Paramount Worldcenter Condos for sale

When you generally think about the features and amenities that someone might want in a luxury home, what typically enters the mind? You generally think about large windows, a spa and fitness center, and perhaps an onsite restaurant. However, here’s something a bit different that’s sure to get some attention, particularly from buyers from Latin America. At Paramount Miami Worldcenter, designed by Daniel Kodsi, there will actually be an outdoor soccer field!

What Does the Tower Offer?

The project is already quite ambitious. It’s a 60-story luxury tower that will feature pools, a running course, tennis course, and more in the outdoor sports complex on the ninth floor. On the same floor will be twelve two-story villas in a Balinese style, as well as water features and additional pools. There will also be a boxing studio and fitness center, and even a “jam room”. In this room, residents can play drums, guitar, piano, and even use the recording studio.

These amenities, especially when you include the soccer field, are unlike what you will find in most condominium complexes across the country, including other luxury complexes in the Miami area. The roof will feature a multistory resort area that includes an indoor lounge. Above this will be a yoga deck and fire pit, along with an outdoor pool. All of these features are unique, and that’s something that the designer is hoping will really bring in the buyers from Latin American and from elsewhere around the world.

The building is not underway quite yet, but sales are starting very soon. The sales center, which will be just as opulent and interesting as the building, will be at 1010 Northeast Second Ave. It’s already a popular building, and has received reservations for more than 10% of the 472 units that will be in the building. The sales team has been working hard to ensure sales, and will continue marketing in areas such as Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and China in the coming months. They will also market to domestic buyers who are looking for something that’s a bit different.

The development of the tower should be complete sometime in 2018. They are working hard to make sure that the residences are just as interesting as the features in the building. They will have private elevators, access to the mall, which will occupy the third floor, and more. They will have 10-foot high ceilings, outdoor living areas, convertible dens and laundry rooms.

The size of the units varies. They have one-bedroom units with a den and two bathrooms, up to three-bedroom units with a den and four bathrooms. They range in size from 1,300 square feet up to 2,300 square feet. The prices start at just $700,000 and go up to $1.5 million. The villas and the penthouses will go for up to $5 million. It is a great opportunity to buy a property in a truly unique tower that is sure to get quite a bit of attention in the coming years.

For more information or to reserve your unit please visit the site –

Aventura condos for sale

If you’ve been wondering about the prices for condos at Aventura, then you are not alone. It seems that the resale prices for the units are starting to move toward the levels they were at during the height of the real estate boom back in 2006.

Now and Then

In 2014, buyers were paying an average of $255 per square foot for the units they bought at Aventura. They bought more than 1250 condos during the year, with around 105 units selling each month. This is similar to the levels in 2006 when the average price per square foot was $291. People bought fewer condos during the year – just 700 or around 57 a month. After those units hit that top dollar spot at the height of the last real estate cycle, they dropped – as did many condos in the area. The price dropped to around $174 per square foot when the market bottomed out fully in 2010.

However, since that low, things have been climbing back steadily year over year. In 2011, they sold 1,270 units, or 160 monthly, at a price of $175 per square foot. In 2012, they moved 1,360 units, or 114 monthly. These were selling at $198 per square foot. 2013 saw fewer sales at 1,335, or 111 condos a month. However, the price did go up again. It was selling at $243 per square foot. Now, the sales from 2014 were even better. It took some time, but things are now really on the upswing for the condos.

This is great news for those who own condos in Aventura, as well as those who are looking to buy. The price for the units is sure to go up, and the demand is increasing as well. Even though there are a number of new options on the market, with new towers being completed all the time, resale units are important. There is a growing demand for homes in the Miami area.

The State of the Area Today

Currently, Aventura has around ten months of inventory available – This generally means that it is a buyer’s market. The ideal number of units to have equals a six month inventory. If there is less than that, it means that it’s a seller’s market. If there are more, as is currently the case, it means that there are more sellers than buyers, making it a buyer’s market. This should certainly be good news for anyone who is considering buying property in the area right now.

Developers are even announcing additional units in the area thanks to the 13 new condo towers that are going up in the coming years. This will add an additional 2,100 units to the area. Given the fact that there are more towers and units available today, it’s remarkable that the prices are still going up. This is a testament to the popularity of the area. Now, it is only a matter of time before the prices actually surpass those of 2006.

Brickell condos for sale

Developers always want to make sure that their units are selling, and they often set up certain benchmarks to help give them an idea of how well they are doing, and to determine what else they might need to do as a means to market their properties better. Reaching 50% sold is considered good and impressive for most. However, there are occasionally condo projects that are able to sell even faster. Look at the newly completed BrickellHouse in Downtown Miami as an example of a property that is selling remarkably well. They’ve actually sold 98% of the 374 units in the 46-story tower.

The developer, Harvey Hernandez, has successful transactions for 366 units, and has been able to bring in more than $157 million. This makes the current average purchase price around $489 per square foot, which is quite impressive. The units in the building varied greatly in price. Some were selling for as little as $150,000, while others were selling for as high as $4.9 million. Currently, there are only eight properties left in the building.

Resale and Renting

Despite the fact that the units are nearly all sold by the developer, there are actually a number of owners in the building who are already looking to sell. Most know that they got their condos at a good price and are seeing the values rise. They are asking for an average of approximately $615 per square foot for the units.

Currently, there are about 60 units on the resale market. This is good news for buyers who are looking for a property in the area, although they may also want to check the prices with the developer to ensure they are getting the best possible deal. In addition to the properties that are up for resale, there are about 20 units available for rent at BrickellHouse. The median rental price for these units is $2,850 per month.

The Success Was Not Certain

While it is easy to say that the building is a success now, that was not always what people thought might happen with BrickellHouse. In the early stages of development, they had some financial issues, including a foreclosure lawsuit for $15.8 million, which they eventually resolved. After the financial troubles were in the past, the developers were able to concentrate on what they do best – building great units.

Will Other Towers Have the Same Success?

One of the big questions on the minds of many in Miami, and those who are considering buying in the area, is whether other towers will have the same success. There are a number of new towers being developed across Miami right now, and this will add thousands of new units to the market. One such example is Brickell City Center – Some fear that they will not be able to sell all of these units. However, the market still looks to be quite strong, and there seems to be no lack of interest when it comes to new properties in the area. It’s not certain how long this will last, but there doesn’t seem to be any stopping the love for properties in the Miami area right now.

South Florida real estate

Anyone who has even a slight interest in real estate knows that South Florida is one of the best places to buy and sell currently (website here. The prices for the homes on the market are getting higher, and there seems to be a never ending demand for properties in Miami. Things are really looking up in the area, and that’s great news for anyone who plans to buy or sell in the area. Some interesting new towers are going up, other properties are coming up for sale, and there’s always something new happening in the area. Let’s look at some of the interesting stats in the area.

Closer to Cuba

Even though we are a mere 90 miles from Cuba, for many years, there seemed to have been a near immeasurable distance between the two countries, even though many from Cuba make their home in Miami. However, over the past few months, things have been changing. The United States and Cuba have come closer together both economically and politically. This closeness could mean quite a few changes thanks to the eased travel restrictions. What does this mean? It could mean that the real estate development of Cuba is just around the corner. The next few years will certainly be interesting to see just what happens.

More Units in the Area

People have a thirst for more properties in South Florida. Thankfully, the developers are working hard to meet those needs at every turn. In fact, in 2015, there should be approximately 6,400 new condo units available in South Florida. Of these units, around 5,400 of them will be in Miami. Does this seem like a massively high number? While it might seem high at first, it’s right in line with the demand in the city. More and more people from around the country and around the world are looking for places to buy in Miami. They want everything that the city can offer, and they love the idea of luxury condos just steps from the beach.

Making Travel Easier

Another reason to love what’s happening in Florida right now is the fact that the state is working hard to make travel between areas easier. The All Aboard Florida plan for a passenger rail service is underway. Service doesn’t begin until late 2016, but it is interesting to see just how many more travelers this will bring to and from Orlando to Miami.

More Hotels

In addition to the travel system and the additional condos, there will be 17 new hotels just in the Miami area completed in 2015. This will provide the city with another 2,761 rooms this year alone. Even more hotels are planned for the future, ensuring that the city always has enough rooms for those who are visiting.

Miami is a very exciting area to call home now, and if you are just now thinking about getting property in the area, it’s an ideal time. You will have a wide range of options thanks to all of the choices in this growing and vibrant area.

Fendi Chateau Surfside

Everyone has an interest in the real estate renaissance that is happening in the South Florida region today website here. This is true for buyers who are looking for great units in the area, as well as companies looking to get into development. Individuals and companies from South America, Russia, Europe, and China have great interest in the development of the area. Look at the recent purchase of a Brickell development site by a Beijing company as a perfect example of this. The company paid $74.7 million in cash for the site, and it promises to be an interesting move as we wait to see what they do with the site.

The company, an affiliate of China City Construction and America Da Tang Group from New York bought the site at 1430 South Miami Avenue. While it is unclear exactly what they will be doing with the 2.39-acre site, chances are that it will be a residential tower or a hotel. The chief executive of American Da Tang Group, Dr. Shanjie Li, said that he felt Miami was a beautiful city that also had a very impressive economy. He was excited by the possibilities that if offers.

This sale was a long time in coming. The former property owners, Cabi, were holding up the sale due to a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Now that the sale is through and final, it’s only a matter of time to see just what the new investors will be doing with the property.

More Opportunities for Chinese Investors

One of the big reasons that Miami is seeing more Chinese investors is the change to the immigration restrictions. They are now allowing some Chinese individuals to apply for 10-year visas for creating businesses in Miami. Since the construction that will take place at the site will create jobs for the local community, it certainly falls under this purview.

You can expect to see quite a bit more foreign investment in the area, and it covers more than just those who are investing in single properties. Many larger companies are likely to start getting in on the action when it comes to real estate development in the area, both for residential and commercial applications.

This has some great potential for the city, and it could help to improve the overall economy even more. With more buildings and properties going up in the area, it means that there will be greater employment opportunities. It brings in more money to the city and makes it a better place overall.

Keep an Eye Out

While it’s still too early to know exactly what the Chinese affiliate will be doing with the property at 1430 South Miami Avenue, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on what’s happening. It may present some good investment opportunities. If they are building a residential complex, buying property early can sometimes offer some nice savings. Keeping abreast of the changes in the real estate market in Miami is always a good idea.

Fendi Chateau Surfside

Things seem to be going quite well for the Fendi Chateau Residences in Surfside, Miami Beach. In fact, they recently announced that they had surpassed the 50% mark for units sold, which is quite amazing. The 12-story building, which will be right on the waterfront, is at 9365 Collins Avenue, and is still under construction. The completion date for the building is June 2016. It already has quite a bit to offer, and it is no wonder that so many people are buying units.

What Is Helping the Sales?

The building will include 58 luxury residences, and more than 30 of them have already been reserved or purchased. The building is on a beautiful 2.99-acre lot and it offers some great oceanfront property, not to mention fantastic views of the ocean. These are some of the elements that are helping to make the sales so brisk. There are plenty of others though.

This area of Miami Beach requires that the buildings are all 12 stories or less, and that means that there’s a bit more of a sense of privacy in the smaller buildings. Just because they are smaller, it does not mean there is less luxury. In fact, the units at Fendi Chateau Residences view website promise to be quite luxurious. They will range in size from 3,300 square feet to more than 8,000 square feet.

The building will feature quite a few interesting amenities. There will be a number of beachfront pools, as well as private cabanas with pool services. It will include a lobby bar, as well as a restaurant and poolside bar, 24-hr valet service, and much more. As the building progresses, the developers will likely be releasing even more information about the features the building will offer.

One of the other nice features is the location. Not only are you close to Miami’s downtown area and the beach, residents will be just a couple of blocks from Bal Harbour Shops, some of the most popular places to shop in all of South Florida. In addition to shopping, residents will be close to some world-class dining too.

The area is highly popular, and more and more people want to experience life in Miami Beach. The demand for units in the area is still growing, and it does not show any signs of slowing at all. This means that sales at this site, not to mention many other sites in the area, should be quite brisk.

Since the property will not be complete for more than a year, it’s still relatively early in the sales cycle, and this is some more good news for the developers. They’ve already sold more than half of the units, and they still have quite a while to sell the rest. While anything can happen, there’s a good chance that most or all of the units will sell before the building opens. Those who have an interest in living at Fendi Chateau Residences should not delay in looking for a unit that’s right for them.

One Thousand Museum Miami

Things have really been starting to change in Miami real estate (see website) over the course of the past few years. Miami is getting to be one of the most popular destinations for homebuyers from around the world, and many of those buyers love the variety and quality of homes available in the area right now. Richard Meier, renowned architect, recently bought an apartment in a building he designed. Though he’s based in New York, the apartment he bought was at the Surf Club Four Seasons in Miami. Many in NYC are following suit. Not only are they buying properties, but it seems as though they are bringing some of those NYC prices along with them.

How High Are the Prices?

Over the course of the past year and a half, there has been an overall increase in prices by about 11.5% for homes that are on the beachfront. The current average price per square foot for these condos is $1,011. Something else that has been helping the prices to go up is that the number of units for sale is down. In fact, it’s down by nearly 64%. A number of penthouses, which go for much steeper prices, are also for sale now, which makes the overall price seem higher for area units.

Some of the high-priced units are going for between $3,000 and $4,000 per square foot. While this might seem high to many who are buying in Florida, it’s actually par for the course when it comes to New York City. Given this fact, the homes in Florida actually seem like quite a value to those who have homes or who have been thinking about buying in NYC. They are buying up vacation properties, investment properties, and permanent residences quickly.

Miami Is the Place to Be

Miami and much of Florida once had the reputation for being the haven of retirees and grandparents. While it’s still a popular location for this, there’s certainly a much younger and hipper element in the area today. It’s a hot place for the art and food scenes, and there’s a thriving nightlife in downtown Miami. Many buyers see Miami as the best place to be and to buy right now, and they may be right.

Can the Market Sustain Higher Prices?

The prices are rising, but that is making many in the real estate business wonder just how good of a thing this is. They wonder if there will be a market correction in the near future. The real estate companies in the area remember well the affect the recession had on the area, and they do not want a repeat of the disaster. With the new towers on the horizon, and new properties entering the market in the coming years they wonder if these increased prices will stay or not. Many others feel there are enough safeguards in place that even if there is a slowdown in the field, it will not result in a repeat of the catastrophe from a few years ago.

Miami waterfront homes

Miami is a popular location for home buyers of all stripes, whether they are northerners who want to find a warm and fun getaway for the winter months or they are some of the biggest stars on the planet. Many of those celebs are buying and selling homes in the Miami region – View All Miami Waterfront homes for sale here.

Celebrity Real Estate Deals in South Florida

Singer Shakira who owns a home at 3140 North Bay Road is currently in the market to sell her home. Although the home does not have a current listing, brokers in the area are aware that it is actually for sale, and the current going price, according to those in the know, is $15 million.

Rumor has it that David Beckham is looking at properties in the area as well. As many people know, he wants to start a MLS team in Miami, and it’s natural that he would be looking for a place to call home for him and his family. Latest reports say that he’s been looking at a Key Biscayne home going for $13.9 million. The 755 South Mashta Drive home is on a private, gated road, and it offers 13,898 square feet of space. It’s also right along the ocean.

Oscar winning actor Matt Damon listed his home, at 6020 North Bay Road last year. The list price for the home was $19 million. It features ten bathrooms and seven bedrooms and is currently under contract.

Producer and actress Poonam Khubani recently bought two units in the new Miami Beach EDITION. The hotel offers 26 unique residences, and she’s now the proud owner of two of these luxury units. Khubani is also vice president of the company Telebrands, known for their As Seen on TV products. Her husband A.J. is the president of the company.

Why Do Celebrities Love Miami?

These latest movements in the real estate market in the Miami region highlight just a small number of the celebrities who have homes in the area and those who are looking for properties to buy. Miami has been a very popular location with celebrities for a number of years now, and there are quite a few good reasons for this. Miami is a fun place, a good place to spend a few months or an entire lifetime. Celebrities enjoy the area for most of the same reasons that everyone else loves Miami and the South Florida area.

One of the reasons they are looking to purchase in the area is that they are able to get quite a bit more for their money when compared with places like New York or Los Angeles. It’s a beautiful location and the beach is never far away. The city is home to many hot clubs and restaurants, and celebrities are finding that many of their friends and peers have homes there already. They like being around other celebrities, and they often find that they can live in a bit more anonymity than they can in other areas.

Ritz Carlton Sunny Isles

Sunny Isles Beach is known for high quality luxury properties of all types, with some of the biggest and most impressive towers being Residences by Armani/Casa and Porsche Design Tower. Now, another luxury tower will call the area home – Ritz-Carlton Residences (Click Here to view Ritz Carlton Sunny Isles project). This is already causing some excitement among investors and homebuyers.

What Makes the Tower Special?

The project is a joint venture with Chateau Group and Fortune International Group, and the preconstruction phase is already underway. The proposed tower, which will be at 15701 Collins Avenue, will be 52 stories and right on the oceanfront. The goal is to create a beautiful condominium complex that has all of the services of a luxury hotel and resort to make the lives of the residents easier.

One of the things that help to give the tower more personality and to gain some traction in the area is the brand name that comes along with it. Ritz-Carlton is a quality brand name that provides buyers the services that they want. Most buyers want more than just a great unit. They also want excellent features and services, onsite food and beverages, a spa, and more. That’s just the sort of thing that the Ritz-Carlton Residences will be able to offer.

Those who are interested in buying a unit will follow the same type of buyer-deposit model that’s in use with so many of the other large properties in the Miami-Dade area. The buyers will need to put down a 25% deposit on the property, and then an additional 15% when the groundbreaking occurs. Several months later, they will need to add an additional 10% to the deposit. They will pay the remaining 50% at the time of closing.

The firm Arquitectonica, based out of Miami, is the designer for the property. The actual designer will be Michele Bonan from Florence, Italy. To get an idea of the style and quality, look at some of the other properties developed by Bonan – Cipriani and Casa Tua.

The tower will sit on 2.2 acres, and it will include 250 feet of beachfront property. Since so many who are buying in the Miami area will want to be right on the beach, this should be a huge selling point. Prices for the units vary considerably, with most ranging from $2 million to $5.2 million. Of course, the penthouses cost substantially more and will sell in the $25 million range.

This is the first joint project between the two developers working on the tower. However, they have worked together in other capacities in the past. They feel that by working together now, they will be able to create a truly remarkable condo tower that is able to offer something different and something more than all of the other towers in the area. They want to provide their residents with the best possible service and features, knowing that it will help to improve their overall sales. Already, many potential buyers are feeling the excitement that these new units can offer. The Ritz-Carlton Residences could become one of the hottest properties in the area.

Miami real estate for sale

Several years ago, when the United States was in the grips of the Great Recession, things were looking rather bleak for a large number of people at every economic level. People were losing jobs and finding it difficult to get more work. The financial bubble the country lived in burst and the economy, the stock market, and the real estate market fell quickly and deeply. They fell to a level that made it seem almost impossible to recover fully. It was a very frightening time for a number of people in the country. They lost homes, marriages, and their livelihood. It was the biggest financial fall the nation had suffered in many decades.

Now, years later, things are really turning around in a good way. Most of the experts agree that the United States is seeing a large surge when it comes to recovering. The Federal Reserve even certified that the economy is stable. President Obama points to a drop in the deficit as well as a massive boom in the energy output of the United States. These things are helping the country get stable footing in the world economy. More people are going to work, businesses are growing, and things are looking good for every sector of the country.

The unemployment rate in October of 2014 was 5.8%. This is the lowest it’s actually been since July of 2008. The forecast for growth in the U.S. economy is 3.1% in 2015. This is far higher than the expected growth in other countries around the world, and that should be very exciting for people in the U.S. It means that things really are turning around for the better. They even closed down the stimulus program, feeling it is no longer necessary as a means to beef up the economy.

Another area that’s been providing some relief to the wallets of people across the country is gas. The price of gas is lower than it has been in years, and saving at the pump means more savings in the bank, or more money to put back into other areas of the economy.

Miami Real Estate Market Improves

One of the areas hit the hardest was the real estate market. People could no longer afford their home, and they were losing property and going bankrupt. It was difficult to sell properties at all, and the number of homes that were on the market vastly surpassed the number of buyers. This drove the price of homes down, but even then, it was difficult for most people to even contemplate buying a property at that time. However, the improved economy means that more people today have the means and the savings to buy a nice home. It’s easier for them to get loans, and they and the banks are smarter this time around. They will not get into loans that could turn around and bite them in a couple of years. Miami real estate market is doing phenomenal, especially the luxury segment. The prices have gone up over 20% during 2014 and there is no slowdown anywhere on the horizon. It is predicted to rise even more in 2015.

Content published by Lana Bell

Content published by Lana Bell