us today to learn about the future of the market and how it may stack up in terms of investment potential. With great properties being available and investors from all over the world demonstrating an interest in picking them up, the real estate climate in South Florida is likely to be just as sunny as the weather in the near future.

Content published by Lana Bell

Content published by Lana Bell