Panama Papers Show Secret Money Tied to Luxury Miami Real Estate

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on June 23rd, 2016

Miami real estate

As you’re probably aware by now, at the beginning of April, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists dropped a bombshell when they published leaked documents that have since become known as the Panama Papers. In total, there are some 11 million documents which allegedly make clear that worldwide corruption is happening thanks to a clandestine financial network that ensures large sums of money never get taxed.

Ties to Miami Real Estate

If some of the information is accurate, the network has fingerprints all over Miami. For years, it’s been well known that the luxury real estate market here is eyed by buyers all over the world, many of whom make purchases anonymously. This was seen as one of the driving forces behind the Miami luxury condo boom – click here to see the website.

Now, though, a much different picture is being brought to light—one that depicts these beautiful homes as simply hiding places for billions of dollars.

Shell Companies and Condos

The way it would allegedly work is that the law firm of Mossack Fonseca would set up foreign shell companies for the wealthy members of this network. This is the firm that the leak originated from and, as they’re based in Panama, that’s how the name started.

A client of Mossack Fonseca’s could then put money into one of these shell companies and that organization would then purchase a luxury unit somewhere in Miami—we’re definitely not lacking for options, after all.

This sort of transaction would effectively hide the money from governments looking to levy taxes on people like Paulo Octávio Alves Pereira, just one man who was allegedly a part of this scheme.

Paulo Octávio Alves Pereira

In Brazil, Paulo Octávio Alves Pereira is known as a politician who is under indictment on charges of corruption. However, prior to his political life, he made his fortune by developing shopping centers throughout his home country.

When his old boss had to step down as governor of Brasilia after being arrested for bribery, Paulo Octávio Alves Pereira stepped in. However, he was quickly slapped with the same charges.

At some point, Pereira took an interest in Miami real estate, though. He purchased a beautiful unit at the luxurious St. Regis Bal Harbour, where 24-hour room service is just one of many amenities available to residents.

However, this would make him just one of 19 foreign nationals named in the report who reportedly bought properties in Miami-Dade County. He also makes a much more exclusive list as being one of the eight who has been linked to some type of crime back in their home countries.

The U.S. Treasury Department’s Own Investigation

Keep in mind that the U.S. Treasury Department had launched its own investigation just a couple months ago into these shadowy dealings. They specifically took aim at the shell companies that were scooping up real estate for anonymous buyers and paying in cash.

Considering foreign nationals spent $6.1 billion in South Florida homes last year, the department certainly has its work cut out for them, though the Panama Papers definitely help.

Jade Signature Offers Everything Residents Want

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on June 21st, 2016

Jade Signature Sunny Isles

Jade Signature is a beautiful tower. It is 57 stories high and it sits on the sand of Sunny Isles Beach – visit the website here, one of the most idyllic and sought after locations in the Miami area. One of the things that residents like so much about living at Jade Signature is that it is not like living in a typical condo building. Instead, it is more like living in a luxury resort thanks to all of the amenities and the fantastic features of the residences.

Amenities at Jade Signature

When the building was developed, the creators had the residents wants and needs firmly in mind. The residents are able to enjoy a wide range of onsite amenities including a lagoon pool, as well as a beach grill. There is also a spa and a wine cellar in the building. If you have teens, they might like to spend some time in the teen center. If you have business to take care of, you can head down to the business center. The building also has a 24-hour concierge and valet ready to help you.

The residents who like to hit the gym and keep fit will enjoy the onsite fitness center. It has state of the art equipment that can help you look great on the beach. From weights to cardio machines, they have what you need to get into the best shape of your life. All of these amenities and more are geared toward ensuring that you have a great experience and that you really feel as though you are living in luxury every single day.

What Makes the Residences Special?

The building is great, and the residences are just as impressive. They have flow through floor plans that feel very open. You can find units that have views of the Intracoastal Waterway, the Ocean, and the City. The living spaces in the units varies greatly. Some of the small units are around 1400 square feet, while the large penthouses are around 10500 square feet.

The units have floor-to-ceiling windows, and you can step out onto the oversized terraces to take in the full view. Some of the units have private garage spaces. The units have a wine cooler, as well as beautiful European designed cabinets and top of the line appliances in the kitchen. The homes have stone countertops, a washer and a dryer, walk-in closets, and smart technology.

The larger units that have three, four, or five bedrooms will also have service quarters and a service entrance. Because there are so many different size options and floor plans available at Jade Signature, many people will be able to find a unit that will suit their needs. Whether you are a retired couple, single, newlyweds, or have a growing family, there is a unit that’s right for you.
Sunny Isles Beach is continuing to grow in popularity, and Jade Signature is easily one of the most impressive and desired buildings in the area. Take some time to see what units are for sale currently.

One Sotheby’s International Realty’s office is located directly across from Jade Signature at 18288 Collins Ave, Suite 1, Sunny Isles Beach. Please stop by our office to find out all available units at Jade Signature or any other project, or call us directly – (305) 336-0457.

Chateau Beach Promises Great Amenities and Residences

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on June 18th, 2016

Chateau Beach Sunny Isles

The Chateau Group is behind Chateau Beach – (view website here), one of the newest and most impressive condos on the oceanfront in Sunny Isles Beach. The development is taking place at Collins Ave. and 174th Street, and the project is already promising to be a success. For starters, the development group is one of the most popular in Argentina, and they are now bringing their talents to Miami. This is helping to make Chateau Beach one of the most desirable places to buy in the area.

What Will the Residences Offer?

One of the great things about the building is that it has a limited number of units, which is going to mean more privacy for the residents. It will be 33 stories, but it will only have 84 units. The units will be available in two, three, and four-bedroom configurations, so they can appeal to individuals and families of most sizes. Since there are relatively few units in the building, you will find that even the smallest of them is quite large. The regular units range in size from 2,890 square feet to 4,305 square feet.

In addition, there are going to be two penthouses. One of the penthouses is 8500 square feet and the other is 9300 square feet. This should be enough space for just about anyone to be happy.
The ceilings in the condos will be 10’ high, while the ceilings in the penthouses will be 11’ high. The units feature floor-to-ceiling impact resistant glass, as well as private elevators (semi-private for the two-bedroom units), staff rooms, high quality appliances and Italian cabinetry.

Features of Chateau Beach

While the residences and their features are certainly amazing in their own right, you may want to learn more about the amenities that the building plans to offer as well. They are just as impressive. There will be his and her spas with therapy suites, as well as a relaxation terrace featuring an aromatherapy Jacuzzi.

If you like the idea of relaxing and sipping some nice wine, you can head to the wine lounge. It even features private lockers that you can use. There is a cigar bar that has humidors available, as well as a ballroom. If you have children, they can spend time at the kids’ club. You can enjoy the home theater and watch movies and television in style.

For those who want to work out and keep in shape, you can spend some time at the fitness center. It is going to have high quality equipment to help you work up a sweat and build those muscles. It also happens to overlook the ocean so you will have a fantastic view while pumping iron or working out on a cardio machine.

For those who have been searching for units that are large and luxurious, Chateau Beach might be the ideal solution. It will be a beautiful building in an ideal area, and it has all of the features and amenities that you could possibly need. You will want to act quickly though, as it is a popular building.

Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach County Among Top Single-Family Markets in the Nation

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on June 15th, 2016

Fort Lauderdale Homes for sale

If you’ve been thinking about relocating your family sometime in the near future, you may want to think about what Florida has to offer. Obviously, there’s some of the best weather in the country here. Palm Beach County and Fort Lauderdale – (see all homes for sale here) also have another attractive aspect that should draw your attention: a recent report said they were amongst the top five single-family markets in the entire country.

Ranking for the Second Year in a Row

Obviously, landing on Ten-X’s Top Single-Family Housing Markets Report is always a good sign for those that make the list. However, in this case, both Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach County are returning from last year.

Palm Beach County actually climbed a few spots, making it to fourth. Fort Lauderdale was second last year, but is still at a very respectable fifth place this time around.

The list gave the top spots to Seattle (first) and Portland (second) for the second year in a row. Nashville took bronze.

Other cities in Florida made appearances as well. Orlando came in at number six; Tampa took the 11th spot; Miami was at 19; and Jacksonville received the 31st position.

Factors for Ranking

Ten-X uses a number of different factors for compiling this popular list. Amongst other things, this includes:

• Home appreciation
• Home prices
• Demographics
• Economic conditions
• Cost of living

Obviously, the better a city does in those five areas, the easier—and more affordable—it will be to raise a family. Again, other factors were taken into consideration too.

Home Prices on the Rise

Although we may be out of the recession, the economy is still fairly shaky in most parts of the country. This is as true for the housing markets as anything else.
According to the report, Fort Lauderdale’s home prices went up 8% from the year before though. Palm Beach County enjoyed a very impressive 14.1% boost to its home prices during that same time period.

Fort Lauderdale also got a 1.7% shot in the arm to its home sales; whereas, in Palm Beach County, that number was just a bit higher at 2%.

Possible Room for Continued Growth

Best of all, there is still a lot of room for growth. That doesn’t mean housing prices will absolutely keep going up, of course. However, home prices in these two areas are still well below peak levels.

For example, the median sales price for a home in Palm Beach County is $247,000, but that’s 18% short of its peak. For Fort Lauderdale, they are 22% below their peak with homes selling at a median price of $227,000.

Again, there’s no guarantee that home prices will continue to appreciate in these parts of Florida, but they certainly have been for the past few years now, which is definitely a good sign.

While many people would move to Fort Lauderdale or Palm Beach County just for the weather, you now have another reason to take the plunge. If you’re looking for single-family homes, you should consider striking while the iron is hot.

If you’re considering to purchase a property, please contact our office – One Sotheby’s International Realty at (305) 336-0457 or view our site with up-to-date listings –

Sammy Sosa Scores with $9M Sale of His House in Golden Beach

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on June 13th, 2016

Golden Beach House

If you know anything about of Sammy Sosa, you know that he’s used to winning. Most of us will never forget the home run record chase of 1998 when he and Mark McGwire took turns, night after night, blasting pitches into the stands in pursuit of Roger Maris’ single season mark. While this run earned him the nickname “Slammin’ Sammy”, he’d go on to achieve other feats worthy of the moniker. Although he’s now retired, Sosa recently proved he still knows how to score in a big way.

Sosa Sells Golden Beach Neighborhood

At the end of March, Sosa parted ways with a luxurious waterfront mansion he owned in the exclusive Golden Beach neighborhood – see all Golden Beach homes for sale here. The home was two stories with seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms and a half-bathroom. In total, it occupied an impressive 24,900 square feet right on the beach.

Stuart Drossner of Drossner Realty confirmed that the sale had closed earlier this month. His boutique brokerage, which is located in Aventura, co-brokered the deal with Alexander Goldstein of Miles Goldstein Real Estate. At the time of this writing, though, neither party has offered any further comment about the deal. It had not yet cleared county records when the announcement was made either.

The house had been built in 1998 and Sosa only owned it for about three years. He purchased it for $7.6 million—which equates to nearly $1,044 per square foot—but sold it for $9.15 million. In case you’re curious, that’s $1,258 per square foot.

That’s definitely an enviable profit and I’m sure Sosa has other great spots to lay his head at night, but still, consider some of these amenities.

The Home’s Amenities

Aside from the features we mentioned above—including the fact that he was right on the beach—Sosa also had a large master suite to enjoy that came with its own terrace which overlooked the ocean.

There was a central courtyard, as well, so Sosa could take in some fresh air from inside his own walls. It even featured a fully stocked koi pond too.
Inside, Sosa’s meals came from a modern kitchen outfitted with industrial Miele appliances.

Still, reports say that Sosa almost never visited the home, so chances are he’s enjoying the profit more than he’s missing his koi. It was probably always meant as an investment property, given the trajectory of prices in Golden Beach over the years.

Other Athletes Selling in the Area

Sosa’s sale isn’t unique, despite the profit he made and the amazing property he sold. Other professional athletes are playing the South Florida real estate market too. Earlier in March, Jason Taylor—formerly of the Miami Dolphins—put his mansion in Weston on the market for $4.15 million.

Other NFL players live in the area too. Asante Samuel has a home in Southwest Ranhes, a luxurious enclave in Broward County, for example.

Kevin Durant, who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder, sold his Miami penthouse at 900 Biscayne for a cool $3.15 million.

None of this is anything new, though. Southern Florida has long attracted athletes from all over the country who often trade real estate like kids do their playing cards.

Find the Perfect Home at Mansions at Acqualina

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on June 11th, 2016

Mansions at Acqualina Sunny Isles

When you think of the ideal place to call home, what does your mind conjure up? Are you looking for resort style living in true luxury that can appeal to your expensive tastes? Do you desire the finer things in life? If so, and if you’ve been searching Sunny Isles Beach for potential homes, the Mansions at Acqualina – (visit the website here) could be the ideal solution to what you need. These homes are more impressive than most of the other homes in the state, and if luxury is your goal, this building is one of your best options.

What Makes the Mansions Special?

From the moment you first set your eyes on this tower, you will see that it’s unique. It has a very interesting tiered design, and the grounds are beautifully landscaped. The building is just steps away from the ocean, so it should never take you more than a few minutes to head from your unit to the sand. While the location in Sunny Isles Beach and the proximity of the ocean are enticing, that’s just the start of what this building offers.

There are a number of amenities that you can experience. You can find the Costa Grill, visit the beach club, and dine at the onsite restaurant. The building has two pools, as well as waterfalls, cabanas and lounges around the pools, a grand room, and even a private cinema where you can watch movies and television. The kids will have a good time at the children’s center, and you can keep up with your fitness routine at the onsite fitness center. If you would like, you can even arrange for personal training.

One of the other nice features of the building is the virtual golf room. You can head to the VR room and play on some of the best golf courses in the world without ever having to leave home. It doesn’t get much better than that.

If you have a dog, you will be happy to know that your furry friend is welcome to live at Mansions at Acqualina. They even have a dog park where you can walk your pet and provide some exercise.

The Units

Mansions at Acqualina condo

The building amenities are very impressive, and they may help to sway you into buying at this building. However, you also want to know what makes the residences so special. They are large and spacious, and you can choose from a number of floor plans that will accommodate your requirements. They are the epitome of luxury, and you will have beautiful flooring, modern appliances, and large windows so you can enjoy the impressive views. The units also have terraces. It’s nice to head out to your terrace and enjoy the warm sun or the cool night air.

As you can see, there are plenty of things that help to make Mansions at Acqualina a great option for well to do homebuyers who want to live in pure luxury. Take the time to see what options are available today by visiting One Sotheby’s International Realty Sunny Isles Beach branch or call (305) 336-0457.

Porsche Design Tower to Include Penthouse with Room for 11 Cars

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on June 9th, 2016

Porsche Sunny Isles

It should come as no surprise that the Porsche Design Tower, which should be opening by the end of this year, is going to be a building that features luxury amenity after luxury amenity. Even by South Florida standards, this tower is going to stand out for more than a few reasons. However, it was recently announced that one of those reasons is going to be a penthouse that can store up to 11 cars. No word yet on whether or not they all have to be Porsches though.

An Elevator for Luxury Cars

It probably goes without saying that people who will be living at 18555 Collins Avenue in Sunny Isles Beach won’t be parking on the street when they get home. That doesn’t mean they’ll be pulling their cars into some underground garage though either.
Instead, residents of Porsche Design Tower can drive into an elevator designed to take luxury cars—and their owners—to one of the 132 luxury condos in the building. This patented elevator—called the Dezervator—is named after Gil Dezer, the inventor. It ensures that residents can step out of their condo and into their favorite sports car even if they’re 50 floors above the ground. The elevator in this $560 million tower will have a glass side to it, as well, so you can take in gorgeous views on your way up.

Other Amazing Amenities

The Porsche Design Tower (view website here) is no one-trick-luxury-building either. Though a car for elevators definitely deserves the awe it attracts, the tower will feature a number of other incredible amenities as well.

There will be amazing views of the city and ocean, of course. You can even enjoy them from your balcony plunge pool before retiring to your luxury man cave.

Residents will get to enjoy meals at their own lobby-level restaurant. They can spend time in the game room or enjoy a round in a virtual golf simulator. A movie theater with stadium seating, surround sound and a popcorn bar will be available as well.
There will even be an oceanfront hair salon complete with manicure and pedicure solutions as well as a spa for men and women equipped with a sauna, steam room and snow room.

A Penthouse Unlike Any Other

Porsche Tower Penthouse

The crown jewel of the tower is its penthouse. It will be 16,915 square feet and feature four bedroom-suites and 6.5 baths.
Obviously, that’s enough for a home to stand out, but it doesn’t stop there. The unit also has room for 11 luxury vehicles. You can park four of them in two separate two-stall garages. Then you can keep the other seven in a car gallery. Another option is to store up to three of them in the living room next to your bar and billiard table.

If you have millions to spend, there are currently six units available in the Porsche Design Tower. However, while the penthouse is priced at $32.5 million, the other options are, well, relatively more affordable. All sales are being handled by One Sotheby’s International Realty Sunny Isles Branch, if you’re interested. Call our office at (305) 336-0457.

Trump Palace Could Be a Good Place to Call Your Next Home

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on June 7th, 2016

Trump Palace Sunny Isles

Trump Palace – VIEW ADDITIONAL INFO has an apt name. This beautiful building is 55 stories high, which means the units inside have some of the most impressive views of the area you will find. The building, one of the crown jewels in Sunny Isles Beach, is a true luxury property in every sense of the word. The building features high-end amenities and services that improve the lives of the residents.

Great Amenities of Trump Palace

It is part of an 11-acre complex that provides the residents with 1000 feet of beautiful beachfront. One of the reasons that you’ve been contemplating a move to this area of Florida is probably because you want to be near the beach. When you make your home at Trump Palace, you will be just steps away from the sand and water.

When you first arrive, you will be impressed from the start. The building features a two-story lobby entrance, as well as beautifully landscaped grounds. Residents will also love the water activities center. It has a temperature controlled lagoon pool, which features a sloped beach style entry. There are two lap pools that have temperature controls, waterfalls, Jacuzzis, and a snack bar. There is also a bar and grill in the water activities center so you can grab a drink and a bite to eat.

The building has two entire floors of multipurpose rooms, a fitness center that features treadmills, stationary bikes, and Nautilus equipment. It also has a spa with Jacuzzis for men and women.
At the garage level, residents will have a storage closet with security locks. This could be a great option for those who might want to store some extra gear that doesn’t belong up in the unit. In addition, you will have a full service valet and a car wash at the building, so your car always looks great.

Fantastic Residence Amenities and Features

As you can see, the amenities in the building are fantastic and sure to please any potential resident. However, there are quite a few things to love about the actual units as well. They have 10’ ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows, which provide you with a spectacular view. There is plenty of space for dining, and the kitchens feature state of the art equipment, not to mention Italian wood cabinets. The kitchen also has granite countertops, and some of the units have smart home technology.

In the master suite, you will have plenty of space for your clothes and other belongings thanks to the large walk-in closets. There marble showers are glass enclosed, and there are his and hers vanity areas. The bathrooms also feature a Jacuzzi whirlpool tub, a bidet, and Italian designed vanities.

You can keep your unit at the perfect temperature for you and your family thanks to the individual HVAC system, which has personal climate controls. There are many reasons to love this building from the gym to the valet and all of the features and amenities in the units. Please check out current listings HERE and consider it when you are shopping for your next home.

Fisher Island Home to New Condo Tower

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on June 4th, 2016

Fisher Island Condos

Miami’s ever-growing collection of condos recently hit 59 with the completion of the Palazzo del Sol At Fisher Island – click here to see the site. It’s located in the 7000 block of Fisher Island Drive just east of I-95 in the north side of the ultra-wealthy island neighborhood. What does this condo tower entail, how much are the units and what is the future of the condo market in this area? Let’s take a look.

Three Deeds Recorded Last Month and Another Building on the Way

Within a week of accepting residents, the condo already had three deeds on the books. The total for those purchases reached $23 million, which should give you some idea of just how much these units have to offer. The price range for the three units ranged between $7.3 million and close to $8.6 million. By the way, that comes out to $1,515 per square foot, on average.

This kind of demand explains why a sister project is already underway next door: the Palazzo della Luna. Together, these two buildings represent the only ones that will be going up this cycle. They will have 43 total residential units in total. A commerce unit will also be included, which will cover over 231,000 square feet.

10 Units to Go

At the time of this writing, there are still 10 units available in the Palazzo del Sol tower. They are featured in the Multiple Listing Service database where the average asking price is $15.3 million. The average price per square foot right now is close to $2,300.

The Humble Beginnings of Fisher Island

If you’re familiar with the area, the above prices probably didn’t catch you off guard. After all, Fisher Island has the highest per capita income in the entire country. In 2010, the census reported 226 households for just 132 people, which pretty much tells you everything you need to know.

Back in 1906, though, it was, well, nonexistent. The federal government dredged the island away from Miami Beach’s barrier island so that they could create “deep water docks.” The purpose of these docks was to connect Miami with the ocean.

Despite how beautiful this part of the county is and how much money is represented here, Fisher Island still completed a $60 million initiative aimed at restoring it and improving its amenities back in 2013. The entire project took six years and was aimed at attracting and maintaining the high-end homeowners the area has since become known for.

More Condos Are Coming to South Florida

Overall, there are currently 223 new condo buildings in the planning or presale phases throughout South Florida. They represent almost 31,650 units. Fisher Island still has about 60 condo units that are still on the market too—including those in the Palazzo del Sol tower. Going by current market conditions, though, that should take about 39 months to offload.

Although it would seem like South Florida is probably set for condos for the foreseeable future, it’s a safe bet that more will be planned relatively soon. This part of the country has an insatiable appetite for homes with plenty of luxury amenities and views of the beach.

Live the Luxurious Life at Turnberry Ocean Colony

By Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert on June 2nd, 2016

Turnberry Ocean Colony

When you are looking to buy a condominium in Sunny Isles Beach, you can’t choose just any building and unit. You are looking for a building that is capable of providing the buyers with the best in amenities and features, and the building that understands how important real luxury is for their residents. At Turnberry Ocean Colony – VIEW SITE HERE, a set of twin 37-story towers, you will find just what you need.

What Will You Find in the Residences at Turnberry Ocean Colony?

All of the units in the towers are quite large. They range in size from around 2200 square feet up to 5700 square feet. Having added space is nice whether you have a growing family or you are single. You will be able to choose from two- to five-bedroom options in the building based on your needs. The units all have 10’ high ceilings as well. The penthouses have 12’ ceilings.

One of the best features of the Turnberry Ocean Colony is the fact that there are a mere four residences on each floor, and only three per floor on the penthouse levels. This means that you will have more privacy there than you might in many of the other condo towers scattered around the Miami area.

The large terraces have sliding glass doors. The terraces are a nice place to entertain a few friends, or just to sit back and sip a drink while taking in your surroundings and the view.
The kitchens have imported Italian cherry cabinets, white granite countertops and backsplashes, and Miele appliances including a built-in coffeemaker. There is also an inset butcher’s block, a Sub Zero refrigerator, stainless steel microwave, and temperature controlled wine cooler.

The master bathroom has imported marble countertops and flooring for the showers, wet areas, and vanity tops. There are also cherry vanity cabinets, a Jacuzzi whirlpool, steam shower, full length mirror, and a frameless shower enclosure.

What Amenities Does the Building Offer?

One of the best features is the Condo Club, which is available to the owners and their guests. This club is 35000 square feet and includes a state of the art fitness center and spa. There are exercise programs and spa therapies, a beauty salon, limo service, and swimming pools for keeping cool and getting some exercise when you don’t want to head down to the beach. There is a dining room that you can use for private entertaining. You can also enjoy the gourmet dining and the cocktail lounge.

The lobby has a 24/7 doorman, a valet, and security personnel to ensure the safety of you and your family. The building is geared toward providing the residents with everything they need to live in the lap of luxury.

If you are looking for a beautiful new place to call home, or you want to buy a vacation home or investment property, Turnberry Ocean Colony could be the perfect solution for your needs. You will have privacy, large units, excellent amenities and features, and everything you need for luxury living. Click this link to view all currently available condos for sale and rent at Turnberry Ocean Colony –